Your hybrid preference: Ramapo, Jet Star, Supersonic

Bob_B(Sunset 14, Ca.)September 9, 2008

Which one do you like best? If you prefer still another hybrid not mentioned, what is it?


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hybrid? Brandy Boy

Of the 3 you list, Supersonic.


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I grow mostly hybrids. My favorite can't be limited to just one. My top three are Sunsugar, Goliath and Champion II. Next year I am going to try Brandy Boy since it is getting such high marks this year.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

It's a toss up between Jet Star and Supersonic. I have never grown Ramapo.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Of the three you mention I've grown all three, many times, and I can't pick one over the other and so suggest you that you grow one each in succeeding years of you don'thave room to grow all three in one season. ( smile)

I'm not going to mention other hybrids b'c I know you'll get a variety of answers with little consensus and you did ask about those three which I think are just great.


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I left a response last night and not sure why it isn't here. I second Goliath. It is the one hybrid I plants every year. A great dependable standby. With great flavor. This year which was the worst I've had in 40 plus years of growing tomatoes it has still done well and is loaded. I plant mainly op's but always save a slot or two for it. Truly a workhorse that withstands many of the diseases and problems found here. I've tried all the ones you've mentioned along with most of the other popular ones. The main thing is to try several and see what does well for you. My Ramapo looks nice but only has one fruit. So it didn't like this summer. Brandyboy is a nice one but a moderate producer here. JMO

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tomatogreenthumb(6 WV)

Of those three....Supersonic.

Has anyone tried Early Goliath? It has done fine for me this year, gobs of small but tasty tomatoes, and survived the blight and crazy weather this year. NOT really early though.


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It is hard to decide between Jet Star and Supersonic. Both did well for me. I did notice that Early Goliath seemed to outperform all others for me this year. Goliath did not do well, but I will try again next year. Bradley, Big Beef, Celebrity, Rutgers, Campari, Burpee's Burger, and Beefy Boy also did well. Big Zac & Mortgage Lifter had a couple large toms, but no quantity. Porterhouse had a lot of large toms. The losers that won't be back next year are 4th of July, Big Boy, Silver Fir Tree, Ramapo, & Riesentraube. Sweet 100 will always have a place in my garden. To me, it was a great year until all this hurricane related weather hit. But I still have loads of toms on the plants.


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You don't say why you list these three tomatoes or what you are looking for, but Jetsetter is a star in my garden, for flavor, long production, heat resistance, and resistance to nematodes and verticillium wilt.

Carla in Sac

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RAMAPO... is far superior.

Grew 20 different varieties this year and the top vote getter for Appearance, Grown, Yield, Color, Immunities, and reliability. It's kinda the tomato you would use for pictures/commercials.

We were all surprised, but there was extensive research in developing this tomato. Rugters University did a good job and here's their website for info. Plenty of information

RAMAPO will be our garden staple for the future. Very happy with them.

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Bob b, you are in California too, so I will say Momotaro. Great combination of nice taste, productivity, pretty large fruit, nice color and shape. I was disappointed to find out it is a hybrid but even so I will seek it and grow it again.

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barkeater(Z3b VT)

Ramapo, by far. Jet Star is very good ( I've grown 1000's of them in the past when I farmed), but still not as flavorful. Supersonic is the most productive, and very , very solid, but not as good.

Momotaro is the other hybrid I wouldn't be without. It's the best flavor of all this year ( to date).

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davidguss(6 Walla Walla, WA)

I grew all three this year. I was most impressed with Supersonic. It was larger than Ramapo and Jet Star. There was very little cracking. It was the most productive of the three. And the flavor was very good. I did not find the flavor of Ramapo or Jet Star to be any better than Supersonic. Supersonic will be my main tomato next year. Will also have an Early Girl and a Besser. Besser produced hundreds of golf-ball size fruits, there was no cracking, and the flavor was very good. It is a beautiful tomato on a veggie platter. It does need a lot of room - a very vigorous plant.

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

I never grew Jetstar or Supersonic but I grew the Ramapo and 4th of July this year. But I will try the Supersonic and Jetstar + the Morton next year.

As far as the Ramapo F1, I estimate that I had about 65+ per each plant so far out of 5 plants along with 1 4th of July plant that produced around the same. There are still 45+ tomatoes in total approching maturity that have begun about a month ago to sprout.

Last year I grew the Early Goliath but was brand new and 4 plants only produced about 40 maters but I think that was my bad since I did not fertilize ect and being new and did not water properly.

The photo below shows the head on shot of theRamapos in its current stage (the fourth of July is 2nd on the right but it is hard to see) and the last photo is one of the Ramapos with a Kellog Yellow Beefsteake in the backround that was pretty good too but was planted late in the season (around late June).

I guess what I am trying to say is that the Ramapo does not give up in producing for me yet even with 45F nights and mid 60s, however we have a frost approaching next week so it will come to an end,

- Mr Beno

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