Has anyone tasted Fedco's WOW Cherry?

jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)December 22, 2008

As recently as last week, Fedco was offering the WOW tomato, described thusly:

SNIP: An open-pollinated cherry tomato better than Sun Gold? ThatÂs been the Holy Grail of tomato breeders. Garland, ME, breeder Relentless and our tasters think heÂs got it: the orange color, the Sun Gold Brix with more tomatoey flavor and an added resistance to cracking. What will you think? A selection from Relentless SunWine group with Brandywine, Sun Gold and a grape tomato in the parentage. Nearly fully stabilized; 2009 will be the F-6 generation. Limited supply of seed this first year. Limit one packet per customer. Be sure to order very early. Earth Passionate AgrarianÂÂgrown. Open-source seeds. Those wishing to propagate for commercial seed sales have a moral obligation to pay the breeder royalties. Contact us. A Fedco introduction, named because "WOW!" has been the first word out of everyone who has ever plopped one in his or her mouth.


This week they appear to be out of them. I almost ordered them, but then I figure if they are that scarce, I should leave them for those who, unlike myself, would actually know whether or not they taste better than the Sungold.Can anyone vouch for their rave review?


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Sounds like a good combination of parents.

I have been doing similar crosses, sans the grape tomatoes, and finding some real gems.

So it certainly has the potential to be a really nice one.

Will be interesting to see if it cracks/bursts. The grape parent should contribute some crack resistance.

Higher brix lines have a tendency to burst (which is different than cracking). Bursting usually occurs at the blossom end or sides but can be along the top like a crack (manifest as one single split).

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

I think it's the first year Fedco has offered it. I'm glad I got my order in early, as I ordered the Wow! cherry. It sounded quite good.
I hope to post taste reports here after they ripen.
I grew the Be My Baby Gene Pool cherry last year. It was good, but I wasn't overly impressed with it.

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There is not enough information in the ad for me. When ordering a new seed, I would like to know:

Determiniate or indeterminate?
Estmated yield per plant?
Days to maturity?
Height and width of mature plant?
Spacing between plants.
Hours of sunlight?
Best soil for this particular variety>

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Catalog tomato offerings typically are indeterminate unless designated otherwise.

No one can estimate yield per plant with home gardeners since the variables are too great ... container vs traditional at-grade garden, soil health, high/low temps., hours of sunlight, diseases present in the garden, fertilizing methods and schedules, pruning techniques and methods of support, experience and skill of the grower, etc., are just some of the variables that will affect yield per plant.

Days to maturity vary substantially based on zone, hours of sunlight, date of planting, and micro-climate of garden, to name some variables.

For reasons not to state mature height and width, refer to comments on estimated yield.

Spacing between plants would be a function of method of support and pruning techniques, as well as gardener's preference regarding working space, etc.

Hours of sunlight would be common to most tomato varieties ... minimum 6 hours, ideally 12 - 14 or so.

Best soil again would be common to most garden variety tomatoes with deep, loamy soil rich in organic matter and a pH from 6.2 - 6.8 pH being ideal. In containers, well drained soilless potting media high in organic matter and a bit of agricultural lime for balance would do. Most commercial growing media are balanced and suitable for tomatoes unless specified otherwise.

Most of the concerns you have about your perceived shortage of catalog info can be answered by a good tomato-growing facts sheet provided online by numerous university extention services.

Try This Link for Starters

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Good to know. Unless stated, I would have never assumed all of the info you provided by looking at a seed pack or web ad. Guess seed companies lose money on a shopper like me.

It it doesn't state it, I don't presume it.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

Mule, I'll be looking forward to hearing more about your crosses. Sounds like bursting is still a problem for you?

Douglas, When will they be ready for the taste test in Zone 3/4? I want to be sure to ask you about them then.

VR, you and i are completely opposite when it comes to catalog shopping. I can always be "wowed" by pretty words! ...and then someone like Hoosier comes along and brings me back down to earth. LOL


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Did anyone actually receive these from Fedco? My order was shipped with "out of stock" on the form.


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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

"Open-source seeds. Those wishing to propagate for commercial seed sales have a moral obligation to pay the breeder royalties."

What is the morally correct amount of royalties...the Biblical 10%?

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Spiced Ham,

Oh, I'd ask Relentless how much royalty he paid the breeders of Sungold for using their proprietary germplasm in the cross to get WOW! Cherry and use his formula to calculate your "moral obligation" to reimburse his efforts :::smile:::

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I ordered some seeds of "Wow" and "Sungold" from Fedco, but I am sure I will only receive the "Sungold". The out of stock went up the day after I ordered "Wow". I was hoping to compare them both, next year I guess. I still plan on comparing Sungold, Sungold Select II, and Gobstopper.

This year, 6 items out of 24 of my items are backordered from Fedco Seeds, strange. I guess with economy everyone will planting a garden. Good!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I just received an order from Fedco yesterday, and in the enclosed newletter they stated the the Wow cherry tomato failed their germination test, and they are awaited retest results, so I'm sure that is why it's no longer available.


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It won't be available this year. I emailed fedco and asked. They are holding it back and will sell seed next year when their stock is larger. Germination was very low is the reason given.


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Just placed my fedco order, and saw that the Wow! cherry tomato is an online exclusive. I ordered a packet, so will hopefully be able to finally try it. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up - as it seems like it really is available this year!!

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Let's see if this is about right...

Apx 2008 (or so) FEDCO offered some of these seeds for trial/sale.

2012 -- FEDCO catalog said "work in progress."

2013 (catalog) not a mention about WOW (that I can find).

Anyone have some knowledge about what has happened?


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no idea at this time, but I still have some seed. I ordered a large pack a couple of years ago. From some scuttlebutt, I am under the impression they had trouble stabilizing the good flavor.


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Like Dar, I bought a bunch two years ago. Grew it for these past two seasons and got variable sizes on the vines and taste was just not that good (And I sampled the fruit at variable times in the ripening process from just blushing to dead ripe and everything in between.) I rated it as a 6.5 out of 10 on taste. I could tell that there was good potential there. Sometimes the taste would suggest that it could compete with Sungold if it just improved a little bit. It never did.

Summary was 7 plants here and three at my brother's and we ended up putting the vast majority of them into juice.

I still have a few hundred seeds.


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chervil2(z5 MA)

I am reminded of Fedco's description of another Sungold like tomato: "From a chance sport in their tomato patch Rachel and Tevis Robertson-Goldberg from Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield, MA, selected and developed Honeydrop, sent us the original seed and continue to grow our seed crop. Growing in our estimation, Honeydrop is drawing comparisons to Sun Gold, only with much less cracking in wet weather. Its sweet juicy fruity honey-colored treats taste almost like light grapes." I grew Fedco's Honeydrop Cherry Tomato ECO OP in an isolated area and saved seed for sharing if anyone is interested. I also grew Sungold and consider it superior in terms of yield, vigor, flavor, fruit color, and productivity over many weeks.

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Well, The Wow! seeds are one of two varieties of tomato (out of 15) that haven't germinated after 3 weeks, the other being Bellstar. Now I wonder if I should bother to try starting them again. Gold Nugget is doing well (and a couple of other paste tomatoes).

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