UPDATE: Secret Santa Swap ( thank you's and games ) 3

flwrs4everDecember 15, 2013

Please fill up thread 2...then come here to post !

I would like to thank everyone for being so caring and generous to others...may you all have a very Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 is a great year for everyone !

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candy canes

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How many cards did we mail this year total ? one guess per person !

Guesses allowed until Wed night at 10 pm ( post here)

Also...share your card displays ..here is one I found online that I would love to try !!

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How many cards did we mail this year total ?

My guess is : 350

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My guess for cards mailed this year is..... 649

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lorabell NC(8)

My guess...287

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My guess is 1,459

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My guess for cards mailed is 695.


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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

I'm guessing 779.

Love the card display tree!

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Melinda Hagen

Wow, I love that tree display! Very nice!
My guess is 1023.

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I'll guess 717 cards.

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Thank you, Jessica (ForeverRecycleReuse) for the sweet Santa card and seeds for Grand Rapids lettuce and Jung's Mooregold winter squash. The squash is a perfect size for us, and we'll really enjoy the lettuce too!

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

I received some really nice cards over the weekend.
Big thanks go out to:

RuthZ sent a beautiful card from the National Wildlife Federation (one of my favorite charities). She also sent 2 different packs of squash seeds: Burgess Buttercup winter squash and Tatuma summer squash. I will really enjoy trying these 2 new-to-me varieties next year, so thank you, Ruth!

Plant-one-in-me, Kim sent a fantastic homemade card and seeds of short season pie pumpkin. Yum! I love anything and everything made with pumpkin, so will enjoy have these to cook with fresh as well as pressure cook and canning.

ForeverRecycleReuse, Jessica sent a cute Santa card with Asian yard long beans and Acorn squash. Both will be welcome additions to the veggie garden next year, as I have become more and more fond of growing beans, too! Thank you dearly!

Dem_pa, Don sent a peaceful card, sweet autumn clematis, and an amazing assortment of heirloom bean seeds: Kentucky Wonder pole, Cherokee Trail of Tears pole, Hutterite bush, and Anasazi beans (boy are those some beautiful seeds!). That was a wonderful package! Thank you Don for sharing your seeds with me.

Happy Holidays!


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I guess 842 cards sent.

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Im guessing 1243

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My guess is 732 cards sent this year!

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I'm guessing 1000 cards sent.

And many thanks to Margo for the pretty card and all the cleome seeds! Mine didn't do too well this past year and I didn't get many seeds, so this is great, Margo. 4 different kinds! Also a pack of Rue, which the BSTs will love.

Also thanks to GMOM for the Anise Hyssop! Mine had died out, if you can believe that, so these were needed! Thanks, Sharon! And the "winter birds" card was so pretty!


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More cards for me. whoohoo...

dem_pa (don) - sent me nice baby Jesus Christmas card which says, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord" Love it. Along with 4 kinds of beans (Kentucky wonder pole beans, succotash pole bean, blue lake pole bean, Cherokee trail of tears pole bean), Black pearl pepper, and masquerade peppers (looks interesting). My garden can't be without beans and peppers. Wow so generous..Thank you so much for the seeds.

Lorabell - sent me nice card with lovely poem along with lobelia palacio de cristal (commercial) and Pepper black cajun/cuben. Love pepper and lobelia and can't wait for spring. Thank you so much.

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

Wow, the mail man thinks I have lots of family out of town. LOL

I received 5 cards today

From from Nikkineel (and Sarah Kate) - The cutest hand drawn snowman card- Thank you both, and for the Cheyenne Spirit echinacia, Italian Peppercini and Gaillardia. I love snowmen

From Roper2008 a cute sparking Puppy under a christmas tree card with Brown Moruga Scorpion peppers, Sepia serpent peppers and Hawaiian Pineapple Tomato seeds. . . Thank you so much, I have a few scorpion peppers, but not a brown one. cant wait to grow these out.

From PLant-one-on-me I recieved a cute handmade snowflake card. with blue borage seeds. I had to look these up, I love them and I know my sis-in-law will love seeing these grow outside her window.. Thank you so very much.

From ForeverRecycleReuse I recieved the sweetest Santa and puppy card with Fatalii pepper and Cream Sausage Tomato seeds. I can hardly wait for spring to get these guys growing.

and last but not least

From DirtDaddy I received a lovely red embossed card with a beautiful Butterfly ornament (my daughter is so excited to put it on our tree ) and so many seeds I wont list each one, but 8 types of peppers, 11 tomatoes and 2 flowers. . I wish I had thought to put all of my cards in bubble envies, I could have sent more seeds to everyone, chalk it up to newbie santa trader. I know for next year.

Thank you all so very much. My husband is wondering where I acquired all these new friends from. I just say Garden seed buddies.

Happy Yule Y'all

Missy (MissyGa64)

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

my guess is 754 cards were sent this year.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Yahoo! I received three more cards today.
Linda (Roper2008) send the prettiest card with labs on it : Sunflower -evening sun. gonna have to look this one up - sounds beautiful; Zinnia - pink senorita; and Carolina Cayenne pepper.
Ruth Z sent: Cacabell pepper - love!!!; Dukat Dill; and white balloon flower.
Kim (plantoneonme) sent Mammoth dill.
Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!!!! I appreciate you thinking of me!

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Received a cute card from ForeverRecycleReuse/Jessica and it contained Zucchini seeds as well as both Boston Pickling and national pickling cucumbers. Yummy
I also received a nice card from jhgarden9/Judy with Jalapen pepper, sweet cherry pepper, and yellow tomato mix seeds.

Thank you both for filling my garden with goodness. Margo

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My guess on the total cards sent is 1110.

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I am getting nervous. I sent out my cards last week and no one has posted that they were received yet. I hope they all made it... I hope the PO is just taking longer than expected. It is very strange though that no one got their first class letter yet.

Anyways I would like to thank a few people.

Pinkiris, thank you for the esperanza, the purple perilla and the pink sedum. All of these are new for me and I can't wait to grow them. Merry Christmas!

kchd, thank you for the Cardinal flower and the Rattlesnake Master. I have never heard of the Rattlesnake master but it looks like one of the most interesting plants I have seen! Both seeds are great, especially since they are hardy and they each have great attributes.

Lorabell sent a great card with a poem, along with some great seeds. I received Sugar Pie pumpins, Anana D'ameruque melons, hot tobago peppers and Malibar spinach. These are all new varieties that I can't wait to grow next year. Thank you very much!

Thank you all for your generosity and thoughtfulness, and I hope that people begin receiving my cards soon.

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My guess for cards mailed this year is: 720.

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Today I received another card, this time from Lorabell, that contained a homemade card with a great Christmas gardening poem, and '7-pod burgundy', 'Japone', and 'Bulgarian Carrot' pepper seeds. Thanks to the 7-pod, I now have all of the official top 5 hottest peppers in the world. Thanks, Lorabell!


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erika_ct(6b - CT)

Just received my 'Fish' pepper seeds from Sheri (Panhandle_Seed_Swap).

Thanks so much! I had never heard of these and looked them up as soon as I got the seeds. The plants are gorgeous! I'll have to put them in one of the front gardens - too pretty not to share with the neighbors.

Thanks Again and Merry Christmas!


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A big thanks to Larabell for the fun card (the poem had my husband laughing out loud) and for the fun eggplant seeds and quinoa. I love trying new eggplants in my recipes.

For everyone the poem is

Dear Santa,
Don't bring me candy,
or hang mistletoe,
just stuff my stocking
with seeds to sow.

My husbands comment was "Those are your kind of people" LOL

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I want to thank nikkineel, Naturegirl_ 2007, and gmom2-6 boys for the wonderful cards and all the great seeds. Thank goodness we are one day closer to spring. Can't wait to get started growing! :)

nikkineel sent Clitoria Double White Lady Butterfly Pea Vine, Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry, and Corkscrew Vine.

Gmom2-6boys sent Purple Coneflower and Anise Hyssop.

Natuegirl_2007 sent Coleus Rainbow Mix and Lobelia Crystal Palace.

Thanks everyone!

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I received a pretty snowflake card from plant one on me, that contained dill, and black cherry hollyhocks. I looked up the hollyhocks online and they are such a pretty color... love them, thank you!

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More Christmas spirit arrived yesterday in my mailbox!!!.

Jessica aka Forever Recycle Reuse sent a card with a very good looking and happy red Santa......cute card!
And seeds inside......
*National Pickling Cucumber
*Cayenne Pepper
Merry Christmas.....Jessica thank you so much for sharing the Joy of Christmas!!!!!

And my guess for the number of Christmas cards that will be sent.....1558

Merry Christmas to all!!! Thanks always to Santa Kym for bringing Secret Santa into our homes!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Another Christmas card received last night.

From Margo (Smitties) -- A Peaceful holiday scene card with Purple Tomatillo seeds. Thank you -- Can't wait to try these this year.

I have all the Christmas cards on display. My boys were looking through them last night and said, "Mom, we don't even know any of these people" :)

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

Gardendad_2k10 - don't worry yet. . I mailed out my cards on Thursday and apparently they have not arrived either. Hopefully they wont take as long as the 2 day priority box I mailed out and it took 7 days. LOL gotta love christmas shipping. LOL

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Melinda Hagen

I rec'd a beautiful card with cardinals on it from gmom2-6boys today! She sent me some anise hyysop and some purple veronica! These will definitely find a place in my gardens this year! Thanks so very much!
Also a homemade card from nickineel! I loved that your child made this! Inside were some wonderful surprises--corkscrew vine, cosmos doubleclick snowpuff, and white lady clitoria vine!! Most definitely excited about these as I am about all that I receive!! Thanks so very much!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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My card guess is 1745!

