Using guineapig poop as fertilizer...

tomato_happyNovember 7, 2008

Hi ive just started using guineapig poop as fertilizer. Just to try it out.Has any one else ever done this befor? And will it work because im afraid my newly set tomatoes are not growing bigger.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

While it isn't an ideal fertilizer I doubt it will hurt anything unless you overdo it.

Animal fertilizers are primarily nitrogen and low in other nutrients. While tomato plants need some nitrogen, they don't need a lot and it is the other nutrients - phosphorus and potassium specifically - that most benefit the fruit and the roots. Nitrogen is basically for leaves and too much of it makes the plant focus on producing stems and leaves rather than fruit. It can also contribute to the development of blossom end rot.

It is also recommended that animal manures be composted first rather than used fresh so to eliminate any possible bacterial problems. But unless you have a GP farm I doubt you'd have enough to compost.

If I recall correctly from your other posts, this plant is in a container and only set some fruit a week or so back, correct? If so, then I'd advise more patience ;) as tomatoes don't grow that fast. And the use of a well-balanced, full-nutrient, fertilizer. There are many available and using them diluted to 1/4 strength each time you water will get you much better results.

Good luck.


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Oh your talking about the better boy.(i put sheep pellets for the better boy).But i put guineapig poop for my sweet 100 which has tons of blossoms and tiny fruit.The plant is about 2 and 1/2 foot. I also added some sheep pellets to it as well :S

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Really makes no difference which plant it is, ;) the points I made above about using well-balanced fertilizers rather than animal manures applies to all tomato plants and especially those in containers.

Sheep pellets and GP 'poop' have the same shortcomings when it comes to growing tomatoes. Tomato plants need phosphorus and potassium more than they need nitrogen and they need the micro-nutrients you won't find in animal manures.


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

What are you bedding your piggies on? I liked to use a base of shredded newspaper topped with ground corncobs. I didn't put mine directly in the garden but did compost it. My little GP (who passed away a couple weeks ago) made a lot of urine which seemed better suited to the compost pile. The ground corncobs were great as they urine always soaked through them and into the newspaper and she never had wet feet. The corncobs also helped loosen up some rock hard soil I had as they did not compost down as much as the other ingredients. The thing with rabbit and guinea pig poop is that it will not burn your plants the way chicken, cow or horse manure will so it isn't a problem putting directly on newly planted areas. Just not a lot of nutrients. Now the urine may be a little too strong for some plants due to the high ammonia.


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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

I haven't tried it directly on my plants , but I do add it and the shredded bedding from their tank into my compost pile. I figure it couldnt hurt once it is well composted and it is a couple bags less every week going into the landfill :)

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i think gini pig poo it not the best for plants there poo can be to strong somtimes if you over do it its okay to use but dont over do it

good luck


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I'm so glad others are questioning this as a possibility! I hate to just throw it away. My neighbor thinks it could make you sick if you sprinkle it in the garden. My thinking is they are just like little cows...what can it hurt? He sees them as dirty rodents.

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