UPDATE: Secret Santa Swap #8

flwrs4everDecember 28, 2009

Here is a place to finish with thank you's and the games..

THANKS soo much to you ALL for makin this swap ALL about the SPIRIT of Christmas !!

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What a surprise today in the mailbox. Received from don perkins 2 kinds of columbine and elephant garlic. Columbine is my favorite flower. Just ordered 40 packs of seeds from Touchwood. Thank you so much Don. And from cherone7 a pkg of money plant and thank you. This has been so much fun. Hope we do it next year too. Happy New Year to all!


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Almost my daughter's Birthday and a day later a New Year! :)

Happy, Healthy and LUCKY New Year all!

Woke up wondering if my plants will survive, 30 deg on the patio, brought a lot of plants in the corner since it wasn't predicted to be a hard freeze, covered some--didn't think they need to be brought inside, plan on gettinga hothouse in the next few months. Yesterday I was given 3 beautiful red Poinsettias by farmer market's owner, wish they'd last, same as Christmas spirit, will try my best.

Has anyone grown Poinsettia after Christmas, for a few years? Seen large ones near the house on east side loaded with blooms, may be that's the thing to do, my Duranta Geisha Girl and Sleeping Hibiscus are in bloom in that location. I'm in zone 9.

Another card yesterday from Cindy, seeds of Bachelor's Button mix, thank you Cindy and everyone, esp. Kym.

be well and stay warm,


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agnella(7 W. TN)

I couldn't believe it but I got another card! I love that I'm still getting surprised by the mail! Big THANKS to cherone7 for a really cute card with Baby Round zucchini, Bean Pole Romano, and Lemon Squash (never heard of it but I can't wait to grow it).

What a blessing this has been and not just the cards but to share it with such wonderful people. Then add to that prayers answered. Wow, it was a great swap.

I'm still hoping my MIA cards are going to pop up and surprise some people. There's about 6 of them.

Thank you Kym for putting this together and doing so much during the busy holiday.

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donperkins(MS z7b)

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Chistmas!

dorisl - Thank you for the Clematis 'Savannah'. I just recently discovered that there were Clematis that do not vine. I am thrilled with these & cannot wait to grow them!

Margarita10 - Thank you for the Pepper 'Bulgarian Carrot'. I had not planned on 'collecting' Peppers, but it seems I am getting quite a nice collection of them to grow next year :) Peppers grow so well for me. Can't wait to try these. Eggplant 'Crescent Moon' - Another Eggplant I did not have. Cosmos (Yellow), I love Cosmos! And the Impatiens 'Mixed Colors'.

lisa831 - Thank you for the Armenian Cucumbers & Loofa Gourd. Very interesting veggies! :)

dirtdiggin - Thank you for the Beans 'Red Calypso' & 'Mayflower'! Before this year I had only grown bush beans & they take up so much space. This year I tried the Asparagus bean, wasn't real impressed with those. Don't know if it was the weather or inexperience or what. Great to have some new ones to try! :)

Thank you to EVERYONE who sent SOMETHING to SOMEONE else in this swap!

I am so glad I joined! I plan to join next year & for as many years after as I possibly can. Truly made my Christmas so much brighter! Thank you ALL!

Thank you Kym for hosting!


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Kathy Bull

Bea, I've had my poinsettias continue to grow after Christmas. They dropped all their leaves, but I just kept watering them and placed them outside. They eventually began to grow again and 'bloomed' although not as nice as the original time. I have seen them against the side of the house many times. These plants are tall and in full bloom. Sometimes I think that if you throw it in the ground on the east side of the house and just let it alone it will grow just fine. At least down here!

I have four elves that haven't mentioned receiving cards. I hope they made it there in one piece, but I'm afraid they may be lost in some postal processing center. :( I'm going to be hopeful that they show up soon to brighten the new year for those four elves!


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Kathy, I've put poinsettias in the middle of potted plants so they're more sturdy, on the east side, for now, yes, what it seems will work the best planting them in the ground near the house, had one a while back last 2 years , blooms were small, guess need to feed it more water soluable food.
Hope your elves deliver soon.

Happy and Safe New Year everyone!

Looking forward to fireworks!


