using sulphur for blight??????

docux(4 NW Iowa)October 2, 2009

This summer I could not find daconil for blight so mixed up 2 oz. of sulphur in 2 gal. of water, it seemed to work well, does anybody else have experience using sulphur for blight & what rates?????????

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Blight is a general word that many folks use to describe a sick tomato plant. Are you speaking about a foliage disease or perhaps a systemic disease.

If a foliage disease then perhaps the best anti-fungals for the two fungal foliage diseases Early Blight ( A, solani) and Septoria Leaf Spot and the most effective ones would be the Daconil you mentioned being the best and a copper spray being less effective and some use Mancozeb as well, although less effective.

If speaking of Late Blight ( P.infestans) Daconil alternating with copper would be the best.

Mark Korney posted here somewhere the efficacies of several products for Late Blight and I don't recall sulfur being even on that list.

And I don't recall sulfur being recommended for the fungal foliage diseases either, at least at most sites.

But if sulfur worked well for you for whatever disease your tomato plants had at the concentration you used then that's a plus.

There are some organic gardeners who do use sulfur and copper for foliage diseases and below I've linked to a Google Search entering (sulfur tomato blight) and some of the links might be useful for you and some might give concentrations of sulfur to use.

Hope that helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Google Search; tomato blight/sulfur

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