Legend tomato

colokid(5)November 10, 2008

Is Legend open pollinated or hybrid?

One seller lists it as F1. One seller lists it as 90 days, while others list as 68 days... Least they all seem to agree that it is determinate.

Any comments on it will be appreciated.


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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

I have found a lot of conflicting information about Legend...and practically every other variety out there! I trust what I learn here more than anywhere else.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Legend is OP. It was bred by Dr. Jim Baggett, now retired, at Oregon State University.

It was bred for Late Blight tolerance, P. infestans, which can appear early or late in the season and is a significant problem in the PNW.

But I have yet to see anyone who has grown it say it has significant tolerance to P. infestans and I have yet to see anyone say much positive about the taste other than to say it might be good for juice or sauces.

Carolyn, who notes that ALL of the tomato varieties bred by Dr. Baggett are OP.

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Thanks. I think Dave's garden is the only one that has it right. Why in the world would a seed compamy advertise it as F1? ..and others keep on repeating the nonsence. I see a lot of this when I "research" on varities. Nice to be able to talk to the one who "wrote the book".

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I grew it this past year for the first time and wasn't impressed. It is, as carolyn said, OP and DTM for me was more in the 70-75 day range. taste was nothing special.


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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I grew Legend this year from seed from Thompson and Morgan. They list it as 98 days and F1. I'm thinking the 98 days may be from sowing seed, instead of from transplant. Maybe that is how this English company lists things....most all of their tomatoes showed longer DTM than I would expect. Or maybe in England tomatoes grow slower due to cooler summers...I don't know. As to the F1 listing....haven't a clue why they show that.

And now that I know for sure the F1 is wrong, I'm off to squeeze some seeds out of several ripe Legends that are sitting on my counter. They grew well for me, but the garden they were in had several varieties of tomatoes and not any of them had foliage disease problems. Too bad I didn't have a Legend or two at the other site I gardened at. That would have been a better test since many of the plants there looked bad by September.

I'm not a good one to ask about taste. I'll try to pay more attention as I eat the last ones.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

After having the seed sitting around several years I finally grew Legend and was pleasantly surprised. I did think it showed more tolerance to blight than most of the other varieties and while it was rather late it had a heavy set of nice round 3" slicers that kept coming late in the season, and an acceptable taste. The plants got quite tall and were very healthy and robust.

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