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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

donperkins- You are so very welcome :) Just so you know, the red calypso is a bush and the mayflower is a pole. I hope they do well for you. I'd be happy to send another pole type if you'd like. Have a number of types..and I hear ya on the bush beans...but I leave those up to DS to harvest lol. He's young and bends well ;) I like standing to harvest lol I'm not lazy...just have sore joints. Well after suffering a few years back with 4 months of lime disease, it took its toll on my joints. Long story and we'll keep it short lol. A not so fun hunting trip and a nasty little tick...nuf said!

So if you'd like another pole type, I have a few really awesome ones. Just let me know :)


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I got one more cute santa card with Rubarb hardy green seeds from alwaysgarden (Cindy). Thank you so much.

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SORRY,I`VE BEEN MIA,We had a bad snowstorm on Dec.18.My power has been off since then and no internet access.We just got it back on yesterday.We had to go to my mother`s house but I`m back home now!!I recieved a few more cards since then but I have lost track of my Thank You`s.HERE`S A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!I apologise to anyone that didn`t get an individual response from me. Robin

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Hello All!

I'm sorry for going missing and not posting my Thank you's, I had a rough xmas.

Catrionna sent me a cute card with a litle treasure of seeds.

Pumpkingal sent me my most wanted, euphorbia!! along with daisy tree and chinese junipers.

lisam627 sent me blue salvias..whoo hoo

ilovefarac sent me balloon flowers, love em!

I also got a card that I don't know who sent it or what was in it, the envelope was torn open and I cant see who it was from. I thank whoever it was for thinking of me~

I hope I have the right seeds with the right person, I wasn't the one opening the envies...

This swap is always so much fun, thank you everyone who sent to me AND to those who didn't. I love reading the excitement in a post when someone gets a card.

I scanned the posts quickly but I see that 5 of my cards have not made it to the destination... Grovespirit, I apologize. I mailed your card the way the addy was listed in the first addy list, I thought it was a strange addy but it was Hawaii so I let it go.

Has anyone heard from plantoneonme????? I do hope that she faired the holidays well!

Have a great day all!!


Kym, are we doing the b-day seed gift swap this year???? I love that one too!!!

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carol57078(5 S. Dak.)

Got another card in the mail, thank you to alwaysagarden for sweet williams.

Happy New Year!!!

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I have a few more thank you's to post!
I'm sorry if I get them mixed up I tried to keep them straight

Thanks to

Chitownlady for the chinese kale! Cant wait to try something new!

One card didnt say who it was from but thank you! It was a black card with a christmas tree on the front and said JOY in glittery stuff on the inside. Very nice!

Lisa831 sent tomato green grape and ornamental thai hot pepper!

Plantoneonme Im so sorry I cant remember if I thanked you or not because I put your card in the thank you pile but your seeds in the already thanked pile. So thank you very much in case I didnt already say it!!

pumpkingal thanks for the christmas ornament, christmas tree seeds, grape seeds, apple tree seeds, nasturtiums, and pomagranite seeds!! My greenhouse will be full this year!

Thanks so much everyone!
Thank you Kym for hosting!!

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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

First off I have to thank Kym for hosting this swap, it was sooo much fun!!

Second - Thank you to all who shared their wonderful seeds with me! All of the cards and seeds got mixed up and I don't know who belongs to who. Next year I will be more organized. Big BEAR HUGS go out to you all...

Third - I sent out a lot of cards that I don't know if they reached their destination out of the first batch I sent out Dec. 7. I know 2 came back for added postage, I took care of them and sent them on their way. I only know of a few that reached their destinations out of subsequent batches. Again, will have to work on this in the future.

Now I'm going outside in the snow to wintersow some of the great perennial seeds I received.

Have a Happy and most importantly HEALTHY New Year and may all of your seeds germinate!!

Warm Wishes,


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I got a very pretty card with some Malva seeds in it from alwaysagarden yesterday. Thank you very much Cindy! My seed box is pleasantly full thanks to this fun swap, among others.
Happy New Year!

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nottougly(Zone 7)

Hello everyone,
I received 2 cards after Christmas but before New Years. I was really surprised and enjoyed them very much.

My dad is not getting any better. The cancer is spreading fast. Today we were told he might live 2 more weeks. Maybe.
It is happening so fast. It has spread to his throat and he can not swallow very well. I have been busy with him and mom. She only has 22% of her heart left. I am watching both of them. It is odd I am planning his funeral and he is not dead. It feels really strange.

