Sun Cherry hybrid

fultonDecember 28, 2012

I'm big fan of cherry tomatoes and due to limited space that's all I grow.
Fell in love with Sungold/Sunsugar from the very first bite but the missus wants red for the lycopene.
I see there's a red version of Sungold called Sun Cherry.
Don't want to waste the space unless they're comparable.
Can anyone whose grown these share their opinion? Thanks.


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I've grown them 2 years in a row. They are vigorous, although not as prolific as Sungold (they still have very good yields compared to other cherry varieties). The taste is excellent, very sweet, they have good disease resistance and i've never seen one split/crack. IMO you should definitely go for it, you won't be disappointed. It's a keeper.


Edit: What i've said relates to Suncherry Premium. Tokita seeds have also developed Suncherry Pure, Suncherry Smile and Suncherry Extra Sweet which i haven't tried. Their Tomatoberry Garden is also excellent. I'll also be growing SunGrape next season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tokita tomatoes

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I have some seeds that are packed for 2010 Thompson & Morgan.
They are still good since tomato seeds last for years. On the pkg
it says Suncherry Premium F1 'sungold's little sister'. They are
yours if you want them. I don't have plans on using this one.

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^ I grew those a couple of years ago, wasn't all that impressed by them to be honest. They were bigger than Sungold and not nearly as tasty.

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sweet baby girl loads up well larger than sungold, grows well in cooler climates, can be rained on when red ripe without splitting ,dosn't do as well in a cold frame too much foliage,5 ft. outside and ease of harvest. the best red cherry I have found in 30 years. I am trying cherry falls,sakura,and suncherry this year.

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