Wooly Blue Jay Tomato Seeds

heygeno(z5 oh)December 10, 2012

I havent found a post on this yet... Anyone know about it ? ( Trade Winds sold out )
Thanks, Geno

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I googled it and only Tradewinds comes up a source. But looking at the the sources for almost all the tomato varieties there, including the so called blue ones, I see no information at all as to origin as in where they came from or who bred them. I can recognize some of the so called blue ones, I think, but they don't have names that I recognize.

And I mention that b'c there's a variety called Wooly Blue Mammoth that was bred by Tom Wagner and I've seen pictures of that one as grown by several folks. So was Wooly Blue Jay a selection from the Wagner bred one which was already an OP and genetically stable? I don't know.


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heygeno(z5 oh)

Thanks, Carolyn..... I saw ads on ebay for a blue but since no one here is talking about it much, I guess I will wait for Trade Winds to get a new supply.

Is anyone here growing it ? What are your results/comments ?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

There are many so called blue tomatoes now available, and while the taste is not all that great as reported back by many at the sites where I read, many amateur breeders, and some not so amateur are working with the original OSU ( Oregon State) P20 selection to try and get some taste in them.

One of the listings at Tradewinds looks like it could be the original P20 but isn't called that.

There are also some GMO ones around, more specifically the one from England which has had a snapdragon gene inserted to bring in the color.

Below I've linked to Tania's superb database website and on the home page if you scroll down, under special links you'll see you can search for varieties by color and then click on the individual ones to see what seed sources might be available, many with pictures and some with comments from others.

I am not a fan of anyone buying tomato seeds off e-bay, but there are a few vendors who are OK.

If tradewinds just put up their blue jay one for 2013, or even 2012, I didn't check when I was at the site, I doubt you'll get much feedback on the specific one you wanted, and there are lots of others to consider via Tania's website data base.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tania's webpage

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heygeno(z5 oh)

Yep..... went to the webpage...... that will take some time to get through ! I was wondering about the OSU..... not Ohio huh....Thanks for all the info Carolyn.

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