Much thanks to Roper 2008 for the Legacy pepper, purple basil, and Caballero pepper!

More thanks to Nikki Neel for the Christmas basil, Chocolate Coleus, teddy bear sunflower, sage, and peppermint zinnias! They will fit nice in the front garden!
peace, dd.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Nikki Neel thank you so much for a cute card, castor bean seeds, evening sunflower seeds and gaillardia (my favorite).
I've turned into the Grinch this week--tired of Christmas. Your envelope brought me back to the good side! Thank you so much.
I mailed my cards out yesterday. It was excruciating to wait until Dec. 16! I look forward to this swap all year. I'm having more fun. I hope mine make it by Easter...they may have to reinstitute the Pony Express to keep up with Christmas Mail! lol

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

From Ruth_Z - today I received a pretty Christmas tree card with Anaheim, Tolli's Italian and Red Savina Peppers. Thank you so much.

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Melinda Hagen

I have to apologize to Jessica-Forever Recycle Reuse! I found her card in my car between the seats. Not sure what day I rec'd it. But I love it! Big red Santa with fordhook acorn and Argonaut winter squash in it! thanks so very much, Jessica!

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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

Three seed cards in the mail today, wow!

NikkiNeel and Sarah Kate sent an adorable snow man card with Swirls Zinnia and two vines: Corkscrew vine and Clitoria double white lady Butterfly vine. I looked all these up and they are quite beautiful. I've never tried either vine and I love any zinnia! Thanks so much!

smitties/Margo sent a snowflake card with Snowdrift marigolds and Echinacea Sombrero hot coral. Looked both of these up too--gorgeous. My flower garden should be wonderful next year. Thanks!

And a very cute santa card from Jessica/ForeverRecycleReuse with Red Romaine lettuce, National Pickling cukes and cantaloupe seed. Something to much on while admiring the posies. Thank you!!

My mailing date is almost here. I will be glad when it is. Panhandle_seed_Swap, I'm hanging in there--HA--got your email!


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I just received a very lovely wild rabbits card from Sheryl (naturegirl_2007) with Double Click cosmos and Peppermint Sticks zinnia seeds. Many thanks, Sheryl!

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Just received a beautiful card with goodies in it from Linda (Roper2008)

Thank SOO much for the Asclepias Tuberosa , Pasiflora Luten and the Plantago Lanceoiata! I do appreciate it!

Oh and what a great idea you used to send it.. Something so simple saved the seeds from turning into dust! Now I know what to do with the padded envies I get in the mail instead of tossing them.

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I got a card today from
lorabell, she sent me...lime sorbet cloumbines, red zinnias, and agastache.
love all three

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lorabell NC(8)

Received several cards today....

Thanks to forever recycle reuse for the chocolate cherry tomatoes. And luffa cylindrical...how cool. My daughter and I were just talking about planting luffa as we do handmade soaps and they would go good together...and wham, I have the seeds.

Smitties, thank you so much for the banketflowers...three different varieties. I.m super excited to plant them among the thousand or so iris plants my other daughter 'donated' to me.

Black cherry hollyhocks from plant one on me...thanks a million. Special thanks for the beautiful stamped card..very,very nice.

And another handmade card from Nikkineel. Very sweet. Several varieties of sunflowers..teddy bear and autumn beauty blend..they will look awesome in our fresh flower arrangements. Also Favorite flower...vigna corocalla corkscrew vine, another flower I've never grown and am super excited to have received.

Appreciate it greatly...laura

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Today I got 2 beautiful cards and a huge variety of everything I love!
Sweet winter bunnies, the kind my dog loves to chase out of our garden, and a tiny bird on glittery red berries.

Naturegirl sent the flowers I love - pansies, impatiens and double cosmos. I never knew there were double cosmos until I got some in a trade last winter. Love these!

From roper2008, all varieties new to me, jiu tou nigo mustard, yukina savoy, traveler strain jalapeno (no longer available at SSE! now I feel lucky!) and evening sun sunflower. I had to google all of these :)

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Much thanks to Roper 2008 for the pretty santa and snoman card along with Legacy Pepper (wow!), Tomato Italian heirloom and Lettuce cimarron (love it). All varieties new to me. Love everything and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

Thanks Lorabell for pretty handmade card with nice poem along with Swiss chard "Megenta sunset". Peppers shishito (love it), Sweet pepper Koloska spice paprika, Ornamental pepper Numex and Herb Shisho. Love everything specially chard and peppers. Will definitely sow everything. Thank you so much.

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Lisa/Ishare! Thank you so much for the hardy geranium seeds! I've had moderate success with these, and I'm very happy to be able to try them again! They will be WSed this weekend! These are very much appreciated, as is the beautiful blue and silver card!

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I received a cute santa card from Jessica(ForeverRecycle
Reuse) with dill, will go great with the cucumber she sent
me, and parsleyâ¦
Thank you Jessica.

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Thank you so much Santa Sheryl (naturegirl_2007) for the beautiful card and the coleus rainbow mix and the cactus mix! Gosh, cant wait for Spring! wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! thank you Sheryl!

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I am beside myself because I received 3 more cards today!

Nikki and Sara Kate, thank you for the Echinacea Ceyenne Spirit (these look so lovely) and the pelleted Nelson carrots. I have never tried the pelleted seeds before but think they will be great in a square foot garden :)

Linda/roper2008, thank you for the Amish deer tongue lettuce, Cimmaron lettuce and Franks sweet pepper. I cannot wait to taste these this year!

Chrystal, thank you so much for the swamp milkweed, tropical milkweed and black seeded simpson. Although you did an amazing job with the big black arrow asking the p.o. not to put the card through the crusher, guess what???, they did :( BUT you also saved the day with the padding inside so everything will grow fine :)

I have to admit I am so anxious to hear the mailbox clunk shut and go running to the box! This truly is the best time of the year. Kim

If I am not to late, my guess for the cards is...932

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Wowee! another good day at the mailbox
RuthZ what a beautiful card & I just looked up the tomato and am super excited about the riesentraub and the burpless cucumber the cleome will be pretty.5
wonderweasel I can't wait to get the Jing okra and choc tomato going in the garden next spring and I love the Card
sji1981 Thanks so much for the celosia , yellow pear tom and petuniasThe childrens art card from the Childrens Village is neat and a good way to support them

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I love the cards and seeds the Secret Santa's are sending this year.
From roper2008 a snowy winter village scene with Hairy Balls Milkweed & Scentesi Poncos pepper enclosed. I love peppers and I really really want to grow this milkweed.

From Nikkineel (Nicki) & Sarah Kate, a beautiful handmade card with a Christmas Tree on front and inside Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea and Christmas Basil. Love basil and Echinacea's.

From Naturegirl_2007 (Sheryl) bunnies in the snowy forest card with Daydreams Cosmos, Oriental Red poppy and Shirley Double poppy. And she sent a very sweet letter with the reasons she chose to send to me and the seeds she chose.
I hope they do well and I'll think of you and your family every time I look at the beautiful flowers.

Thank you all so much for sharing.
Merry Christmas to All.

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Good Morning All!!

I had 3 cards in the mailbox yesterday.

The first was from panhandle- it contained a ton of alyssum seeds and a commercial packet of marigold Kilimanjaro seeds.Thank you Sherri, I will be planting both this spring! The card will be made into an ornament!

The second card was from Nottougly and it had alyssum seeds. I wont be needing white alyssum for a couple of years. Thank you Faye for thinking of me, your card too will become an ornament.

The third card was from Naturegirl and it had two commercial packets of seeds. The first was Maltese cross and the second was alyssum royal carpet. Thank you! I have been wanting to add red to the garden for a while now. I will also make an ornament out of this card.

I have a confession to make...lol. If someone sends me a card and I didn't already send them a card, I go back to the wish lists and find something to send them. AM I GOING CRAZY or is there no wish list for Naturegirl-2007? I looked twice and can't find her o the wish list thread. I also popped into my email to look for her on the address email, she is not listed there either..No return address on the envelope either.

Hmmmm, Santa Kym, where is she?

Happy mailboxing


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erika_ct(6b - CT)

Good Morning!

Thank You Linda (roper2008) for the white borage and salad burnet.

I'm tearing out some more lawn and adding two small foliage gardens in the front of my house. These ornamental edibles will be a perfect fit since the new gardens will be right beside my already too-full herb garden.

Thanks Again!
Merry Christmas


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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

Ishareflowers, no you're not missing anything. I just sent cards. I have been given tons (well, a lot) of free seeds from another very generous source and encouraged to get some of them to people who will grow and love them. I didn't join because I already have more varieties to grow than I have time or space for and don't want to be responsible for more seeds/plants :) Santa Kym kindly let me be an elf on those terms.

Reading these posts and being part of the Santa excitement is really fun and even more satisfying and uplifting than I expected in return. I'm surprised there was no return address, though. That was an oversight. I know most (thought all) cards had them. I wasn't trying to be THAT secret :) Where am I? Michigan, which looks more and more like Santa's North Pole lately. All the snow shoveling should keep me in shape for the gardening season.

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detroitgirl77(6a MI)

I received a lovely Christmas card with a winter scene and horses on the front from Ruth Z. She included Corno di Rosso pepper, Orange Habanero pepper, and Cardoon.

