Frost Party

thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))October 23, 2013

It is a frost party in my kitchen. I pulled everything off except for the small ones. The dark green short plant is a charapita (hot Pepper that will be overwintered) The tall one is a Ramapo F1, I seeded it very late and want to see what happens if I grow it indoors under T-5 lights or leave it in a south facing patio door (I figure what the heck, it should be interesting and it will be repotted to a 7 gallon fabric bag next week.) Was thinking about putting it in a 20 Gal but it could be too big for my space.

The others are Ramapo F1's, 4th of July's and about 5 Kelloogs along with a few small Black Krims.

The temp is supposed to be around 32F for about 3 days overnight. If the unripe tomatoes don't turn color then they will be pickled or made to Fried Green Tomatoes.

- Mr. Beno

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My kind of kitchen ! It'll be interesting to see how they do.

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yep, my community garden got hit last night. Those plants near the house still holding. I have started final clean up and got my cover crop seeds. Will be growing indoor mini dwarfs Minibel and Mohamed, hoping to just use regular table light for them.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Mr Beno ... It seems to me that you brought everybody in the garden to the party inside.. LOL. You have a lot of good size maters. I hape some of those will ripen. Otherwise you have to have a pickle party . hehe

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

lol, I hope they turn but there will be a pickled party if not. I am also doing one tomorrow for my Peppers. And tonight the temp is supposed to drop to around 31-33F. I left the stragglers out their still and brought that one Ramapo in along with some Varrities of hot peppers.

I also put a lot of water around and in the 20 gal tomato bags as well on the leaves and the small ones that I left on. It should warm up for the next 10 days and currious to see what happens.

Should be fun to see what happens.
- Mr. Beno

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

Well I had a small canning party Sey, the mixed Green Ramapo and 4th of Julys with shreds of carrots and napa cabbage with some bell peppers for the non spicey people that I plan on bringing to thanksgiving. Then the others are a mixture of Poblomo (what ever it is called lol), Beaverdam, Some more green tomatoes for fillers, carrots and cabbage again, Beaver Dam, Hungarian Hot wax, Large red cherry (but did not color yet),Bell peppers and some secret Cayenne peppers chopped that were just about turning color to surpize people.

I didn't want to mess with the scotch bonnets. Next pickling will resume in 2 weeks if the tomaotes dont turn. Also I checked out my plants it was hovering around 32F last night and they seem to be ok, next close frost is in about 10 days. Also right before the evening I very heavinly watered the fabric bags and soaked the surounding area.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

O ! Those pickles look so tempting. I love colorful mixed veggies pickles like those.

This is the season for celebration. It has been a tradition among many nations around the world to celebrate fall harvest.


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