can hornworms be avoided with a tomato cage ?

tecnicoOctober 8, 2013

hello , had a tomato plant lovely looking with many leaves and one day noticed some nibbled leaves and looking at the plant found the guilty one : ( it was a hornworm , ( ugly worm ), searching on internet found that worm got on the plant by a moth planting its eggs on the leaves , so uppon that would a tomato cage made with lets say chicken wire ( covering th whole plant ) avoid the moth getting on the leaves and as so avoiding the plant getting this worms on it ????? : D

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I don't think chicken wire would be small enough to
keep out the moths. It would probably take window

Just patrol and eliminate. That's what most folks do.

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I agree with qaguy, chicken wire would be too large, and unless you covered it completely(no opening in the top) I don't think you can prevent the moths from laying their eggs on your plants. The good news is they are one of the easiest garden pests to get rid of (often done for you by parasitic wasps) and as long as you check your garden often you should be fine.
I actually think hornworms are neat-looking and the moths they become are actually very pretty :-)

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