Mexican Midget

tracydr(9b)November 11, 2009

Has anyone tried the Mexican Midget or any other Mexican "wild type" tomato? From the description it sounds like a tomato that would do well in our climate. Just wondering if anyone, especially in the hot desert has tried it.

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It sounds as though the Mexican Midget is similar to the Florida Wild Tomato which I planted last year. Love it! A rampant, disease free (at least for me in my area of the south) plant with current-type fruit which is very sweet. I found that it is a weed as this spring young seedlings were sprouting all over the yard. Easy to remove the unwanted ones, however, and I just left a few to climb on fencing. To my surprise found some seedlings growing in dense shade in an area which never receives water. Left them there and they grew well producing lots of tomatoes. Our local chef at a four star restaurant was happy to receive them and created a dish featuring the tiny tomatoes. Suggest you give them a try. I call them the 'gardener's reward' as it is impossible to walk by a plant and not pick a handful to munch.

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Tracy -
One trick is to grow short-season tomatoes developed for Canada and Russia, to get them in and fruiting before hot weather. Next sprint I'll try a couple of rissian varieties.

I'm getting a second crop out of Matt's Wild Cherry (tiny cherry tomato from Mexico ... very aggressive plant with hundreds of intensely flavored fruit) and Roma from Home Depot. It went inactive in mid August from heat stress but it's coming back with a huge crop.

I'm getting a first crop from Early Girl planted in late September - they are a short-season variety.

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Well, I've ordered seeds of some very short season russian and canadian varieties, plus Matt's cherry. I also got a couple of varieties that are say they do well in heat. (not much hope for them).
I figure if nothing else I can have two really quick cool weather seasons early spring and late fall/winter. I have almost 30 varieties to try, something has to work!!
I wanted to try some of almost everything. (very few beefsteak though, have little hope of big beefsteaks doing well here)
Lots of plums, pastes, cherrys. I'll can/freeze,make salads, pickles, salsas, eat fresh. Yummie!!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

all those small tiny tomatoes taste really good, but they're sooooooooo tedious to pick!

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