Tomato stem question

kuvaszlvrOctober 30, 2012


I've been growing tomatoes from seeds for years on end. There is a vendor at a local herb festival whose tomato plants all have thick stems. With mine, it seems to be the variety that determines the thickness, but all of his varieties all have thick stems. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts of what they might be doing to get such thick healthy stems?


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High sun to shade ratio makes stems thicker.

Breezy conditions thicken stems.

Good nutrition can help too.

I am sure I am missing some things.

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Thanks for the post. Mine, when small, are in a greenhouse with lots of sun, but, that also means high heat which seems to make them grow tall and leggy. I also try to have a fan going, but that only gives minimal air movement. I would assume theirs are in a greenhouse too, maybe they are able to control the temperature better than I do. I wonder if they use some kind of magical elixir. :-)

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