What was your most prolific, good-tasting tomato?

kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)November 1, 2009

I live in the Pacific NW, and we had a great tomato-growing year, which helped me forget the disaster of 2008. I grew about 30 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and one of the new ones I tried that was really amazing was called Potato Top, a type of brandywine. My one plant produced about 20 huge fruits:

It's not only prolific, but it is very dense, and has plenty of tomato flavor. As it's gotten cool here, I've pulled the remaining ones that were still green and they are ripening nicely in the house.

I'd like to hear (and see) what you were happiest with this year.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

I'm still picking and eating Stump of the World which has become my new favorite. Still getting huge KBX also. I don't care for it but the wife and her friends do. If you need any seeds I can save some for you

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azruss(8b Tucson)

Glad someone had a good season!! It was not a good year for tomatoes in the desert SW. My best tasting regular variety was Goose Creek, but it wasn't very prolific, and croaked as soon as the temps got to 100. Momotaro was very good taste-wise, but again, got just a few of them before desert heat death. Best cherry--by a mile--was Gardener's Delight.

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I have to grow in containers(apartment dweller), but I was surprised that I got 6-8 Brandywines(Suduth)off of each of my two plants...nice big ripe ones, although we had a late summer here. I usually get fewer(but still tasty)from container BWs. Also my Black Krim took off late, producing about a dozen good ripe ones per plant before I had to pick the last few green. Those two were my best tasting types. Coming in third was Stupice, for flavor, but production was less than previous years. Also mentionable was Chocolate Cherry. Two plants put out more than the neighbor and I could eat, but the flavor was not as good(sweet)once the weather got cooler. These were all in rather small containers, from 3-6 gal pots. Hopefully, I'll acquire larger pots/totes/bins for next year.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I had many wonderful varieties this year - my best year ever even though it was cool.

For me - Earl's Faux, Giant Belgium and Snow White.

Although I am new to the heirlooms, these three are on my must grow list until something bumps them out...

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Another PNW person checking in.
Great year for me too.

In order, by weigth produce(estimated)
Prince Borghese
A mutant Black Zebra(plum shaped). High crack rate though.

For the big boys it was Magnum Beefsteak.

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sowbusy7nc(Z7 NC)

My best tasting tomato this year was Granny Cantrell German Red and the most prolific in vine size and number of fruit was Coyote.

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My best this year was Indian Stripe. I loved the taste and the production was really good, much better than the Cherokee Purple. They were also popular with friends, family and neighbors.

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good tasting but not the best but consistantly produces likee a hybrid and more - box car willie - on the Black Zebra I seem to always have splitting issues - when a bunch of my maters are on the same watering system and they don't split - feed the same etc - just a trait - also Carmello and another French tomato Dona always produce well - that's the op Dona not the commercial hybrid
mtbigfish Dennis they have my signon wrong need to change this

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

"Cleota Pink" a potato leafed heirloom.
It has wonderful old fashioned taste and is a good producer.
Out performed the others in my garden.

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