Fall Ripening

shadyreliefOctober 9, 2013

My tomatoes were very slow to get going and I planted them in the first week of May (in Baltimore, Md). They pretty well languished for two months until I fertilized with Espoma, manure, and compost and then they got going. Three were replaced from scratch and pretty much caught up with the others.But they ripened very very slowly, approximateyl a month after fully grown tomatoes.

But into September and especially recently it seems they have been ripening like crazy. And it has been very welcome. Anybody have any ideas on this late flush? Thank you. These are all hybrids.

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The first week of May is a little early in that zone, which is probably why it took them awhile to get going.
I have quite a few plants still producing like crazy including Green Zebra, Sungold, White Wonder, Early Girl, White Wonder, Yellow Brandywine and Paul Robeson (which seems to be slowing down now.) My Yellow Brandywine and White Wonder were very slow to produce and are just now really productive.
I assume they've taken on a "now or never" mentality haha

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I was wondering if it's the "now or never" mentality too.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Agree with shady....Maybe, when they cannot grow the fruits any bigger or more, concentrate on ripening, to accomplish their mission. Even then the window of opportunity can be short.
My lone brandywine had just 5 or 6 fruits and could not ripen any of those. Black Krim almost finished the job. So did most of cherry types.

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

I am a full month or more behind schedule this year, and I have a counter top full of ripening tomatoes. What is surprising me is that the taste is still good. But these are 1 pound plus tomatoes, some of them, that just stopped progressing for the longest time. It is very welcome, just very unusual for this late. If we weren't having a late frost his year I may not have gotten many at all. Even now, not enought to do any canning. Not enough ripe at one time. For me I think it was just the weather this year.

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My Sweet 100's went nuts.

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If I plant early seedlings and weather still cold they just going to sit and wait... my experience using WOW is best if you have chance or floating row covers, temporary cold frame etc. Just planting out early does nothing to improve timing, although there are some varieties that will have better fruit set during cool weather.
Chicago weather can have cool summer or hot summer so this is one reason why I plant many different varieties, there will be something that works best for whatever weather we are going to have.

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