Last of this year

lartomato(5 northern AZ 7000 feet)October 5, 2012

This is what's left. Some green ones left. The pic has Better Boy and Lemon Boy.

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Ate my last ones 2 days ago both Better Boys, the skin was a little thick but the taste was still pretty good.

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My tomatoes were gone by end of July...blight.

Will try to do better next year.

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We picked the last of the Cuostralee on 11/1. They had been chilled several times and the quality was not quite as good as earlier.

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I still have tomatoes on the vines...I've been covering them with sheets whenever the really cold weather threatened, and so far it's worked.

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I picked the last bushel of field grown (covered) tomatoes Monday (11/6). Many of these were just turning red. My greenhouse tomatoes are doing well with woodstove heat supplemented but I'm going to reluctantly cut off heat by next week. My goal was 6 full months of harvest from mixed indeterminate varieties. It is hard to pull the plug on such a good harvest season. Most cherry/grape varieties are loaded with blossoms. Customers are still raving about the homegrown flavor.

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These look great! Well done Lartomato. Hope you head a great season!

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