Overnight low danger zone.

alpheusOctober 5, 2011

We have a cold snap hitting the area for the next few days and I still have 2/3 of my tomatoes on the plants waiting to ripen. I expect they will be ready in 10-14 days if they survive this cold snap. Overnight lows are projected to be 41-44F with lots of rain. The temps are expected to go back up to relatively warmish fall temps after that with lows in the upper 50's.

Everything I can find in the forums about lows refers to young, newly planted tomatoes not fully mature plants. At approximately what temps should I worry about my mature plants being in danger from overnight lows?



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fortys are ok. i have 34 degrees at this minute and getting worse the next couple of days. but im picking everything today and let them rippen inside.

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Yea, I have a bunch of green ones too. The question I have,do they really grow any more if i leave them a few more days or might I just as well go ahead abd pick them

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If they have a little bit of color on them they can be picked and will ripen just fine days later. I picked a bunch of all green ones before, even small green ones that looked really immature. They all did ripen eventually. The really green and immature ones took a while though, several weeks. However, they did not look too good. They were wrinkly looking and I did not eat them.

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