suggested heirloom tomato for growing in greenhouse in the tropic

tomatoesinthetropicsOctober 11, 2012

we are organic farmers in the tropics and would like to grow heirloom tomatoes in our greenhouse. the temperature is perfect but the actual sunlight hours is only about 10 per day. We are near the equator and at 700+ meters. Curretntly growing Red far so good, but would like other suggestions. Tomatoes are staked and grow in large bags. thanks.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Any fruit color or size preferences? Determinates or indeterminates?

If not then consider Black Krim, Rostova (or just about any of the oxheart's) and Eva Purple Ball.

Check out all the recommendations in the thread linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: favorite heirlooms

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I am in the subtropics and having good luck with Cherokee Purples. Great taste and decent producer!

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thank alot for your suggestions..ya, looking for indeterminate heirloom varieties that are grown in bags in the greenhouse. the link was helpful. We are on the island of java. thanks!

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Just a suggestion that you may not like but my cherry types keep producing in higher temps whan many other heirloom varietys just drop blossoms. Picking Black Cherry is more labor intensive but harvests are continuous and dependable.

If you don't like the cherry fruit option the next best producers are the smaller fruited types. Pink or Red Ruffled, Japanese Black Trifele, or Eva Purple Ball are reasonable choices.

I'm growing close to 200 heirloom varieties in a greenhouse setting where summer temps. often reach 100F in the daytime and they all produce fruit, most at levels that meet my satisfaction, some less. I shy away from anything with "Brandywine" in the name.

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