Thank you so much!

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detroitgirl77(6a MI)

My guess for the number of Christmas cards sent is 829.

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I received a pretty card from Kim ( plant-one-on-me) yesterday
with borage seeds inside. Thanks much! :)

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THANKS Gardendad for the Rudolph card and the fennel, parsley, lemon basil, mustards and purple Russian tomatoe seeds! Cant wait to check todays mail! peace, dd.

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ForeverRecycleReuse sent Black Sea Man tomatoes and Chives seeds! Thank you!

Nikkineel sent Butterfly Pea 'White Lady' (I didn't get seeds from mine this year, so I am so grateful for these.) Corkscrew Vine seeds (how different!) and Amaranth seeds. I also enjoyed the handmade card. Thank you!

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Thank you guys!

nottougly - Thank you for the tenessee coneflower, love coneflowers!!!! :)

kchd - Thank you for the heirloom tomatoes and the thoughtfully written card!! thank you so much, I hope alot of the plants and veggies that are extra will help bring in some money to put towards my "farm home fund"!! It's my dream :)

P.S. I guess we are guessing how many christmas card? Mine is 620 :) lol

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vajeff(7b VA)

Received two more cards.

Nikkineel sent a cute hand drawn snowman card. Inside were seeds of 'Chocolate Covered Cherry' coleus, 'Fireworks' dahlia, and asparagus fern. I was not familiar with those varieties of coleus and dahlia, but after doing a search, I'm thrilled! Thank you!

From naturegirl_2007, I received a wintery rabbit card. Included were seeds of lemongrass and creeping zinnia. It'll be interesting growing lemongrass from seed, and creeping zinnia is completely new to me, so I'm looking forward to starting both of these! Thank you!

Happy Holidays to both of you!

I sent cards yesterday. If there is anything wrong with them, please let me know and I'll see about fixing that.

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vajeff(7b VA)

My guess for cards sent is... 430.

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Two more cards yesterday and two today!

Thank you, Nikki and Sara Kate, (nikkineel), for the sweet snowman card and seeds for Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit and snapdragon Twinny Peach. My favorite flowers in my favorite colors!

Ruth (ruthz), I love your beautiful 'White Christmas' card! We'll certainly enjoy the Gourmet Baby Greens lettuce and Red Warty Thing winter squash/pumpkin. I'm going to start some of the lettuce right away!

Linda (roper2008), thank you for the cute snowmen card and seeds for Pink Senorita zinnia, Malva Zebrina, and Burpee's Butterbush squash. I'm all set for spring with seeds for pretty flowers and good stuff to eat!

Audrey, your card is a work of art! Your beautiful photograph of a red rose blooming in an ice storm so fits the verse you chose. I'm also delighted to receive seeds for Salvia azurea, Heliopsis Summer Nights, Eustoma Rose Rim, and Zinnia Candy Cane. Thank you!

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Thank you, Nikki, for the card and the seeds you sent.

I love Butterfly Pea vines, but have never grown white before. And thanks for sending your favorite - Corkscrew Vine seeds - both of these will be so fun for me this spring.

Also, the tomato seeds are really appreciated since when I grew Kellogg's Breakfast a few years ago, I didn't think to save any seeds.

Thank you so much and have a great Christmas!


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Thank you Angela (Yuletrapper) for the beautiful glittery card (with a pretty snowy picture). It's beautiful. I also look forward to growing the seeds in the spring!

I received Amish Deer Tongue lettuce, black seeded simpson lettuce, Poppy Joe's basil, chives, carbon tomato & black russian tomato - I haven't tried that one before, and it sounds lovely!

Thank you!

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

We just got back and I ran to the mailbox! So exciting!

Lisa/ishareflowers sent me a beautiful sparkly card with generous amounts of gorgeous flowers... a very rare Variegated Lychnis (I got dizzy with excitement over these seeds), lovely yellow Scabiosa, Dianthus "Sooty" and Dianthus "Alba". A rare and beautiful assortment, that I've never grown before... thank you!!!

Linda/roper2008 sent an adorable Golden Retriever card with Exciting Corno Di Toro Giallo pepper seed and the rare thick-walled CGN 21500 c. chinese pepper. Thank you so much, Linda! Does anyone have a good recipe for hot sauce using the CGN 21500 pepper???

MissyGA sent me a homemade painted Christmas card with a sparkly snowman. You're really talented, Missy! She sent me these great seeds, too: Collards Morris Heading, White Icile Radish and Black Krim Tomato.

Plant-One-On-Me/Kim Sent a really lovely homemade stamped/embossed snowflake card and her favorite short season pumpkin (for pie) seeds. She include a sweet history of the pumpkin and her wonderful pumpkin bread recipe. Thank you!!!

Y'all made my day! Thank you so much!

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

More thank you's going out. I received cards from 2 lovely ladies down here in the south with me :D

MissyGA64 sent a festive homemade card, which I just loved! Very in tune with Winter Solstice, and I just love the snowman. She included Crimson Cushion beefsteak tomato and Delicata winter squash. Both sound like really great varieties in new year's garden, and both are new for me! Thanks, Missy!

ilovefarac, Melinda sent a candy cane and holly card with 2 awesome packs of native seeds: pawpaw and jewelweed! Melinda, these are really wonderful and I will be winter sowing them this week!

as Missy says, Merry Yule, y'all!


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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

Today I received a large package of seeds and a Christmas tree card from Dirt Daddy/David. I was overwhelmed with the selection of vegetables:
Tatsoi (love this), red giant mustard, caveman gourd, shiso perilla (pretty and tasty), Ashley cuke, slim Jim eggplant, Dr, Wyche's tomato, Burpee Hybrid cuke, Gourmet eggplant mix, and gourmet lettuce blend! The Ashley cuke sounds perfect for our humid summers and Dr. Wyche's is a tomato I've never tried, but sounds great.

Thanks, David, for your generosity and Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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I received a really pretty handmade card from Nikki and Sarah Kate today! Thank you, Ladies, for the Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit seeds, the Corkscrew Vine seeds (I've been wanting to try this!), and the Gaillardia seeds. Very much appreciated!

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A few more cards came today.

I received a handmade Christmas tree card from nikki and sarah kate today. Inside were corkscrew vine and echinacea "Cheyenne Spirit".

rane_grow Sent me a beautiful Christmas card. Inside were purple people eater datura,Indian summer rudbeckia, Tromboncino squash, dreadlocks amaranthus, ravanello radish and 3 lettuces: butter crunch, Amish deer tongue, and black seeded Simpson.

Ishareflowers sent me a beautiful Chrismas card. Inside were "Sentimental Blue and Hakone Double white balloon flowers. 2 kinds of petunias, pink wave and pale purple (silver). Rudbeckiia Denver daisy, amaranthus green tails, portulaca "happy Hour orange, geranium "confetti" hardy, salvia "Pink Jewel", cleome mix, and Rudbeckia "ToTo",and geranium "expresso".

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Today's mail brought a card with a Wintery Cardinal scene and Partridge Pea seeds inside.
Those darn sulphur butterflies will have no excuse not to hang out in my yard next year.
Thank you ilovefarac (Melinda) for sending something much wanted from my list.
Merry Christmas to ALL

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I got more cards today

gmom-sharon sent me agastachie

roper - linda sent me cosmos, marigold, choc pepper, franks pepper, and mask flower( never seen this one before)

nikki sent me sunflowers( teddy bear and prado red, )and cosmos. tell sarah I love the card.

thanks everyone, your all making the house look great.


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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Melanie--thank you for the two kinds of allium. Can't wait to try growing them. How fun! I can't wait! Oh what fun the mail is now!

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Didn't hear any feedback for the last 2 days and discovered the new thread. DOH.... LOL! My guess for cards mailed out is 856. I just LOVE reading everyones reactions and what they received. Found a few new things I'd like to try and grow. I mailed mine out today (a day early) because I will be out of town for a couple days.Happy card hunting! :)

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More card for me. Super excited!

Linda (roper2008) - sent me nice baby Jesus card with Cucumber suyo long, pink poppy and Tomato, Mamie Brown's Pink. These are new for me and specially very excited about the new variety of cucumber and can't wait to try these. Thank you so much.

Gardendad_2k10 - sent me pretty panguine holidays card with Lettuce red salad bowl, Petunia trailing megentas, Tomato purple russian, Eggplant long purple, Cucumber marketmore. Everything from my wish list. Love everything. Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

Yotetrapper (Angel) - sent me pretty glittery snow scene card with flashy trout's back lettuce (looks very good), Lettuce bunte forellenschluss, red barn tomato and Tomato Ferries wheel. Everything is new for me and very excited to try them. I love the glittery things so loved the card very much as well. Thank you so much.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Thank you to VaJeff for the Fortex Pole Bean, which
I tried growing this summer and a rabbit came and ate
every seedling, so very glad to get these. I will use them
for seed stock. He also sent Zinnia Profusion Knee High
Red, Golden Jubilee Agastache and Blue Fortune Agast-

Thank you Jeff

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l1oness sent Triple Treat Pumpkins and Lemon Cucumbers. Thank you very much for these excellent new varieties!

