What varieties will continue to produce through hot weather?

thisisme(az9b)November 7, 2011

Every summer is hot here. 100+ degrees every single day for roughly flour months.

My cherry tomatoes and Juliet continued to produce nonstop all summer but I'm looking for more.

What have you grown that continued to pollinate and produce despite hot weather?

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I live in the Cal central valley,Big Beef is a good all around producer in our hot summers.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

If it is too hot, tomatoes won't set fruit. However, there are some "Heat Set" varieties. I like Florida 91 for this. Yes it is a hybrid. However, it has consistently produce tomatoes in our high tunnel even during this last summer which was one of the hottest on record.

There are other hybrid varieties with this "Heat Set" genes.


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Thanks cal mario.

jrslick I found some Florida 91 and did a search for "Heat set" varieties. Most of the "Heat Set" varieties have been discontinued except for Sunmaster. Sunmaster seeds were not hard to find though.

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I recently made a list of Tomatoes which I understand do well in Hot Summer weather. IâÂÂm certain this is not all varieties but it is a good starting point. Much is based on an individualâÂÂs growing conditions and some varieties listed were varieties developed with certain abilities to deal with summer heat.
Happy Gardening to us All!

Tomatoes for Hot/Dry Climates
Arkansas Traveler
Mortgage Lifter
Cherokee Purple.
Kentucky Beefsteak
Box Car Willie
Amish Paste, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Creole, German Johnson, Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter, Gregori's Altai, Homestead 24-F, Mule Team, Stupice, Super Sioux, Tropic.

Arkansas Traveler, Costuluto Genovese, Hawaiian, Heatwave, Homestead, Homestead 24, Manalucie, Solar Set, Sunbeam, Sun Leaper
Mortgage lifter
German Red Strawberry
Sioux and Super Sioux
⢠According to the Dr. Tomato Seed Company, the Sioux is an heirloom variety that was originally released in 1944 by the University of Nebraska. It has a sweet, tangy flavor, and the plants produce reliably large harvests, even in hot, dry climates. The fruit is red and weighs about 6 oz. when ripe. It is indeterminate, which means it produces until the first frost, and sets in 70 days. The Super Sioux is an improved version of the Sioux, but the plant is smaller and produces 4 oz. fruit.

Costoluto Genovese
⢠The Costoluto Genovese tomato is hearty and does well in hot weather. When ripe, it is red with a lobed, convoluted shaped. It has an intense, acidic flavor that makes it good for sauces and pastes. This variety will continue to produce even when the weather turns cool. It is indeterminate and sets in 78 days.

Pearson Improved
⢠The Pearson Improved tomato plant produces large, red, flattened-globe-shaped, smooth-skinned fruit. This type of tomato averages about 7 oz. and is determinate, which means all of its fruit ripens in a short period of time. It sets in 80 days and is considered good for canning.

Porter's Pride
⢠Tomato Growers Supply Company describes this canning tomato as medium-size with "larger, rounder and bright red" fruits. The tomato is plum-shape with tender skin and a sweet flavor. Its heartiness makes it suited for dry regions such as Texas. It is indeterminate and takes about 70 days to set.

Abe Lincoln Heirloom Open Pollinated Tomato has beautiful large dark red fruits .... it does well in many growing conditions, especially in hot and humid regions ...

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Thanks vgary, I have been studying a lot of those online but there are more than a few I had not heard of. I have grown a number of them too. Sungold is a cherry tomato and all cherry tomatoes do well for me all summer.

I guess I should have mentioned...

I prefer Indeterminate's because its hard to get anything growing here once summer hits full on which is when the determinant's die off.

Crack resistance and cat-facing resistance are of paramount importance. My wife and son are very particular about how a tomato looks. If they are not perfect they will not eat them or paste/sauce made from them.

On your list I have already ordered...

Porter's Pride
Super Sioux

I will be taking cuttings of my SunGold and Juliet and grow them again next year.

I have also purchased...

Sweet Million
Eva Purple Ball

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i'm here in phx too and i think the julietts and yellow pears are by far the best producers i've grown a few others that claim to do well in the heat like rutgers, marglobe, ace 55, heat wave and although they produces ok they got lots of catfacing and cracking so now i do the majority high procucers and 2 or 3 i really like but know will die of come summer like black prince and german queen.

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I'm with you on the Juliet's hellbound. I grew them in full Arizona sun in Mesa and they never stopped producing. I've grown Yellow Pear and did not care for the flavor. I have done a lot of study this season and found a lot of people that agree with you who have grown in our kind of heat. Most of the Heat Set, Heat Tolerant varieties do not work. However cherry tomatoes do so I have been looking for large cherry tomatoes. In the process I found some 4-6oz varieties that some people have reported good success in states like Florida, Texas and a few other states that have a few hot months. These strains also have a good reputation for producing good looking marketable tomatoes. With any luck one or two of them will work out.

vgary, just wanted to say thanks again. I have also added Tropic from your list.

I also purchased Jaune Flamme AKA Flamme. I think I'm done for now.

My grow list for 2012

Tried and true...

Going to trial...
Sweet Million
Eva Purple Ball
Porter's Pride
Super Sioux
Jaune Flamme

I really only have room for six varieties in the ground so I may not get to all of them this season.

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One of the top varieties in the tests was Phoenix.
Phoenix is a medium-maturing variety that produces good yields of large and extra-large fruit. The fruit is firm, has less cracks and has a good-to-fair taste--depending on age of individual tasting and number of taste buds remaining. The plants are medium to large in size (depending on fertility) and have good to very good foliage.

Phoenix is an early mid-season hybrid hot-set tomato resistant to ASC, F-1, F-2, GLS and V-1. The determinate plant is vigorous with good leaf cover for fruit protection. The high quality, firm, globe-shaped fruit are uniformly-colored with jointed pedicles (the stem which attaches the fruit to the plant) and size from large to extra-large.


Phoenix tomato OVER-VIEW

Disease resistance: Phoenix is resistant to ASC, F-1, F-2, GLS, and V-1. (ASC= Alternaria Stem Canker; GLS= Gray Leaf Spot, Stemphylium; F-1 and F-2, fusarium 1 and 2; and V-1, Verticillium Wilt-1.
Fruit shape: Globe
Fruit size: Large to extra-large
Plant type: Compact determinate
Relative maturity: Midseason

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