Cherub F2

mojavebob(9/Sunset 11)November 9, 2009

These are tasty little grape tomatoes from Nature Sweet available just about everywhere I think.

My kid loves them. Says they're better than the ones I grow. Grrr. I have stocked up on several grape varieties to try. Her Grandma, who ate my cherry tomatoes by the pound this year, started buying these Cherubs because, well, she got addicted to mine and I ran out. It seems somewhere I saw a "map" of someone's plantings and they had Cherub growing. I can't find it now. Google for information and there's very little. Proprietary dutch commercial greenhouse seed, one guy grew some F2s and posted pics of big plants with no comments I can find and nothing else.

Anyone else like them? If Campari could be stabilized, so might these, right?

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I havent looked closely at the label. It may just be a trademarked name rather than a specific variety.

If you want to try a good F1 grape seek out 'Sweet Hearts"

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mojavebob(9/Sunset 11)

Yeah, 'Cherub' is a marketing trademark. In my hunting I found the article about the advertising agency that decided on the name. I also found some comments about the seed being Dutch and only unavailable to the public.

Added Sweet Hearts to list, thanks. Harris Seed has them 100 for $27 *cough*, and West Coast Seed will generously send me 10 for $8. I'd hate to see your wine recommendations. ;)

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