Brandy Boy versus Brandywine

woodcutter2008November 2, 2009

After a 2009 of severe Septoria, for 2010, I'm going to try several of the Potato Leaf varieties recommended in "100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden" by Carolyn J. Male. On at least part of my plants, I'm also going to spray with Daconil. Perhaps a couple of other plants will get foliage "home remedies" such as baking soda, etc. (?)

Of her recommendations, I've previously grown only Pink Brandywine. I only grew it once, and it did not do well for me -- low yield and really ugly tomatoes. But I have grown Brandy Boy several times with pretty good to very good success. Plants are not huge, yields good, taste is very good (but to me no better to me than a well-grown Big Boy or Better Boy). So in my little backyard experiment, Brandy Boy will be the benchmark for the others.

Has anyone else grown Brandy Boy with an eye for comparison against Brandywines or others?


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I've grown BrandyBoy alongside Sudduth Brandywine since the first year it was available. What? About 5/7 years now? Both do very well for me. A slight edge to Sudduth in flavor and a slight edge in production to Brandyboy. I continue to grow both and they are both in my top 10.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Like bigdaddy I have grown both for several years but I get much better production from Brandy Boy than from SBW. I too give Sudduth a slight edge in flavor but that is off-set for me by the better production and the appearance of BB. Since I have room for over 100 plants I'll always have at least a couple of the original BW and a few of its sisters.

Brandy Boy is very popular down here and is one of my biggest transplant sellers along with Rutgers and AR Travelers. But its biggest drawback is the seeds. Burpee is the only source and their prices for seed are high.


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Dave, for the first time ever last spring I found BrandyBoy seed in the Burpee half price rack at either HD or Kmart. Hope this continues. Before that I had to get them from their catalog and Burpee has about the highest prices going for seed and for shipping!

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I also dislike paying Burpee's prices and shipping cost. Brandy Boy happens to be a hybrid from which you can save seed and they will reproduce true to the F1. I am now up to F7. Every year I also grow an F1 for comparison and so far my F6s are exactly like the F1s.
John A

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I've grown both. I'd give Brandy Boy the edge over the generic pink Brandywine, and call it a tie with the Sudduth. They are my picks for best tomato that I've grown/tasted.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I think I may need to try Brandy Boy. Anyone have a few seeds to
trade. I have lots of tomato varieties on my trade page, and a few
not listed.

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I've grown BrandyBoy next to Brandywine (don't remember which strain). BrandyBoy was the outstanding winner. More fruits...LOTS more fruits, healthier foliage and just as good flavor. If you have problems in your garden then you need to be prepared for them and have the various "curatives" on hand when you plant your tomatoes--don't wait for problems to show up, expect they'll be there and be prepared for them. Also something to consider--curatives cost money; the initial cost for disease-resistant varieties may be a little more but you're saving time, bucks and reducing your stress level, gardening has some chores but being a slave to diseased plants shouldn't be one of them.

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Thanks for the replies! FWIW: For several years, our local WalMart carried Burpee Seeds at very attractive prices. This year, they went with another vendor. Next year -- ?? But we are also lucky that Menards (like Lowes/H.D.) carries a very full line of Burpee seeds. 40% off the package prices everyday; "on sale" several times each season for ~25% off the already discounted prices. That means BB sells for about $1.12 a pack (on sale) from a printed price of $2.49. You don't get as many seeds -- maybe 15-20, but plenty for the typical hobbyist. So look around -- sure better than $4.95/pack + shipping. On the other side of the coin, my personal experience with germination of Burpee seeds has been excellent (rack or mail order).

And these seed companies $$$ shipping prices irritate me as much as anyone, especially if all you want is a couple of packs of seeds that are sent USPS first class for a dollar or so!


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If you can find some seed for Cowlick's give that a try. Also for your disease problems get some Actinovate. Ami

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