Advice on Best Tomato Flavor for a Small Garden

alameda/zone 8December 2, 2010

I am in east Texas and want to raise a few tomato plants - want to grow the larger ones [not cherry] and would like some advice on which ones have the best flavor. I tried Brandywine, barely got any tomatoes and have heard this one is a low producer. I just got the Totally Tomatoes catalog and would like to order seeds. Thanks for any advice!


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one tomato that really tasted good to me was sophies choies
nice size 4 to 6 oz.,and early they do very well in pots
good luck.


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Check out Gleckler's seed at the link below. They will be updating their site any day now with many new varieties. A lot of the unique varieties they sell were donated to them from growers at another website. Ami

Here is a link that might be useful: Glecklers

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Appreciation of tomato flavor is subjective, of course, but I think you could use another idea or 2.

I see in the Gleckler catalog that they introduced Thessaloniki in 1958. This is one of my best to grow (a long way from east Texas). It seems to stand up to hot weather real well and lasts a long time after harvest -- I've still got one in a kitchen basket that was harvested green, 2 months ago! (I think I'll turn it into cream of tomato soup, today. ;o)

My grandmother was from east Texas and she grew a tomato that was probably from Porter & Sons Seed Company of east Texas. The seed came to me about 20 years ago and is probably "Porter." Willhite Seed Company has that seed along with Porter Improved and a number of others that may do well for you in your part of the world.

Porter may be a little small for what you are thinking of. It is a saladette. Grandmother's tomato is a real favorite of my wife, however.


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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Cherokee Purple is one of the best tasting tomatoes I grow next to Sun Gold.

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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

I second Cherokee Purple...

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I'll third Cherokee Purple and throw in Lemon Boy
and Kellogg's Breakfast.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I was disappointed in Lemon Boy. Great production, but not much flavor.

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For your area of East Texas, you have many choices in better flavored tomatoes. The problem will be getting them planted at the right time to make a crop. Here are a few that will work for your area.

Box Car Willie
Gregori's Altai
Heidi - this one is a paste in case you want some sauce
Kellogg's Breakfast - if you want to try an orange
J.D.'s Special C-Tex
Eva Purple Ball

Depending on where you are in East Texas, you may need to put plants in the ground as early as February 15th. That means starting seed about Jan 1st to get seedlings large enough to make it on their own.


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I live in Dallas and have not grown anything but flowers. I have purchased the Topsy Turvy tomato basket but have learned that I am very late to plant (May 7). Against advice I have purchased Improved Porters and my baskets are hanging on my fence in full sun. Am I waisting my time?

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Kumato. Acquire fruit at store, extract seeds, wipe off gel with paper towel. Delicious fruits on vigorous and VERY productive plants.

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