Cuore di Bue and the Cuore Di Toro Seeds

sharonrossySeptember 1, 2012

Naturemitch. I just wanted to tell you that reviews for Tomatobob aren't favorable. Go to Tatiana's Tomatobase. She lists seed companies that are reliable and she will have seeds for Cuore di Bue hopefully soon. She's great about emailing back tell her Sharon Rossy recommended her. I just ordered seeds from her. And Thompson Morgan carries one of the varieties. Still no seeds or answers from Tomatobob....


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I have ordered several times from TomatoBob without problem as have others who have posted similar results, on this forum I beleive. I have not heard many good things about T and M however. So many of these small seed companies get overwhelmed, especially at harvest time. Some of my favs in addition to Tania would be Remy at The Sample Seed shop and Carol Knapp at Knapps Fresh Veggies. I also like Gleckers.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Linda, at another site it was I who linked to a long thread about Tomato Bob for Sharon and while there were many who were OK with his site there were many who had serious problems.

Is there any site that's perfect as far as tomato seeds go? Probably not, but some are much better than others IMO.

And there's thread after thread here at GW where folks have listed their faves, including me, so I'm not going to do it again.( smile)


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Thanks Carolyn. Although TomatoBob has not been one of my favorite "go to" sources I am sorry to hear there have been problems. I'll bet a lot of the small farmers, seed producers in the midwest are really having a bad year given the horrible drought.

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Well, as I mentioned to Carolyn, I've sent an email, so far nothing and I'm just hoping to get my seeds.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Linda, the thread about Tomato Bob's is also available for you to read if you wish, as posted elsewhere and spans the time from 2006 to 2012, so not a recent seed production problem for this year as you mentioned above.

A couple of folks referred to the rating of the seed source per Garden Watchdog, which also was spotty in reference to the site's reputation.


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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Thanks for the tip Sharon. I have a number of my favorite sources and would certainly stay away from iffy new sources. I appreciate the info...I still plan on getting some of those seeds!

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I guess I just found some of the few, good reviews, here, within the last two years as that is what I was remembering I think, and wny I ordered from the site to begin with.
I am sorry to hear of any small farmer / seed producer that is not getting good reviews. Its a tough way to make a living. But, not sorry enough to order from them again in the near future....

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