subtrop(10b)November 28, 2012

Since I lost all my plants to the yellow leaf curl virus, here's the second batch getting ready...First time I'm trying the Juliette, they are very vigorous plants so far.

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I have grown the Juliet tomato for many years. I always find room for at least one plant each year here in zone 6. It is a very hardy plant which overcomes many problems. It lasts a long time on the vine and stores well.

It is not the tastiest of fruits when eaten fresh. It's wonderful sweetness is revealed when it is grilled, dried or roasted. I have not tried it in a sauce. Best of luck in your experiment with Juliet.

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Thanks Victor! I need all the luck with all the pests and nematodes and sandy soil and....so far I have to thin out the leaves every week. Last season I cut all the suckers, but the nematodes make tomato life very short. So I try it this way this time.

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Dr SubTrop,
Never found the need to prune Juliet. Try one without pruning and compare results. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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There get too crowded if I don't. Grows like crazy, so I just have to remove some leaves. I'll try get a pic for you one of these days.

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here in phe u need to prune them too cause we get a 11 month growing season

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Here's an update without thinning the leaves...(don't worry about the pumpkin leaves silvery spots- that's a calabaza/tropical pumpkin :-)

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I grow Juliette every year.
I use them for every thing, even have used them on hamburgers.
I never plant more then 5 plants & at the peak of harvest, I give bags of them away.

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So, here are my 2 cents: the Juliet works better than the yellow and red cherry and the roma, all from my local garden center (not the big box stores). The plants stood up best against the rkn army, and made amazingly large fruits for a grape variety. Was not prone to cracking, and it sure rained a lot here lately (what happened this winter?Usually it doesn't rain for weeks?!)And the taste was good enough, they were not soft or mealy, kept good on the counter. I have yet to check on the roots, how bad it is, but the cherries are wasting away now. The Juliet still has a bit going on.

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