Tycoon Tomato?

sandbar_norm(9/10 Bradenton Fl.)December 17, 2008

Hello, has anyone heard of a Tycoon tomato?

I got two tomato plants at the end of Aug. from the Earthbox Research Center in Ellenton Fl.

I dont have much info on these plants. One is marked "Cherry" and the other is marked "Tycoon"

The cherry plant has about 140 golf ball size and about 1/2 are ripe.

The tycoon has maybe a 18 to 24 and two are pink in color.

I dont know if they are going to turn red or going to stay pink.

Any ideals?


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I don't see how anyone can say anything about a something just called "cherry", but I did link to the only reference of Tycoon that I found by Googling.

Perhaps it might be easier for you to just ask at the Earthbox Research Center where you got the plants for a bit more about each of them. ( smile)


Here is a link that might be useful: Tycoon

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sandbar_norm(9/10 Bradenton Fl.)

Thank for the help.
I understand what you are saying. When the person at the center asked if I needed help. I said I wanted to grow some tomatos and he said big or small. I asked what kind were they. He said they were what grows good in this area. Not the answer I was looking for. So I asked for one of each. (He is right about one thing, they are growing good.)

Next Feb. I'm going to try to grow some from seeds. Then I will have a better ideal what I'm growing.

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Sandbar - Tycoon is a round tomato produced by Hazera Seed Company. It's claim to fame is that it is resistant to TYLCV (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus), TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus), as well as Fusarium Wilt (F), Verticillium Wilt (V),
Root Nematodes (N), and Tobacco Mosaic (T). It is newly named and just became available commercially. Kind of a bulletproof tomato for the Florida growing area. It does produce a beautiful vine ripe with good size. (300-320 gram)

Hope this helps,

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i am raising tycoon tomatos.At this time they are over 2 feet tall.loaded with blossoms and tomatoes .no yellow leaf curl virus or any other problems.have been informed too let ripen on vine. better tasting.

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I just finished up with my first four Tycoon tomato vines in San Antonio, and I was impressed with the production and quality of the fruit in a pretty rough growing region for tomatoes. This guy at work has a degree in horticulture from North Carolina and did not believe anyone could grow good tomatoes down here. He was impressed with the quality.

i found this post searching google for a seed source in case the ones I saved don't take in the third season.

Two thumbs up, from me.

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Good to hear that. I just transplanted a pair of Tycoons today. I hope mines do ok, 'cuz I'm pretty sure they got inoculated with TYLCV way too early and it's gotten hotter here.
How was their growing condition, any diseases or stressful environment like high temps? Or was it a pretty smooth season?

Also, you said you were looking for seed sources? I got mine from a seller on Amazon. So far the germ rate is 12/12, all within 3-4days.
ParamountSeeds also carry Tycoon seeds and a few other toms by Hazera. But the smallest pack they sell is about 250 seeds.

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My parents grow tycoons down in south Texas where it's hot hot hot. Their local garden center recommends them for the area. So it seems like a tomato that tends to be recommended for hot areas (I think they're in zone 10).

It does pretty well for them. They've had them produce in the spring and then make it through to fall for a second crop.

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Thanks julia42, it's good to hear that. "Heat set ability" was one reason why I got tycoon seeds. From what you said, it seems to be a vigorous determinant, very nice. I was also wondering how well tycoon can tolerate tomato yellow leaf curl virus. Do you know if they have the virus around their area?

Or if anyone has grown Tycoon under low-high virus pressure, please share your experience.

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No, I don't really know what the problem diseases are down there, sorry...


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Tycoon tomatoes have been my best producer this season. Each plant has produces 10 to 12, 12-16 ounce tomatoes. and then some smaller ones. I am too looking for seeds of this variety.


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