to all of my amazing secret santas..thank you

flwrs4everDecember 20, 2008

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for making this truly the best Christmas ever...Your generosity has meant the world to me, and my family. YES, the money will give gifts to my kids this Christmas, and YES, I am thankful for that...but I am MOST thankful for the fact that you all thought enough of me to send gifts, and money, and even stamps, ornaments to make with my kids and just a card to tell me you hope that my Christmas is special. It truly is the thought, and meaning behind each thoughtful item and card that has truly touched me.

This has been a wonderful life lesson for my kids also. I have taught my kids each year to give to others, we always pick a few names from the giving son wont walk past a ringing bell, without asking for change to daughter raises money for pediatric cancer research each year...and I have two kids that I have taken in that have a terrible homelife. I can now show them....that there are SOOOOO many good people out there in the world...and that everyone needs help at times...AND that they are special. The last 3 years my kids have gone without..even at times food...and when we had gotten the unexpected money from disability, I had held onto it for months so I could give them a good Christmas...I was truly heartbroken when my husbands wallet was stolen. I never expected soooooooo many Angels to join together and give my kids an extra special Christmas.

My daughter was telling someone the other day, how she received presents from people that didnt even know her...because her fathers wallet was stolen, and she told them that she felt so special because of it...It brought tears to my eyes. My kids have seen each card come son even wanted to know "what will THEY do for Christmas, if they are sharing so much with us"

I received another card in the mail Yesterday...Angie (agirlsgirl) and Diana(ollierose) contacted alot of people and put together help for my family...just as Fran did.

The card is signed from...angelady, agirlsgirl,proudgm,austinhanasmom, ollierose, gnomey, jaleeisa, kellycomposter, Ibartoo, keeversgirl, isamae, jacoblily, chemocurl, and lantanalover.

Words connot express how I feel....a million times...thanks !! You all have gone above and beyond helping my family...I feel honored to be part of the "gw" family...

To each of you that helped make this season sooooo special...I wish I could give each of you a great big (((HUG))) and please know that I am ever so grateful to you all.

My Christmas wish this that ALL of you have as special of a Christmas as you have given to my family !

Thanks for taking such a horrible experience and making it into THE nicests thing ANYONE has ever done for me...

You Didnt Have To

Thank you for what you did;

You didnÂt have to do it.

IÂm glad someone like you

Could help me to get through it.

IÂll always think of you

With a glad and grateful heart;

You are very special;

I knew it from the start!

By Joanna Fuchs

my heart felt thanks,


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Merry Christmas, Kym!
You are loved. :O)

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Very loved :)

Merry Christmas!


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I have always tried to teach my kids that it is truly the simple things in life that have true meaning. I am so glad your family is having a great Christmas this year. I know I feel very special being part of the GW family as well. Thank you for thinking of others and starting the secret santa...I really enjoyed receiving the cards and seeds and hope this continues for many years to come.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL...Kim and of course Jordan

p.s. we got to get a little dirty today and started to wintersow!!!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Kym,I agree,you are loved a whole bunch! :)

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Kym dear, I wasn't gonna post cuz I wanted this to stay up near the top (you KNOW I saw it right after you posted) BUT since others have spoken I will too.

NO we DIDN'T HAVE TO we WANTED TO. WHY? Because you are a great giving person. All you wanted was to help others and to do something to make this Christmas season a little more special and for some it was more than that!
You didn't have to either, but you did and that is why this whole thing happened. BECAUSE you GAVE to others, we (Angie, Diana, and I, we all worked together) wanted to give something back to you and your family.
In my opinion and I am sure they rest of us who pitched in (without whom all it all wouldn't have happened) wanted to make sure your family had something special too!
You are loved, or at least well liked (hehe, smoothes) We couldn't let you go and give of yourself and dedicate your time to making others holiday special while you sat there on Christmas day wishing you could have giving your kids a Christmas.
Kym, that just wouldn't have been right. I am sure all of us would have been sadden by that fact if we hadn't pitched in! We could and we did, because your and your family deserves to feel "Special" too!
If I had joined this terrific swap you created and gotten all this wonderful seeds and KNOWN in my heart that you were breaking inside I couldn't have enjoyed them as much as I do!
I hope everyone else who reached out to you and your family feels the same as I, Angie, and Diana does! YOU ARE SPECIAL, We LOVE you and wanted to show you how much you mean to us!
Thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for caring about others, for giving yourself, and most of all for being a good friend to so many others!

Hugs and happiness,

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Of course, the rest of us feel the same, Fran! We love you, Kym!!!

Now, go back out there and do more shopping, girl! :-)


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Hi Kym!

I'm so glad that the card got to you safely! I checked the DC# daily and called Angie with such excitement when I saw that it had arrived!

I spoke with Angie after the day you came to visit her and knew that you and your family were so deserving from all the wonderful things she had to say about you. It has been such a joyful experience helping you and I am glad that your GardenWeb family was able to brighten your holiday a little more!


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Oh, I have to bump this again in case anyone missed reading it.... it literally brings me to tears when I read it and reread it... what joy to it is to see other's be touched! I wish I could give you all a big hug (and I'm not even a touchy-feely person, either, as my "personal space" is usually wider than most people's! LOL) :-)


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thanks everyone !! this sure has been the best Christmas, and it is only Christmas EVE !!



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(((((((((((MERRY CHRISTMAS Kim and Family)))))))))))))))))

I wanted to share my part in this.
I did some winter sowing last year for the first time,so i thought i would get back on the WSing thred to see what was going on,well, i am not sure how i ended up on the RR,didn't even know it was there,but any way,i received an e mail telling of the sad going ons with your family, and some were giving what they could,in any way,not knowing you, or even the one i received the e mail from, i thought this would be a nice thing to do.
NEVER,in a million years did i think i would meet so many wonderful people from this little gift,i was invited to join,along with the rest of you, the Secret Santa Seed Exchange,and it was fun from there to today,although i really did not take part in any Reindeer Games, i loved reading what all of you were doing.
I received cards and seeds from so many of you,aand i now feel like i am part of your family,what a great gift i have received from all of you.
The 'Pay it Forward' thought comes to mind.
Each and every one of you are 'Special'.
Oh, Kim, when i sent you a card,i 'Thought', i was sending it to Angie,who, would send to you,i was so worried i had spoiled your surprise,so if the card did not make any sense,it was because i did not know ( at that time ) who was who,ha ha.

Thank you to Angie,for inviting me to be a part of this super surprise,you sound like you are every bit as giving as Kim.

Oh, and now i am part of the WLOMWS,SWAP.( I think thats it )lol
and having more fun

I sure am pleased to meet all of you,and i truley wish each and every one of you,


May you all be blessed,and all you Seeds come true.


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Bumping this again, since I didn't see it until tonight.

Kym, So glad your family enjoyed Christmas.

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