recommendation, please? :)

GardenHoeYoOctober 3, 2011

Hello All,

I am in California, Zone 10, near the coast... Can anyone reccommend a disease-resistent tomato plant I can grow, preferably from seed?

**I would like to grow large size tomatoes (ie. not cherry or grape tomatoes. thank you in advance for any input..

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Which specific tomato diseases are known to be a problem in your area or that you've experienced before?

It really would be best to know that before folks started making reccomendations.

And are you primarily looking for OP ( open pollinated) varieties or perhaps hybrids as well?

Which varieties have you grown in the past that didn't grow well or were diseased?

I guess I'm asking all these questions b'c near the coast in S Cal there could be Powdey Mildew that formns with the JUne Glooms, and other foliage diseases as well as Root Knot Nemtodes and many other systemic diseaes such as Bacterial Canker, Alternaria Canker, Fusarium and so many more.

Carolyn, just trying to get a handle on what's in your area and if OP's or hybrids are your rpeference. For some of the diseases there are no resistant varieties, only tolerannt ones, and for some the only way to prevent them is by prevention with a vigorous spray schedule, but that also means knowing of the diseases are fungal or viral or parasitic in origin.

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Hi Carolyn, I do have had some powdery mildew issues in my garden, but on the tomatoes septoria leaf spot (or at least what appeared to be septoria leaf spot). I am not sure what breed of tomato it was I had this summer... nothing fancy, it was a little starter seed kit for a child... I'm a newbie gardner, but looking to cultivate my skills, and grow a proper garden now that we have a house/backyard. I just want to start with plants/seeds that are known to be disease resistant, to help combat any potential issues... many thanks!

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