Best yielding cherry/grape?

tracydr(9b)December 9, 2011

I'd like to plant a cherry or grape tomato off to the side of my garden specifically for feeding my chickens this spring. I'm thinker about Matt's wild cherry, Tess's, or maybe some hybrid? Not too worried about the flavor, I'm planting Sungolds and black cherry for our own fresh eating.

I'm also looking for the best dried cherry. I used Reisentraube last summer and found it too tart. Cherokee purples were wonderful dried but I'd like a cherry for drying. Something that produces lots and lots would be nice.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Sweet Million.


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Thanks, Dave. How about a good one for drying? Any ideas for that?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Why not just plant an extra Sungold or Black cherry for the chicken? After all they are good enough for you.
Same with drying use the Black cherry.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Before this year I would have suggested Sweet Million, but I am not planting them anymore. I am going to plant more Red Pearl, Apero and BHN 624.

Great flavor and the production kicked the Sweet millions out of the hoop house. The sweet millions kept getting smaller and smaller as the year went by. These three kept their size and production up all year long.


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I've not planted the Sungolds before so not sure how it produces. I planted black cherry two seasons ago and loved the flavor but the plant was in a fairly shaded spot so only got a few fruit off of it. Will it be really productive?
For the chicken tomato, I want a plant that produces so many fruit that I'm sick and tired of picking it. That's why I was considering something like yellow plum, Tess's landrace currant or Matt's wild cherry ( which I've heard does well right through AZ summer). Will the Sungolds or black cherry have this sort of production or will I be better off adding one of these other crazy productive plants, despite lesser flavor? I have a spot off to the side where I can plant a big plant, even one as big as Tess.
I'm also planning to grow some amaranth, malabar spinach, some sort of Asian melon or squash ( cushaw or zuchinni rampicante) with some the greens, melons, amaranth and some of the squash for the chickens. I raise layers and some meat chickens. Try to save some on feed and improve their nutrition as in the end it improves the meat and eggs.

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For the chickens, I'd recommend Yellow Pear. They get to be huge plants.

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Matt's Wild Cherry - one of mine is STILL setting and ripening fruit. It's against a south-facing wall and the frost missed it.

Even the chickens will get tired of it.

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Sungolds are wonderful for drying. And not a cherry, but New Zealand Pear produces a huge crop and would be also be great for drying.

For the chickens, I would recommend Juliet--too hard and bland for people to eat, but you will have tomatoes coming out of your ears. Be sure and put it on a strong support!

Carla in Sac

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

How about the hybrid Juliet.

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Are Matt's wild Cherry a little touchy as baby plants? I've tried starting them several times and not had great luck, despite all my other seedlings thriving. Are other currant tomatoes like this?
In fact, I may need to order another pack of seeds. I've yet to get a MWC out of seedling stage and into the garden and I'm really excited about trying it.
Anybody here try Tess's Landrace Currant? How are they for taste, dehydrating and sheer production? Can they produce in heat?

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Wow, I actually have some Juliet seeds laying around here somewhere that I've never used, I'll have to try them!
How are green grapes? I planted them one year but lost the plant.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

The Juliet should be good for your chickens. They produce
a lot of grape tomatoes, but they are bland.

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Yes, yellow pear will do fine for the chickens. But if a massive yield is your objective I think Reisentraube might even do better.

I used to supply for salads at 3 restaurants and grew four of
the above one year. Never saw anything like it. Actually couldn't keep them picked. Then they volunteered and came back on their own forever more!

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Starting to wonder if I really got true Reisentraube seeds. I grew 8 plants last year. They had the grape cluster type growth, but the fruits tasted like grocery store tomatoes, were very late so that I ended up getting only 1-2 flushes before hitting our summer heat. I did have hundreds of flowers and could see how they would produce a lot but because they were so late, I couldn't get much here in Phoenix. It was well over 105 when the second and third clusters were trying to set.
Plus, the taste was so bland and I've heard they are very good. Everybody who tried them said they were no better than grocery store cherry/grapes tomatoes. No sweetness or tartness, just bland.

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Your description of the "cluster type growth" kinda fits but
my guess is it is just the wrong environment for the variety.
I'm in zone 6, very wet springs, cool early summers (generally) and tomatoes grow very well here as long as you can whip the Early Blight and several other foliage cruds.

By the way Reisentraube cherry tomatoes have a little point on the bottom so that might give you another clue as to correct variety.

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tracydr my Juliet's never stopped setting fruit last year. They produced right through the heat of summer until first frost. They are hard and don't have the best flavor but they are prolific producers and never crack or catface and make good sauce and paste. They were the only tomato we grew that did not suffer from any disease or pests. Every tomato was just as perfect as the all the rest.

Last year we found that if we let them sit on the counter for a 7-10 days their color would darken and the flavor and texture improved quite nicely. Oh, and yes we will be growing these again.

We are thinking of raising some rabbits for meat. I wonder if rabbits eat tomatoes?

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Thissime, I know nothing about meat rabbits, only meat chickens. I have quite a few that I need to process right now. Some are overgrown, small turkeys really.
I've found a few places with purple tomatillo seeds if you want to email me.

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Throwing out a thought. I like thisisme as a great handle.

Take care,

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Thanks for the offer tracydr.

lol!!! thank you Travis, I have been thisisme for many years. I'm also thisisme on eBay and have been since before it was eBay back in the old Auction America days. Over 1,000 positive feedbacks with a 100 percent positive feedback rating and still counting.

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