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

My guess for cards mailed out is:499

Ok I posted on the other thread I received cards from:
dem_pa and pinkiris now I will tell you about what they sent me.
dem-pa sent a cute card with a stocking on the front stuff with things hung by a fire really nice and inside there were:
Red Russian Kale (another big thanks!)
Leek Mussel brugh (thanks so excited to try leeks!)
Pinkiris sent a card very, very dear to my heart, it has two Red Birds in a holly tree with snow. The reason this card is so special to me is my very best friend (my adopted sister) who has a terminal disease goes by redbird. It is very special to me, thank you, you have no idea how happy I was just to open this card.
Inside were:
Yu Choy Sum, Red Seed (WOW THANK YOU!)
Cabbage Cour di Bue another big thanks!

Also I have a card I got I think Saturday (sorry I am late in thanking you) from Panhandle_seed_swap it is a cute Sylvester and Tweety (I get everything I can find with Tweety on it!!) card.
Red Russian Kale (thank you so very much) I am looking forward to growing these!!!

Today I received a from naturegirl_2007 a card with two rabbits in a snow scene in the woods. This one has meaning as well because I used to have a beagle named Holly, (she was a Christmas present, that is why she was named Holly) she taught herself how to run rabbits, guess what she would do with them IF she caught them?...................

Lick'em! She would hold them down and lick and love on them, the rabbits didn't appreciate it but it sure made her happy. I saw her catch two, I always told my man she wouldn't hurt them if she managed to catch them and I was right. I did feel sorry for the poor little rabbits though, they'd be screaming and she just kept licking. We had to call her off them.

We lost her to cancer in 2007, I have never forgotten her, nor will I ever, she was the best friend I ever had when I opened this card as soon as I seen it, I thought of her. Thank you, you made me smile today.
Inside was:
Carrot Nantes Coreless (very cool happy receiving these)
I am over the top THRILLED with the rest I can not tell you how HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY I am for:
Indigo Rose Tomato (OMGosh THANK YOU SO MUCH!)
Mexican Sour Gherkin
Jelly Melon
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
Sheryl, you have made me extremely happy, I was looking at ordering each and everyone of these, now I don't have too. Thank you so very much!

I am so glad I decided to participate in this swap, I know how much of a thrill it is for everyone to open the mailbox and find these wonderful treasures in there.
Thank you all who have sent me seeds. I am absolutely so happy!

Miss Kym, thank you so much for organizing this swap for another year, big, big hug my friend. I hope all your wishes come true for you this year.
:) Aqua

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I have more seed again today. This is so wonderful. I have never gotten this many before. BUT it is not what I get as much as I gave. So much fun.
Lorabell sent Anise Hyssop & Red Russian Kale.
Flowergirl34 sent Echinacea Peradexa &Gaillardia Fiesta Daisy.
ForeverRecycleReuse sent Roma tomato, Blue bachelor Button, and Leaf Lettuce Blend.
Kchd sent Coneflower-White powpow
Smitties sent Echinacea-Sombrero Hot Coral.
Thank You to all of You. Winter sowing is going to be so much fun.

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I received one card today, this time from Angela (Yuletrapper). She sent me two tomatoes I've been trying to get my hands on for a while now ('Kellogg's breakfast' and 'Mr. Stripey'), as well as 'chocolate stripe beefsteak' seeds. Thank you so much, Angela! I am going to have an overflowing garden bed this year!

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jingle bells

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A big thank you to Angela (yuletrapper) for the brown berry tomato, cherokee purple tomato, and Ananas Melon. I love melons :)

And a big thanks as well to Linda (cooper 2008)for the sweet chocolate pepper (yum) French Marigold and Martins carrot pepper.

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Many thanks to Missy (MIssyGA64) for the lovely homemade snowman card and the naranjilla seeds! I grew that plant once years ago, and have always wanted to get some more seeds.

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Thank you so much Linda (roper2008) for the awesome selection of peppers! ( my favs!) Martins Carrot Pepper & NuMex Halloween Pepper and Linda's favorite flower Malva Zebrina! Ive been looking for that all this past year, lol. Thank you so much! Cant wait to get these started! Merry Christmas Linda to you and yours and wishing you a wonderful 2014 gardening season =)

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More delight and happiness arrived in my mailbox!!!

Nikki and her daughter Sarah Kate sent a very cute handmade card with a Santa hat....and seeds!
*Pole Beans "Helda"
*Pole Beans "Malibu"
*Corkscrew Vine
*Snapdragon "Twinny Peach"
Thanks so much for your generosity! Merry Christmas!! Very curious about Helda and Malibu! Sarah Kate, thanks for helping your Mom out......what a good girl you are!!

Lisa aka Ishareflowers, sent me a beautiful Winter Wonderland card...berries and snow!! And seeds....
*Gaillardia yellow
*Rubeckia Denver Daisy
*Rudebeckia Green Wizard
*Rudebeckia Double Gold
*Snapdragon short, multi color
*Purple Wave Petunia
Great selections, as always!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Thanks so much Lisa!!

RuthZ sent a lovely card...beautiful Winter scene, snow, horses drinking out of the stream, a church! And seeds....
*Billy Biker Jalapeno Ppper
*Numex Jalmundo Chile
*Salad Leaf Basil
Ruth, thanks for sharing with me. Merry Christmas!!

Nikki, Sarah Kate, Lisa and Ruth......such lovely elves. Thanks for the joy and your generosity.

Happy Day to all!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!


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Melinda Hagen

I rec'd some beautiful cards today!!
Yotetrapper sent a beautiful glittery card with Aunt Lou's underground railroad tomato, Angelina's Italian tomato, Brad's black heart tomato, Hopi grey squash, and common milkweed! I love them all and will be wintersowing in a few days!
Ruth Z sent me a beautiful winter scene with horses card and Italian Silver Rib chard, asclepias syriaca, and blue vates kale!~ Love them all and am thrilled!
Thank you both so very much! Melinda

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I have received lots of cards the past couple days and have several people to thank!

Ruth (Ruthz) sent a beautiful horse and snow scene card with Punta Banda tomato, Pole Principe Borghese Tomato, and Marianna's Peace Tomato seeds. All varieties I have never heard of. Thank you!

Jessica (ForeverRecycleReuse) sent a cute Santa card with Hales Best Cantaloupe seeds, Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts seeds, and Early Flat Dutch cabbage seeds. I will be able to start the cabbage and Brussels sprouts seeds soon. Thank you!

Linda (roper2008) sent a cute birdhouse card filled with seeds. They include beaver dam pepper, corno di toro pepper, Hungarian paprika pepper, and gypsy tomato seeds. I have not heard of the last two types of seeds. Thnak you so much!

Margo (smitties) sent a cute bird and snow card with Parisienne Carrot seeds. I have to look these up also as I have never heard of them. Thnak you!

Jeff (VaJeff) sent me 3 types of tomato seeds: Remy Rouge, Coyote (I needed more of those!), and Persimmon. Thank you!

Angela (yotetrapper) sent a pretty glittery card of kids in the snow full of seeds. She sent Carolina Cross Watermelon ( a 200 lb watermelon!!! This one will surely be interesting to try to grow :) ) Navajo Melon, Plum Granny melon, Tularosa Market Melon, Cherokee purple tomato, and barnyard tomato seeds. Thank you so much!

I really appreciate everyone's generosity and I have gotten so many things that I have never heard of this year. I am going to look up all the seeds I do not know about now and I can't wait to start planting my fall/spring stuff in the next couple weeks and I can't wait for the spring /summer to get here so I can grow all my new summer vegetables everyone has sent me. Thank you so much to everyone!


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I am truly blessed! Today I received a stunning handpainted card from MissyGA. As if the card were not enough, she sent me a fabulous assortment of seeds:
Amish deer tongue lettuce
Danvers carrots
spinach Caucasian Hablitzia tamnoides
sweet cherry pepper
butterhead lettuce
Racoon spinach
Zamboni broccoli raab
early calabrese broccoli
orange sun bell pepper
fort iconx bell pepper

Thanks so much! Now off to look some of these up! Kim

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Nikki and Sarah Kate sent a lovely handmade Christmas Santa Hat card with Malibu Pole Bean and Helda Pole Bean seeds. Thank You!

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Linda (roper2008) sent a lovely white card with Santa making his own snowman. Inside were Purity White Cosmos and Redcrest! I've never had/tried those! I'm in love with Cosmos. She also sent some pink poppy seeds--can't wait!
I received a beautiful black card with matching black envelope from MissyGA64--handmade and fun! She had the cutest seed envelopes made out of craft paper and neatly folded--Coreopsis Grandiflora, Rudbeckia Triloba and Joe Pye Weed. Oh the anticipation of spring!!!

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yay. more cards...

from heidi ( blushing) sent too many :) :)

clipclop sent me 2 kinds of gourds and salvia.

ilovefarac sent me sunflowers and collards.

missyga64 sent blushing again( too many) :) love the card too.

thanks everyone

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With the number of cards still flying, we must be making the post office very happy! :)

I had full mail box today. Some bills, but quite a few cards.

I received a cute little candle and snow card from vogt0047 with lots of seed - 2 kinds of lettuce, Red Russian kale, bok choy, scarlet runner beans, Mammoth dill, and Waltham broccoli. Thank you very much!

I received from Linda (clipclop) some dill, and an adorable card with an old farmhouse and horse and buggy. My pickle shelf in the pantry will love the dill - I make dozens of jars each spring. Thank you!

Lisa (ishareflowers) sent me a very glittery fun card with cosmos (ladybird yellow), snapdragons, and petunias - some of my favorites! Thank you!