I want to thank Don Perkins for the wonderful seeds you sent. I really do apreciate them.

Also I want to thank CC from Jackson MS for the Black Eye Susan seeds and the best card I have received. It was home made and just wonderful.

I hope everyone had happy holidays.
Thanks to everyone.

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Sorry to be so late thanking everyone but I was on vacation and my computer has issues. I had to wait until I came back to work to post. I have a list of who I received cards from but what was sent I left at home. I just want to thank Famergirl2009, Velsgarden, Cheryl, Bogardens, Aphroditelaughts, Daffodillady, Ilovefarac, Ranegrow, and Lisa831 for their very generous contribution to my seed pile. The cards were wonderful. This is my first year participating and it has turned out to be one of my favorite swaps. Thank you very much.

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I want to thank maemae0312 for variegated kiss me over the gate seeds and a pretty card. Thank you so much.

Happy New Year

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Hope and wish for better New Year, much more luck and good health.

Faye, awww, so sad to know what you've been going thru, has to be very hard on your dad's , yours, your mom's and family's hearts and souls, blessings and prayers, hope love keeps you all stronger, hugs.


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Hello my friends,
It sounds like we all had a very nice holiday,sorry Lisa,yours does not sound as though it were to great.I hope this new year brings you some relief with you neck(i need to talk to you, as i have the same problem)
Fay, so sorry to hear you are going through such a heartbreaking time,what you are doing is not easy.my heart goes out to you.

We came home last night, to a flooded basement,not a good thing, today we are very busy,and not in a fun way,:0(

I am still receiving some very nice cards with seeds,
from mae mae,i got the prettiest santa card,along with some,variegated,K.M.O.T.G.G.seeds, i just love this plant,especially the variegated one.Thank you so very much.
From Cindy,(alwaysagarden)i received a nice card with some Pink Spider Plant seeds,i will have to look this one up,i am pretty new to sunplants,as most of you know by now,ha ha
It sounds pretty,i also received Sweet William seeds,i know what this one look like,and it is pretty,and smells good i think, thank you Cindy.:0)
Lisa sent me some Purple Rose of Sharon seeds,I have a couple of pink ones, so this purple will look very nice growing by the pink,thank you Lisa.

Can you believe it is 2010 already?
Spring is just around the corner,ya who, WSing has started.

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Recieved today from Mary Cody[no screen name on card]a pack of KMOTGG.Thanks so much!
And thanks to all who sent me the wonderful cards and seeds.Hope you all have a wonderful 2010 gardening year.Gonna be doing some wintersowing soon.Quite a few of the seeds I recieved are suitable for ws.

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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

I received a card from Cindy (Alwaysgarden) with Datura. Thanks so much! :D

I was in Lowe's Yesterday and saw they were putting their seed stuff out.... I can't wait!!!

Thanks again Kym and everyone for making this a great swap.


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wishdesign(z7 MD)

Sorry for the late posting, but I just got back after a week away and came home to wonderful card from ilovefarac with liliput zinnias! Thank you so much, and I wish everyone a wonderful new year in 2010!

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Been meaning to ask Melinda- Ilovefarac...seems you've sent something to everyone?
May be someone else did too but I just noticed your name more.
Great of all of you!

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nottougly(Zone 7)

Thanks everyone your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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I would like to thank EVERYONE for joinin the swap...it was so wonderful of you all to share some of your Holiday Spirit with your friends here on GW.

Winners of the games are as followed...

Bingo Velsgarden

Total Number of Cards sent : 1520 .. winner Micyrey (1522)

Highest number rec'd : 44 ........ winner Fcofill (46)

Highest sent : 96 ............... winner rane_grow (95)

4 and 5 were for fun :D

Are you interested in doing the Bday swap ?? If so, PLEASE email me !! I have plenty of help, but not much interest..so let me know by Friday the 8th !!!!

MANY MANY thanks to ALL that mailed to me or Morgans family..your generosity was sooo much appreciated !!

Wishing you ALL the best in 2010 !!!!!!!!!!

