Burpee's SuperSauce Hybrid

sidhartha0209(KY_6a)December 30, 2012

...new for 2013, on the cover of their new catalog.

Grows up to 2 lb measuring 5 1/2" tall by 5" wide, supposedly the largest sauce tomato ever.

Any 'inside info' or educated guess on what the parentage of this could possibly be? It's described as "a Roma with Aroma", I'm curious if it could have an oxheart as a parent. Is this possible?

I might try this one, haven't decided yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Burpee's SuperSauce Hybrid

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It's described as "a Roma with Aroma".Well the development of this thing shall remain proprietary. However, I would select a description of its merits in more prosaic terms, such as "big, red and egg-shaped with perhaps a reduced liquid/mass ratio compared to that of most specimens of tomato fruit for such a character." Even given that, I may try a few plants of it... and probably reprimand myself for growing something that failed my expectations.


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I would bet that the size is exaggerated. I grow some large varieties and weigh them on Paula Deen scales and a 320z fruit is a buster. Large round Mortgage Lifter and Mr Stripey have to be much larger than a softball to weigh that much. That said....I am tempted to try a couple myself.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

I saw this on the cover and was floored. They're claiming the pic is "actual size." I'm a canner and I'm afraid I won't be able to resist this one.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

If it's a large paste variety you must have, then get Romeo, which is OP.

The same question about the Burpee one I answered elsewhere and just a few comments. Disease Resistant is said, does that mean foliage or systemic diseases and which ones, b'c there is NO variety, hybrid OR OP that has total resistance to ANY disease.

Speaking personally, I gave up on Burpee, for many reasons, many years ago. Just my opinion.


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I saw this on the cover and was floored...If you can gather the strength to raise yourself from the floor, check out Casey's Heir Seeds (Canada). Romeo and some other interesting-looking (and rather large) pasters are featured there.


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Repeating myself but Burpee's Orange Slice hybrid that was introduced 2011(I think) is a very nice tomato plant. Grew several last yr and they are above avg in size, taste and productivity. I have moved away from their other offerings.

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Burpee's Brandy Boy is one fine tomato too.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Most of my tomatoes are OP. This would be the first hybrid I've grown in years, not counting the cross that occurred between my Anna Russian and (I think) a black krim a few years back. Was so disappointed when I got dinky, funny-shaped fruit the next year when I was expecting the heart-shaped, tasty Anna.

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a few years back Burpee introduce big mama paste tomato it met statements on packet. so I think this one should meet same expectation.

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Real bad experience on these seeds beware. I ordered them on March 18 and Burpee took my money right away online. 5 days later no package, so figured I would email.

Customer service replied with a canned message "we are busy yadda yadda, sorry for the delay yadda yadda".

5 days later I get a refund of my money out of the blue?

So I call in and the lady immediately says without me even giving her my order number that they are sold out of supersauce hybrid seeds but she could sell me 3 plants for $14.95.

Honest to gosh, I can't say this enough, if you are going to order order them early because they just don't care when you call in if they are out of stock.

What I want to know is this. If you know you are swamped in the spring why wouldn't you keep a good inventory? I mean it only took 10 days to figure out that they didn't have the seeds I ordered.

I found some good beefsteak heirloom seeds hope they produce 1lb fruits to take the place of those 25 supersauce seeds!

My advice, don't buy anything from burpee unless you order early.

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Grew the SuperSauce this year in zone 5b. From plants.

Also grew San Marzano Gigante in Z5b and in Z8 from seed this year.

Hope to buy SUperSauce seed for '14. Hope not to get the yadda yadda mentioned in previous posts.

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I purchased seeds this spring and my daughter and I grew one plant each of Burpee's Super Sauce and Romeo. I'll do a couple Romeos next year.

Super Sauce did not do well for me as it contracted Septoria badly. But the same happened to many varieties in my garden. Particularly bad wet June and early July here this year. Not a fair test.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Companies like Burpee, need to push HYBRIDs in order to survive and make money. There is little money in selling heirloom seeds/plants and there are a lot of little internet stores selling them. So I understand Burpee's strategy. Probably, there are a lot of paste tomatoes around that are even better. What is the advantage of size in a paste tomato ? Then there is the question of total production , per plant in pounds.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Larry, we had a particularly wet June and July here too and the tomato production has been awful. Tons of septoria and very little fruit. That said, I got a few nice-sized super sauce, but they weren't as big as the package said. Again, you're right, this year isn't really a fair trial since all of my tomatoes suffered. It was the worst tomato year I can remember. OTOH, the eggplant and peppers are thriving.

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