Mchill320 sent me a beautiful card with a kitty and a sled of gifts with tomato Isis Candy seeds. That is the one tomato that has stubbornly refused to germinate the 2 years I tried to grow it (and I ran out of seed). Hopefully I'll have better luck next year with this batch! Thank you!

And last, but never least, I received a beautiful homemade snowman card from MissyGA64. I love it! it was filled with lettuce (Rossa Di Trento, Red Leprecaun) Carrots (Napoli & Kaleidoscope mix), and tomatoes (Black from Tula and Black Krim). Except for Black Krim, those are all brand new to me - and I can't wait to try them. Thank you!

I am so thrilled with the generosity of everyone during this season - but I really enjoy watching the thank you's, the different kinds of seeds and cards, and just grinning when someone loves something I sent.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I received a beautiful handmade card from SJC48, along with Cinnamon Basil seeds! Thank you Shirley!

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Received Cypress Vine seeds from Linda/Clipclop today! Yes, Yes, Yes!! Thank you so much, these were high on my priority seed list, can't wait to plant them. Linda, many thanks! And for the Salvia seeds too!

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Today I received a pretty stocking card from Melinda
(ilovefarac) with cosmos, snapdragons, and psyche mix
cosmos (I looked them up, very pretty). My garden
is going to be very colorful next yearâ¦Thanks Melinda

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Doing the happy dance...more cards today.

nikkineel sent:
amaranthus red
Echinacea Cheyenne spirit
clitoria double white lady butterfly pea vine
corkscrew vine....I love vines....thank you over and over!!!!

VaJeff sent:
Echinacea purpurea
yellow/pink 4 o'clocks
wild bergamot/monarda fistulosa
ragged robin/lychnis flos-cuculi
fushia 4 o' clocks...What a great bunch of seeds...thank you

Lisa/ishareflowers sent:
dianthus red tiger
campanula white clips
lupine tutti frutti
lychnis Vesuvius
lobelia spicara white
lychnis angels blush
lupine gallery red...oh my what a great collection..thank you

I didn't think it could get better than this but DH bought me a green house today. It's used but in very good condition.
Can't wait to start all my seeds.


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Don dem_pa, sent me loads of seeds with pretty card. He sent me Radish cherry belle, Masqurada pepper, Petunia mixed, Pepper black pearl, cherokee trail bean, snow berry tomato, Banana legs tomato, Lincoln pod peas, blue lake beans and Kentucy wonder beans. wow! Super excited. Thank you so much.

Yotetsapper, sent me pretty card with Pepper emaraled giant, Tomato roma, tomato yellow pear. Love pepper and tomatoes. Thank you so much.

mchill30, sent me pretty santa card with Tomato Yellow pear seeds. I love this tom and can't wait to grow it. Thank you so much.

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vajeff(7b VA)

I opened three cards today. What a surprise!

Cghpnd sent a lovely poinsettia card. One of my favorite holiday plants. Included were seeds of marigolds, orange california poppies, and mixed dwarf jewel nasturtiums. I was completely out of nasturtiums since the alaska variety I tried this year couldn't handle the summer heat and never flowered... but now I've learned my lesson on starting them so late and have plenty of seeds to work with! Thank you for prepping them too! Merry Christmas!

Xiangirl sent an adorable card of a dog dressed up in winter clothing. We tried that once with ours... she didn't care for it! Inside were seeds of balsam camellia, pink lemonade zinnia, plains coreopsis (this is new to me!), curl leaf tansy - which I have the perfect use for, mixed bachelor buttons, celosia cristata, sensation cosmos, dark purple bachelor buttons, and bergamo bee balm (woohoo! I've wanted this for years). Those envelopes are very informative! Thank you, Heidi!

Gardendad_2k10 sent a modern christmas tree with presents card. Included were seeds of double shirley poppies, which I'm very much looking forward to. They'll make a great addition! Thank you!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

Two more cards arrived today. WOOT!
micyrey sent a very lovely dark blue card with embossed snowflakes, very nice love it!
Inside were:
tiger-like tomatoes
Watermelon Charleston Gray
thank you so much!
ishareflowers sent a very pretty card with colorful reindeer
and well it's just pretty, and hard to describe but I like it!
Broccoli Natalino
Pepper Sunburst
Cauliflower Snowball Improved
Summer Squash Gentry
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Lisa thank you so much, and you're so funny, the note made me laugh.

I am so grateful for all I have received. Our gardens will be blessed next year. I am so looking forward to sharing with our local food banks. I just hope they appreciate it.
I know I will at least.
Thank you all so much, if I don't receive anymore cards I must say with what I have received I truly feel blessed.
I can't wait til next year.

lexiegurl, I am not sure if you are reading the post closely or not but I am sending you a message I want to ask you something :)

Thank you all again,
:) Aqua

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I am so happy to see that some of my packages have found their way home:) I sent the last of my packages today. I spread them out over the week to make things more fun. Some seeds I sent were not on wishlists but I hope you enjoy suprises:)
I have also received some sweet cards. I am looking forward to using the cards as ornaments and string them out as someone posted earlier. They are so pretty!
Kim plantoneonme sent mammoth dill. I can't wait to use this in pickling this year.
RuthZ sent cacabel pepper, dukat dill, and white balloon flower. I love your festive seed packets:)
Margo (Smitties) sent Florence fennel and tall pink balloon flower. I have not grown any pink balloon flower and can't wait to see it in bloom.
Jordan (wonderweasel) sent lemon basil, dill, golden jalepeno, and hot lantern paper pepper. These are new varieties for me - so exciting!
Shirley (sji1981) sent a card with the prettiest Christmas tree on front with thin long hot pepper, bronze fennel, and mixed coleus. Thanks for your generosity!
Lisa (ishareflowers) sent double white balloon flower (I've never seen or grown the doubles), tellina grandiflora, and heuchera frosted violet. These are new to me so I'm looking them up as soon I finish this post
gmom sent French lavender - I'm excited about growing new lavender plants this year.
I realize some of these may have been posted before but I got the unposted cards mixed with the posted cards and I didn't want to leave anyone out!
MANY thanks! I am truly humbled by the generosity of the gardeners on this site. Merry Christmas!!!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Here I am with more happy thank you's:

From Smitties: A kewl, stylish, embossed snowflake card with "Drama Queen Poppy", "Tutti Frutti Lupine (haven't grown Lupine for years and really look forward these gracing our flower beds again)", "California White Linen Poppy" (certainly not your ordinary papaver fare)", "Hollyhock - Country Romance (good one for a Valentine swap)", "Hollyhock - Black (niiiiice!)", "Lovage (never grown this before, totally looking forward to it)", "Tomato - Great White (yesss!)", and, finally, "Italian Mix Salad Blend (several varieties of lettuce, chicory, endive and spinach ... gonna look good growin', super tasty for eating)". Thanks loads, Margo!

From Nikkineel: A cute homemade Santa-hat card with the following seed treasures - "Basil - Christmas (how wonderfully apropos!)", "Corkscrew Vine (Ooooo,...yes, I definitely see why this is your favorite!)", and last but not least, "Butterfly Pea Vine - Double White Lady (another *really pretty* one, also recommended for hanging baskets)". - Many thanks for such special seeds! Wishing you and Sarah the best Christmas and new year ever! :)

From Rane_Grow: A lovely Poinsettia card embracing quite an assortment of uber fabulous seeds;..."Christmas Lima Bean (again, wonderfully apropos - woo hooo!!)", "Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson (lookin' forward to some great salads!)", "Tomato - Snow White, White Oxheart and Vorlon (yes, yess and YESSS! - Side note: Several years ago, there was a TV SciFi series called "Babylon 5" and one of the alien races were known as the *Vorlon*)", "Columbine - Krystal (a beautiful, white variety)", "Dwarf French Marigold Mix (always cheerful favorites)", and finally, "Burgundy Hollyhocks (just wonderful!)" - Thanks bunches, Iris! Girl, you sure didn't skimp on the seed amounts! :)

From L1oness: An extremely festive, embossed, proudly (and rightly so) All American card featuring Santa, with a patriotic sack of gifts that he's placing under some family's tree, aaaaand the following seeds - "Pickling Cucumber (Elly & I *definitely* plan
to pickle-n-can this coming season, so this is perfect), "Pepper - Mehmet's Turkish Sweet (from what I've just read and seen, this puppy's a reeeeal good one!)", and "California Poppy - Watermelon Heaven (Oooooo,...*pretty*!!)". - Wow, Mandy, thank you so much for the generous amount of intriguing, unusual seeds!

All of you are so very generous and into the spirit, once again reinforcing why this has become Elly's & my favorite RR swap of all (not to put down the other many wonderful swaps, mind you)! :)

BTW, I finally sent out my first batch of cards-n-seeds today, so happy mailboxing everyone!

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Many thanks to Lisa (ishareflowers) for the beautiful card and the wonderful selection of blue balloon flower, melady blue asters, doube white balloon flower and asclepias milk maid...wow! these all look so beautiful! going to try my hand at wintersowing these! thank you so much Lisa!

would also like to thank Sharon (gmom2-6boys) for the beautiful card and the veronica purple seeds! Also going to wintersow these =) Thank you so much Sharon!

Wishing Sharon and Lisa a blessed Merry Christmas & a prosperous 2014 gardening season, I feel so blessed, thanks Ladies =)

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yippy, more cards and more seeds! YAY

Now correct me if I am wrong.
My son (8 yr old) opened the cards and sorta kinda mixed the seeds up. He Loves gardening too. So he was just as excited as I was.

