coolbythecoast(10b)October 7, 2007

I know it would be better to get a good soil test (will get around to it one of these days) but without one I occasionally mix in a little Ironite into the soil when I till.

"Nothing greens like Ironite" ?

Green is good?

Anyone use Ironite when growing their tomatoes? What has been your experience and conclusions?

I have read both that Ironite has an excessive level of heavy metals and that this is yesterday's news, recent analysis of Ironite has yielded numbers that are not overly worrisome. Anyone know?



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Chlorosis is generally a problem in alkaline soil and since soils up here in the northeast are mostly acid, I haven't seen a problem that requires chelated iron. Except on an occasional potted plant and on at least one rose which is prone to foliage difficulties. But my tomatoes have nice dark green foliage so see no reason to respond to a problem that doesn't exit.

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At risk of this turning into another "feed'm tons of nitrogen" thread, I'll comment anyway ...

The only time I used Ironite was this year when I bought a few seedlings from a lady who grows her transplants for sale "organically." She makes her own starter mix in which she uses soil and other "natural" media. She has nice varieties, and she's a nice lady trying to do a good business out of a little cottage industry hoop house. But her tomato seedlings all have chlorosis and obvious nutrient problems ... purple veins, purple under leaves, etc.

Okay ... I bought a small bottle of Ironite and dosed up the seedlings ... VOILA! It takes about three days to make them look like they came outta Eden.

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hoosiercherokee, I appreciate the input.

Ya know, I didn't really start "feed 'em tons..." as an invitation to "let's you and him fight", but even the scientific method has as its most basic principle a review by the peers. It is by challenging a tenent that we learn if it can stand up to scrutiny and be considered 'true'.

In any case, I learned a little something as a result of that post, so thanks everyone who contributed.


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