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Hi All,

I was away for Christmas visiting with family and a daughter-in-law who is gravely ill I was so glad to be able to see her and my grandchildren. The kids will join myself and my other grands(7 in total)for two weeks in my garden this summer so a very big thank you to all my GW friends for providing all the great flower & vegetable seeds we will be growing.

I found a card when I returned thank you alwaysagarden: Cindy sent green cabbage seeds.

This has been a wonderful swap and I thank all my secret elves for the great seeds and Kym for hosting.

This has not been the easiest year for many of us but it is great to have so many GW friends to get us through the bad times.

Happy New Year


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The birthday swap sounds like a great idea, but I don't want to sign up for something when I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up the committment. But good luck with it and maybe I'll sign up for it next year. I'd certainly love to do Secret Santa again next year, and by then I should have a lot more seeds to give!

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

I can't believe I got another card today! There was a fat (and I mean FAT) package in my mailbox from pumkingal with the following items: powder puff asters, fanfare gaillardias, Polish giant amaranthus, golden rod, nasturtiums, eyeball plant, bluemoon asters, golden solidago, marigold mix, pomaganite, fireweed, and a candy cane and snowman thermometer craft kit! The kits will be fun to put together with my 3-year-old niece. Thank you so much, and I'll be wintersowing a lot of these seeds this weekend!

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I received another card. Yippee!

Thanks to dirtdiggin for the Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Yeah!

Thanks a bunch

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dusty314(7 TX)

Thank you to everyone who sent something to someone else in this swap!

I am so glad I joined! Thanks again everyone and Happy New Year!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

I would like to add my thanks to flwrs4ever for hosting this round robin.. It was among the best parts of the Christmas season for me, as I am sure it was for many of us.

Thanks, flwrs4ever!

Lois in PA

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

I recieved another card 2 days ago from Sandra/quiltingfox. She sent me some wonderful cosmos and cleome seeds. Thank you so much Sandra! : )

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I would like to give a big Thank You,to all who sent to me, although i did not have a lot to share, i received some very nice seeds form you,this has added to the holiday with much joy and excitement,i will pass on the B.swap this year.
Last year was fun, but i have a lot going on this upcoming year.
Thank you Kym for being such a good hostess.Hope your gardening year will be the very best ever.

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Hi Jean glad you finally got it,,it came back and had to send it back out with your right zip,,enjoy,,all of you great little elves have a great new year,,Lisa

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What a wonderful surprise, today i received yet another Christmas card for Kathy,Catrionaa.
I love when i get a unsuspecting card,and one that has some nice seeds in it,:0)
Kathy, thank you so much for the card,and the seeds of.
2.Bachelor Buttons Blue Boy
3.And the 4 o:clocks
How sweet of you to have thouht of me.
Happy gardening to you also,i will enjoy sowing the seeds,thank you.

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Kathy Bull

Wow, Carol! That card took a long time to get to you! I was worried that it may have gotten chewed up in some letter sorter. I'm so glad you received that unsuspected surprise!


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I got two cards today! They must have taken a detour together because both were mailed a long time ago. From pumpkingal I got a Christmas ornament kit that I will save for next year along with some ornamental pepper seeds. Very cute. The envelope had tire tracks on it but was otherwise intact. The other card was from Bea and it looks like it suffered greatly during it's travels. There was not much of the envelope left, but there were some perfectly intact pepper seeds as well as some Night Blooming Jasmine (which I will love trying) seeds inside. I am amazed that they were still in there.
Better late than never...I just wish cards could talk because those two did some adventuring, either with the Postal folks or in someone elses mailbox.
Thank you both very much!!

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I mailed seeds out to many,a very longggggggggg time ago,only a few have repot=rted that they received them, guess i can still be hopeful ya all may still get them eh.

Alana, that would be fun wouldn't it,if cards could talk, wonder where all they went,ha ha

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Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you Kym and everyone again.
Good you got my card and few seeds Alana, that sure took a long time, sent it on 11th Dec and most often sent at least 5 pkts, few with more, hope they get to good hands, somewhere out there, ha
My sister's card from Croatia arrived yesterday, mailed dec 16, marked by air too, oh well, we know wishes are there, keep in touch, besides we were exchanging best wishes for Christmas thru the site many times over.
Almost Valentine's day, Mardi Gras..but first Saint's go to Super Bowl and my grandson's 11th Birthday, smile.

all the best and good luck,


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