Thank you all for the beautiful cards. All of my cards this season has been from the awesome participants of this swap! You guys rock!

OK lets see if I got this right
A doggy with a hat on.. So cute! from Heidi (xiangirl).with Bee Balm Marshalls delight and Bergamo. Thank You Thank you!

A pretty card with Deer on it. Colors that match the season for sure! From Lisa (ishare) With Purple Bee Balm and Amaranthus Green tail seeds . Never heard of that kind, my son showed me what kind it was and Ohh its so pretty. Thank you !!!!!

And the last one is A Blue homemade card with cool snow flake patterns on it from Micyrey.Thanks alot for the Green Flower Milkweed,purple coneflower and Amaranthus !

Every seed that has been sent is going to be used on several properties for Butterflies! And other pollinators!!!
Thank You Thank you!

    Bookmark   December 20, 2013 at 11:22AM
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thanks Gardendad 2K10 got your cute card todaywith the wonderful assortment of seeds money plantPurple russian tomato, bee balm petunia amaranth cucumber. excited for spring to come!

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Picture a black card with a glittery snowman, snow and stars on front, arriving in a black envelope with a snowman face on front.
Painted by Sydney & MeeMee.
Thank you for the beautiful card and sharing your Corno di Torro Rosso, Orange Scotch Bonnet seeds, recipes for Raspberry Pepper Jelly & Stuffed peppers.

MissyGA64, Sydney & MeeMee, Merry Christmas to you all.

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Thank you, yote_trapper, for the card, tomato, and pumpkin seeds! I am especially excited about the pumpkin seeds. It will be a new variety for me to try.


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Phew! I'm finally able to get on here :) YEAH!!!

I've been trying for 2 days now, and it wouldn't let me on? Maybe others are having this problem too??

Anyhoo, I would LOVE to thank a bunch of gw'er's for including me in their Christmas this year :)

Jessica, foreverRecycleReuse, sent me the cutest Santa puppy card...adorable! She also sent me some Beefsteak Tomato (WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!) and some Purple Cherokee Tomatoes (never tried, but, can't wait too) THANK YOU!!!

Kim, plant~one~on~me, for the lovely home made card...love the SNOW FLAKES!! and the amazing Ground Cherry Seeds she sent! THANK YOU!!!

Jasmine, jas_il, for the beautiful watercolor deer scene card. SO PRETTY!! And the Poppy: Pastels Mix, and Morning Glory Heavenly Blue and Milky Way (I've never heard of Milky Way. Looked it up and its amazing!!)THANK YOU!!!!!

Linda, roper2008, sent me the cutest Santa card. Love the candy canes!! And holy moly....Hibiscus: White Chiffon (HAPPY DANCE!!), Italian Heirloom Tomato (can't wait to try :), and Cosmos: Redcrest...THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

It's been such a crazy week with the all the running around and you all have made it so festive for me :)


Happy Winter Solstice Eve :)

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whoo Hooo!!! got two cards today one from
Nature Girl 2007 received a frosty morning type card along with Yarrow, English Daisys (can't wait to sow) and Columbine!! Thank you very much!!!
Also received
received a wonderful hand made card with Christmas Basil and Purple Butterfly Bush seeds!! (can't wait to try the basil)

Merry Christmas to both of you and may your thumbs always be green!!


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Three more thank yous.

VAJeff A Beautiful Christmas card. Inside cleome
pink and purple, white datura, asclepias curassavice, balloon flower"Sentimental Blue".

Clipclop Mr. and Mrs. Snowman Christmas card. Inside red, pink, and white cosmos and purple coneflower.

MissyGA64 Beautiful hand-painted Christmas card. Inside Amish deer tongue lettuce, penstemon Gulf Coast, Datura yellow Ballerina, lettuce butterhead, carrot Little Finger, radish candela d. fuoco.

Thanks to all of you. The seeds are greatly appreciated.

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

I got a lovely, shiny Santa card from sweet Mandy/l1oness today! She sent a terrific recipe for Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles (Yum!) AND the seeds for pickling cucumber and dill. She also gave me Calendula seed. Very thoughtful! I really look forward to growing them all... thank you, Mandy!

This post was edited by Panhandle_Seed_Swap on Fri, Dec 20, 13 at 20:44

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Nikki, please thank Sarah Kate for helping make a wonderful card! Christmas Basil, Swirls Zinnia and Coleus, Chocolate Covered Cherry were icing on the cake. Thank you both!

Missy (MissyGA64) is that your art work on a very elegant black card? You are talented!! And thank you for the Naranjilla seeds. I can't wait to try them!

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

I received two cards today.

VaJeff sent a cute snowflake card with Persimmon, Purple Calabash and Coyote Tomatoes , and Asclepias Curassavica and Asclepias Turbarosa. I am so excited for my winter sowing project tomorrow. . . Thank you so much

Socialgardengal sent a beautiful snowy Cardinal card with Milkweed, Valarian and Chamomile. . . My herb garden is going to be a lot bigger than my husband thinks. LOL Thank you so much for adding to my herb collection.

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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

I'm slow in acknowledging two cards that arrived yesterday. Thanks to:

Va Jeff, who sent a festive snowflake card containing Zinnia profusion Knee high Red and Pink & Purple Cleome. I grew the profusions last year and loved them, but I don't know this variety, so I'm excited! And something (deer?) ate my patch of cleome last summer, which is why I don't have any seed saved.

SoCalGardenGal/Christine sent a beautiful, sparkly snow scene with a cardinal in a holly bush. In the card were 3 tomato varieties: Big Rainbow, Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio and Pink Brandywine, and purple cleome. I can use plenty of cleome and the tomatoes sound wonderful--I'll be looking them up!

Then today, which was one of those days when nothing much went right, I got home and found three more cards! More thanks to:

lexiegurl/Dawn sent a glittery Santa, carrying packages (hopefully full of seeds!). She included Barlow Jap, Mortgage Lifter and Pink Caspian tomato seeds, Savoy cabbage and Marketmore 76 cucumber. Such a variety--and I love trying new tomatoes!

redthreaddiy sent a cute polar bear cub card containing another wonderful variety: Black Russian Truffle, Bola Macizo, and Coyote tomatoes, SMR58 Pickling Cukes and Cleome. This will be a bumper year for heirloom tomatoes (and I always grow plants for our local community garden).

And MissyGA64 sent a gorgeous, handpainted card with a silver night sky and snowman. Artwork by Sydney and MeeMee. Inside is Mizuna (yummy and pretty-frilly), 2 lettuces- Rossa di Trento and Red Leprechaun, and Melon- Healy's Pride. I love your pretty seed envelopes, Missy!

I enjoy reading what everyone's receiving almost as much as getting cards. I also like seeing the various ways folks package their seeds, very creative.

Thanks to all for the wonderful variety of seeds!

And, I mailed mine today. Hope they have smooth sailing on their way.


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I got to mail out my packages AND my bingo card is half full!!

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

This is the never ending seed swap for me this year. I am more thrilled than anyone can even imagine. I think my 21 year old nephew is a little jealous because he keeps handing me card after card. This is the most generous group of swappers!

Shirley/SJC48 thank you for the cute handmade card (I may barrow this idea :) and the large packet of Renegade spinach...I can never get too much spinach...love, love, love spinach salads.

I am having a ball seeing how excited everyone is and what an incredible variety of seeds being delivered.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I received a very cute glittery polar bear card from
Dawn (lexigurl). In it is Marketmore 76 cucumber,
black beauty eggplant and blue lake pole bean. Thank
you Dawn.

I also received another pretty santa card from Patricia,
that's my sister's name too. When I was little I use to
call her Piesy, then Potsie, and finally to this day Patsy.
Patricia (patrob) sent me White Profusion Zinnia, never
grown this one before, English Thyme and Agastache
Golden Jubileeâ¦Thanks Patricia

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Shirley (SJC48) - You made my day today. I got the card in the mail, and it's a beautiful homemade card, with snowflakes and a cute message.

But then I opened the card, and saw the gold foil packet. At that point, I didn't even care what was in the packet, my mind went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and thought "I got a golden ticket!". Silly thought - but I was so excited. I am looking forward to trying the Cucumber Diva that is in the packet, even though it isn't the golden ticket to the chocolate factory! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

I am 1/2 way to bingo.

Poisondartfrog and Ruby_dog- no it is not my design. I learned to paint it in a decorative painting class years ago. Sydney is my 10 year old granddaughter. She and I worked on the cards together (she wrote Sydney & MeeMee on the back, that's what she calls me). Thank you for the compliments, we had a great time making the cards last summer while she was visiting.

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Mandy, glad you liked the card AND the golden ticket, oops, no, I mean the Cukes! Hope they do well for you!

Plantoneonme, the idea is yours to use! Don't be surprised if you come up with lots of other ideas while making that one. I had to call it quits after 6 variations!

And last but not least, I received a pretty Santa card from VaJeff/Jeff today, along with 4 packs of seeds! He sent me Gaillardia Goblin -YES!!, pink and purple Cleome, Wild bergamot, and Echinacea Purpurea - YES, YES, YES!! I got rid of all my butterfly bushes this fall and intend to replace them with Echinacea. It attracts the Tiger Swallowtails way better than the BFB. Thank you, Jeff!

Grocery shopping today, really tired me out, off to bed!

