What is the hardiest tomato that you have grown?

woodcutter2008October 28, 2011

For me it is Juliet -- the "sort of" paste/grape tomato. It grows the longest, and is the most (foliage) disease resistant tomato that I've grown, year after year. Certainly not the best tasting, but versatile and dependable, and still producing well when others are gone or producing badly cracked fruit.

New to me this year, but also proved very hardy -- Momotoro.

Another long-producer -- Burpee's "Big Mama."


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I dont know the name of the tomato but it still is magical. I found a volunteer tomato plant that grew in my yard, around where I seeded tomato seeds into pots. it could be a spillover and went into soil directly and on its own it germinated. what is facinating is that its still about 12" tall after 3 months, did not grow too well, was not watered properly, never fertilized, has roots exposed, and was replanted into area that was not rich in nutrients or tilled. for some reason this keeps putting up tomatoes with no blossom drop while all other plants I took good care got hit with blosson drop.

I will post pictures of this tomato once ripe and would definitely save its seed for its hardiness.

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