Taking a cutting from a Tomato plant that has foliage disease

Tomato_NewbeeOctober 22, 2013

I am curious if i wanted to take a cutting from a plant that has some foliage disease would the cutting that doesn't seem to have any symptoms start having problems later?

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Certainly could, but you'll have to try and see.

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I'm no expert but my first thought was that I'd be skeered !

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One fall I took some very small (like 4") healthy looking tip and sucker cuttings from a plant that was going down to disease. The ideas was to see if I could overwinter them in the house. They did fine in a sunny south window, even set some small fruit in the spring, and eventually were planted back out into the garden. I think the dryer environment in the house was not conducive to whatever fungal diseases the mother plant carried in our cold fall weather, because the cuttings remained healthy. It's worth a try -- you can always toss them out if they start having problems.

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