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Just returned home from my trip and found 3 cards in the box. Brought a huge smile to my face!!!
I received a beautiful deer Seasons Greetings card from Lisa(ishareflowers). Inside were Heucheras Pistache and Frosted Violet also Espresso and Confetti Geraniums, Blue Surprise Sweet Woodroff and Geum Cookie! Wowee! LOVE EM'! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you Lisa!

Received from micyrey an Awesome Merry Christmas card with snowflakes with Kleopatra and Cherry Roma tomatoes! Never heard of these. LOVE IT! I have an obsession with tomatoes! Also included were Chives which I use in Everything I cook! Thank you and Have a very Merry Christmas!

Received a Beautiful Homemade card with a hand painted snowman from MissyGA64! Inside were Broccoli Raab Zamboni and Basil Crimson King! 2 new to me seeds! Thank you very much! Going to start the Broccoli tomorrow!!! My first attempt at growing broccoli :) Better a couple weeks late then never. Merry Christmas Missy!

Thank you all so very much! It puts a huge smile on my face with all the generosity from everyone! Glad to see a few cards I sent are making it to their new homes :) Happy Holidays!!!!

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

I received a beautiful black card today, with a glittery hand painted snowman and the North Star in the background with snow gently falling. I LOVE this card thank you MissyGA64 & Sydney this is just way to cute!
Inside was:
Sweet Peppers Mini Bell Mix (can't wait for these!!! Thank you so much!)
Tomato Black Ethiopian (this one is new for me, never heard of it. Excited to try it!)
Collars Morris Heading (OMG THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!) I have been trying to get these! I can't thank you enough!

:) Aqua

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Halfway to BINGO!

Much thanks to Vogt 0047! Chicken heart pepper, lime and lemon basil, yum! Amish purple and Zapotee tomatoe.Golden scallop squash and the purple turnips. yep.

Thanks Sydney, mee mee and MissyGA64 for the black card with the snowman! It's very beautiful! Also thanks for the garden seeds!
Dwarf parsley,fennel, ours did well last year but never went to seed,Black Diamond thai pepper, early Jalepeno pepper and Big Rainbow heirloom tomatoe!
PEACE! dd.

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Thank you gardendad_2k10 for the cute card and Great Blue Lobelia seed!

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I received two more cards today and am tickled pink at both of them!!
1st one from MissyGA64 two different types pf marigolds (one of my favorite flowers!!) and Shasta Daisy seeds! another favorite!! they were enclosed in a beautiful hand made christmas card.(great talent!)
Thank you very much Missy!

2nd was from ilovefarac included african daisy akila white and drum roll please.. Redbud tree seeds !!!!!
What I was really wanting.. you made my day!!

Wishing a great Merry Christmas to both of my Secret Santas'!


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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

I received 2 pretty cards today

Mchille320 sent a pretty snowy cardinal card with pepperchini seeds

Detroitgrl77 sent a clittery ornament card with green zebra and vintage wine tomatoe seeds. . .

3 more seeds I didnt have yet.

thank you both so much,

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

I got a bubble mailer full of seeds from vogt0047 (Sarah) today!!! The card is very Christmassy with an old-fashioned village all ready for Christmas. :) The seeds are fantastic: Coriander, Caraway, Magenta Cockscomb, Strawberry Popcorn, Calendula and Rudbeckia... WOW! Thank you so much!

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From Jeff (VAJeff), I received a snowman card, with garlic chives (yum!) and "purple calabash" tomato seed - after reading the description, it has moved to my "must grow in 2014" list. Thank you very much!!

I also received a beautiful glittery poinsettia basket card, with a bunch of new to me seeds from Dawn (lexiegurl) - thank you very much! Some of the new to me seeds included Super Italian Paste tomato, cosmic purple carrot, dark seeded early perfection pea, straight 8 cucumber, pimento pepper, bibb lettuce, scarlet nantes carrots, white libson onion, and Thorogreen lima bean. Along with a few oldies, but goodies - bloomsdale spinach, black seeded simpson lettuce, big boy tomato. Wow! Thank you!

I want to thank everyone very much - my 2014 garden will be full of tastiness, and a wide selection of things I hadn't thought of, with everyone's generosity.


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I got two beautiful sparkley, glittery cards today and I hit the jackpot on seeds - again!

From Christine (socalgardengal) I am loaded down with tomatoes: Dr. Lyle and Jaune Flamme and Frazier's Gem and Dwarf Czech Bush PLUS Orange Manzano pepper, Cypress vine, morning glory AND Baptisia. Most of these I've never even heard of, so I am going to have lots of fun researching . . . then growing.

More tomato seeds came in from Wonder Weasel (I love that name!) - two more I never knew about with great names: Chocolate Stripes and Lemon Ox-heart . . Yippee!!, right? Plus a different kind of morning glory seed that I can't wait to grow up the fence!
It's a good thing these seeds are so hard - the PO machine tried to damage them, but they went right through the card and the envelope paper, leaving partly torn indentations! It looks like a steamroller ran over them, but not one is smooshed!

Anyways, thank you Jordan and Christine with much appreciation for your generosity. And I wish you the best Christmas and awesome gardening seasons!


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I received another card in todays mail super excited!! A sweet Dr Seuss christmas card with a full packet of Pink Pampas Grass!! Doing the happy dance!!
Thank you Jim Ryder to both you and your wife!
May you have a wonderful Christmas and keep those thumbs green!

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Thank you, Missy (MissyGA64) and Sydney for the beautiful handpainted snowman card! I'll also enjoy the seeds for datura Yellow Ballerina, Buttercrunch lettuce, and naranjilla. The naranjilla is a new fruit for me, and it will be fun to grow it!

Melinda (ilovefarac), I want to thank you too for the pretty card and seeds for two of my favorite flowers! I'm delighted to receive seeds for Sunflower Evening Sun and Echinacea Mama Mia!

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Thank you so much Christine (socalgardengal) for the darling sparkly kitten card! I just love it! Also for the awesome selection of tomatoes and peppers you sent! wow! new mex pepper, Alma paprika pepper, anaheim pepper, santa fe grande pepper, brandywine pink tomato, ponderosa pink tomato, and pink accordian tomato! Gosh! I am super excited! thank you Christine wishing you and yours a blessed & Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014 gardening season! =)

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

I received a Poinsettia Card yesterday (got it this morning) from rane_grow inside were OSU BLUE TOMATO SEEDS THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, I am so looking for to trying these blue tomatoes. I can't wait, so excited to receive these, thank you again!!!

:) Aqua

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I received several cards yesterday.

From ilovefarac a wreath Christmas card. Inside were seeds for salvia coral nymph, wild cleome, geranium maculatem and prizehead lettuce.

From socalgardengal a kitten wearing a Santa hat. Inside were seeds for rudbeckia Irish eyes, datura, purple/white double ruffle datura.

From lexiegurl a beautiful Christmas card. Inside were packs of early wonder beets, cosmic purple carrot, red meat radish, purple plum radish, super fresh lettuce, little finger carrot, and giant Ceasar lettuce.

From redthreaddiy a beautiful Christmas card. Inside were seeds for,petunia, trailing magenta, money plant, Mahogany midget coreopsis, cleome, elephant head amaranthus, and moss rose.

From sjc48 a beautiful Christmas card. Inside was a pack of Rambling Red Stripe tomatoes.

Thanks to all of you for the great cards and seeds.

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lorabell NC(8)

Received a Grinch card from jimryder for purple volcano salvia and gaillardias. Thank you so much. It.s 70 degrees out today and I've garden fever like crazy... Can't wait to try.

From missyGA 64 a beautiful handmade card..very nice indeed. Red cherry tomatoes, crystal apple cuc's, and naranjilla seeds. How interesting.

And thank you clip clop for the Santa card with salvia seeds. I'm enjoying this exchange so very much..

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Received an American Flag Home for the Holidays card from Annie(canyonwind) Inside were European Mesclun mix and Endive de Loviers! Sounds Yummy! Thank you very much for sharing Annie and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Sorry for the double post :)

This post was edited by socalgardengal on Sun, Dec 22, 13 at 19:18

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More Secret Santa thanks to be given...yesterday three envelopes of cheer and happy Christmas wishes were in my mailbox......

The elves....
Shirley aka sjc48 sent me a lovely handmade card! I love it...."LET It SNOW" with silver snowflakes.....and included
were Organic Pepper Maya seeds....a new seed for me. I just read about them...the "HOT" new look for Habanero....right up my alley.Thanks so much Shirley!

Dawn aka Lexiegirl sent me a beautiful card glittered with Poinsettias in a basket. And seeds of delicious delight...Roma II Bush Beans,
Blue Lake Bush Beans, Jalapeno Peppers and California Wonder Bell Pepper. Absoloutley fantastic...Thanks Dawn.

Redthreaddiy sent a cute...cute...cute card....a bright red stocking with a sleeping kittie and puppy, (along with some gifts) and seeds....Petunia Trailing Magenta, Rutgers Tomato, Cucumbers SMR58 Pickling. Wonderful...wonderful.....Thanks Katie!!

Ladies.....Thanks for sharing with me. You are all so generous and spirited.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas....

And I must add this....my cards/seeds are in route to some of you now.....please, if there is any postage due, email me and I will reimburse you.

Happy Monday to all. Be safe and have fun!


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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

I was entering some "thank you" posts on the Rate & Review Exchanges" and I couldn't find one for Lorabell, so I started one. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Lorabell's

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Here's one for sweet MissyGA64 as well!

