preparing ground for tomatoes

pommesDecember 19, 2009

Hi. I'm new at this

I'm an American living in Austria and I read in a German speaking gardening book that you should prepare the ground with bio-fertilizers in the Fall for growing Tomatoes because they take a lot from the ground.

I don't know the words exactly in English but they suggested preparing the ground with (Hornspäne) which i suppose is like Bone meal or Horn meal?? They also suggested stuff like stonemeal.

Anyways, I didn't know this so didn't prepare the ground like that in the Fall but only covered the beds with mulch for the winter.

Is it enough if I give a little bit more to the ground in early Spring or is it not enough time to really work in?

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I put a bunch of seasoned horse and steer manure into my raised beds in fall and before planting, I dig in a bunch of compost and my toms love it.

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Hi, thanks. So do you think its enough if I put some food in the ground next spring? Like I said, I didn't put anything in the ground in the fall,,,,just covered everything with mulch (leaves, dry grass, etc.)

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