That 47% paid more than Romney in taxes

RoughseasSeptember 17, 2012

"Among the Americans who paid no federal income taxes in 2011, 61 percent paid payroll taxes ... they paid 15.3 percent of their income in taxes, which is higher than the 13.9 percent that Romney paid. "

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Great article.

Part of the reason so many Americans don't pay federal income taxes is that Republicans have passed a series of very large tax cuts that wiped out the income-tax liability for many Americans. That's why, when you look at graphs of the percent of Americans who don't pay income taxes, you see huge jumps after Ronald Reagan's 1986 tax reform and George W. Bush's 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. So whenever you hear that half of Americans don't pay federal income taxes, remember: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush helped build that.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to the article

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How come I still pay taxes - Federal, State, County, sales, gasoline, property, etc. etc. etc?

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thanks for supplying the link! I must have missed the place to do it!

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Roughseas, for future reference... when starting a thread, the area to supply a link won't appear until after you preview your message, but before you actually submit. So, begin with your own part of the message, your take on the issue or whatever, hit preview, then add your links. Finish by submitting. For some reason, that's how this particular forum setup works.

We could also argue that there are tons of other small taxes and fees we do pay during adult, working life. So, either way, that 47% are kicking in. One can't go through life without running into taxes and fees that require paying.

Coming or going, everyone pays something at some point.

Romney is so disconnected from the average citizen it's not even funny. Perhaps Ryan is closer to being right than he knows...

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There goes another lie. Not that it'll stop them from continuing the lying.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

It was mentioned on some show that Romney won't show his returns because he is a billionaire and the average person might really feel alienated by his wealth and life style if they didn't already...

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thank you jodik!

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Romney said something to this effect earlier in the campaign about not worrying about those at the lower income levels who fall into the safety net. But, putting ideology about "entitlements" and the role of government and taxes aside..

I just do not understand the political calculation of overtly alienating people or, for that matter, the campaign strategy. He needs 50% of the vote so start out by telling everyone who benefits or has benefited or has an elderly, sick or disabled relative who benefits from government programs to go to he11?

This is precisely what _h1t Romney is doing in that video.
He doesn't care about the 47%?
So, he is basically giving up on 47% and fighting to get 3% of the rest?
This looks like a really bad strategy and it is distatseful to see mhit expose it in such a blatant way ... especially because he doesn't have 47% of the vote locked down.
I actually think he has something less than 47% locked up. Whatever his core support amounts to, I would not be counting on all of them to be running to the polling booth just because they resent Obama. At the end of the day Obama is a Christian who cares about everyone and Romney is an arrogant Mormon plutocrat who is shockingly disconnected from most Americans.

Mhit's message seems substantially more divisive than anything that I can recall from any Presidential candidate in my lifetime.
What it says to those of us who do not support this guy is to he11 with you.

Having said that, I acknowledge that those who hate Obama believe that Obama feels that way about them because they are white people who cling to guns and Bibles, and of course he is a black militant community organizing Muslim/Hawaiian/Chicagoan who pals around with terrorists and just happened to be around when Bin Laden was killed.

The difference is that Obama has repeatedly sought to distance himself from and explain potentially divisive remarks whereas Romney just doubled down on his. or tripled down given his earlier comments.

I really have grown to disrespect Romney because of his arrogance. His father was someone I thought was a nice fellow but I guess when some people are raised with a sense of "entitlement" they feel they can treat everyone that isn't like them like Romney and his little gang of High School thugs treated that young man who they mugged, held down against his will, and chopped up his hair to humiliate him.

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and one more thin...if Romney does win narrowly, he and the GOPlutocrat party are going to face what Obama has faced but it will not be simply because Romney is white, it will be because of his arrogance in writing off so many Americans.

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