Here is a link that might be useful: MissyGA64's

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Round 3 of trying to post thank yous from Saturday...my computer keeps freezing up and I do not seem to be able to say thank you to 3 very generous Santas. Here goes again.......

Yotetrapper/Angela-thank you for the black seeded simpson and amish deer tongue lettuces; red beauty and yellow mini peppers; big sky Echinacea; white coneflower and common milkweed.

Socialgardengirl/Christine--thank you for the honey rock and Valencia winter melons; salad bowl lettuce and red kale (my 2 chickens love kale and so do I)

Vogt0047--thank you for sending me my FAVORITE veggie in 2 colors...purple and while kohlrabi!!! and the dwarf blue curled and red Russian kale; quinoa royal red; buttercrunch and grand rapids lettuce.

I plan on growing at least 1 of every single seed I received this year and cannot wait to see the pretty flowers and to taste all the wonderful fruits and veggies!!!

Thanks to everyone for making this such a fun Christmas!!! Kim

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Melinda Hagen

Great day today at mailbox!
Jeff(VaJeff) sent a lovely card with Zinnia Zahara Starlight
Rose and asclepias curassavica. Great!
Debby-1 sent me cosmos mix and oat grass!
SoCalgardengal sent me Jupiter's beard, coreopsis lanceolata, tickseed coreopsis, and pink cosmos!
And rane-grow-wow! sent me sends in beautiful Santa bag wrapped with bow--Zinnia mix,German giant tomato, Lucillus swiss card, mini yellow bell pepper, empress of india nasturtium,; tye dye mg, dwarf Alaska nasturtium, mahoghany midget coreopsis, cosmos Sensation, Dinosaur Kale, and tromboncino squash!!
I am thrilled beyond words with all these wonderful seeds! Thank you all so very much! Melinda

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Great mail day! I got cards and seeds from:

Aquadragonfly - Pretty Angel card, sweet Italian basil, Reisentraub grape tomato, Mammoth dill, Salsify, Christmas Lima Bean and Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry. What a generous, excellent, exciting selection! Thank you so much!

It's a Christmas miracle that it arrived... the USPS tore-off the entire front of the envelope. I have no idea how they knew where to deliver it. Thankfully, you securely taped the seeds inside the card! :)

poisondartfrog sent me a gorgeous 3D Santa card and 2 fantastic flower varieties that I'd never heard of. I had to look them up... beautiful! Cosmos fizzy rose picotee
and Tagetes tenuifolia paprika... thank you so much!

Debby-1 sent me an adorable snowman card, blackberry seeds (so awesome!). She also sent me a gorgeous flower that is new to me - Wood Poppy! Thank you so very much!

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I'm very behind in my thank yous. We had our Christmas this past weekend since this was the only time the whole family could be home. My grandchildren were here helping Granny with her cards so some may not be exactly right.

From Christine - socalgardengal I received Kaley's Pink hollyhock seeds, dwarf czech bush tomato, foxglove, ingeglio gigante liscio tomato, and Jaune Flamme tomato.

Jim and Tonya - jimryder sent sea holly, sunshine coneflower, zinnia giant flower mix, tiki torch coneflower, and nyagous tomato.

Lorabell - I also got one of her very cute poems. The card was very nice. She sent columbine lime sorbit, red romaine lettuce, and ornamental sunflower.

Detroitgrl77 sent Abe Licoln tomato and Azoychka tomato.

Clipclop - Linda sent poppy and 2 castor beans (yea).

Sjc48 - Shirley sent a beautiful handmade card, I just loved it. I got Raspberry daiquiri with the card.

From Karen, I received Alcea rosea "spring celebration", dianthus " velvet n lace", dianthus "indian carpet", a poppy, and agastache "giant white".

Lexiegurs - Dawn sent Carolina cucumber, Pink Caspian tomato, Alaska pea, Sub Artic Plenty tomato, Black seed simpson lettuce, Gajo de Melon tomato, Green Grape tomato, White libon onion, Blacktail Mountain watermelon.

Laura - sent cracker jack marigold, orange marigold, hollyhock, Lady tomato, red poppy, yellow black-eyed susan vine, and Hale's cantalope.

I think that is it for now but I have to go through the cards to make sure I haven't missed anyone. I thank everyone very much for the time, effort and thought sent with each card.


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Bonanza at the mailbox today! All the cards are so pretty
Thanks Patrob for the zinnia cleome and sunflower.
Alana (poison dart frog) for the cleome
Nikki You must tell SaraKate I love her card it is precious and I am super excited about the corkscrew vine and hyacinth bean and zinnia and teddy bear sunflower Thanks so much.
lexigurl can't wait to try those "new to me" varieties of tomatoes and cukes.
debby1 thanks for the marigold and zinnias . They will surely add beautimus color to my garden!

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Oh my goodness, more mailbox action today!!!!

Alana aka poisondartfrog sent a very pretty card with very colorful ornaments...and seeds, Antirrhinnum majus Lipstick Gold. Alana, thank you so much!!

Laurie aka FryMomma sent a very cute Santa, reindeer and snowman card....love his hat and seeds....Blue Wave Petunia, Portulaca, Coleus, Basil, Hot Pink Celosia, Mystery Coneflower, Long Floppy Hot Pink Celosia. Laurie, you were far to generous!! Thank you so much!!

Vina aka flowergirl34....well your card arrived. The postmark was Dec 13.....mail does seem to be moving a bit slower this year! The front of the card has a glorious picture of Pink Iris...lots of them. Vina, I trust you took this photo in your very own yard. I know your love affair with Iris......And seeds Siberian Yarrow Love Parade and Giant Blue Sea Holly. And the picture of Taylor, Billy, Cash and Dozer.....thanks so much! My husband just saw the pic...and, of course, could not resist to say that your kids were blond and must be German just like him...LOL! "Darn good looking kids"....Thanks so much Vina!

Alana, Laurie and Vina, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks for sending the Christmas spirit my way and sharing your garden with me!

Merry Christmas to all...be well...be safe...be healthy...be happy!


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I continue to be amazed by all you generous gardeners . . . not only for what comes to my mailbox, but to all the mailboxes that I am reading about here. I am new at this stuff and did not know what to expect. This is amazing!

Today I am blown away by overflowing seeds in my cards.

Jim & Tonya sent the Grinch's wishes with seeds of Hollyhock, Romaine, English Daisy, Lion's Mane, Blue Victoria Salvia, Foxglove and Nyagous & Gold Medal tomatoes. I love this collection; everything is so cool!

A card decked out with tree ornaments from Detroitgirl Michelle contained two packets filled generously with Black Cherry and Great White tomato seeds. Ebony and Ivory ~ I love it! Thank you greatly.

And the sweetest Guide Dog pups on the card from Annie canyonwind just makes me smile when I look at them! Thank you, Annie for all the lettuce seeds ~ I've already sown half of each pack and will share the plants with my son's family.

I also got a card with smiley snow-people and Dawn's wishes for a bountiful harvest - with all the seeds in there, a bountiful harvest is "in the bag!" Lots and lots of lettuce seeds, plus Veepick, Remy Rouge, Marmande and Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato seeds - and none of these do I already have, or even knew about!

Thanks a million, LexieGurl, for taking the time to send these to me and thanks to jimryder for filling up the card you sent with precious garden treasures.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Mine is certainly happy already!

And many thanks go out to Santa Kym for all her hard work to make this possible for us all. She is amazing, too!


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Two more thank yous.

From Ruby_dog a snowman Christmas card. Inside seeds for Siberian iris "Ceasar's brother", helenium "red and Gold", and rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy".

From Xiangirl who sent me a dog wearing a hat Christmas card. Inside were seeds of "Picotee" cosmos, "Secret Affair" coneflower, "Cheyenne Spirit" coneflower, Helenium autumnale "Western", burgundy blanketflower, "Whiite Dove" coneflower, "Sensation" cosmos, and "Rose Queen" cleome.

All the cards and seeds are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas.

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

WOW! I got dahlia bulbs from Jim and Tony a Ryder (jimryder). That is so awesome! Thank very, very much. They sent a really cool Grinch card, too. (love it!). What a great Christmas present. :) Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

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Lisa/ishareflowers sent a frosty botanical card with Peppermint Stick Zinnias, Torenia and Stokesia seeds. I love the card and the seeds!
Susie (is that you Susieqsie?) sent a pretty covered bridge covered with snow card with Salvia Coral Nymph and Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold seeds. I love these too!
Thank you both, Alana

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I have a few more thank you's today!

I received a pretty sparkly kitty card (with a hat!) from Christine (socalgardengal). Enclosed were some fantastic seeds of Jingle Bells Pepper (how festive!) and three tomatoes - Black Krim, Black Sea Man (yay!), and Black Mavr (sounds fantastic!). Thank you very much!

From Betsy (Ruby-Dog), I received a cute santa & reindeer card with snapdragon, cilantro, and dark green zucchini - thank you! I love to have snapdragons in my mailbox garden!

Iris (rane-grow) sent me a card with a cute polar bear carrying a gift. Inside I found seeds of Krystal columbine (those look beautiful!), mammoth dill, and Vorlon tomato (this is one I've always wanted to try!). Thank you!

Nikki (nikkineel) sent a cute snowman card that her daughter made (adorable!). Inside she sent me some Twinny Peach snapdragons (those look beautiful!), Pole Beans Malibu (these look fantastic), and Kellogg's Breakfast tomato (those are tasty!). Thank you Nikki!

Merry Christmas - stay safe and enjoy your holiday!

Thank you,

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