Early flower buds on Orange Minsk..is something wrong?

ameera(z11 Dubai)December 26, 2012

I planted three Orange Minsk seedling in it's final pot on December 12th or 13th (can't remember for sure) and while the plants have grown quite well in the past almost two weeks, they have gotten flower buds already.

The first plant got the flower buds a couple of days ago, the other two I noticed buds on them yesterday. Last year when I tried to grow Orange Minsk the same thing happened. I was advised to pinch off the buds so the plant can concentrate on growing--the only thing is last year I started the OM by seed way too late and by the time the plant grew and flowered again it was too hot and all flowers dropped.

I am just wondering if there is something wrong and that is why it is trying to flower early, or is it normal for some plants to do so?

Here it is one of them on December 14th (I transplanted it to this pot on the the day before or possibly the day before that)

Here it is yesterday:

and here are it's early flower buds:

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

That doesn't look like Orange Minsk to me b'c the leaves look PL and are not right for the variety.

What was your seed source?

I know the variety very well b'c it came from Minsk, Belarus and was found at a farmer's market and named by Andrey Baranovski, a good friend of mine. I sent seeds to many seed sites for trial here in the US where I normally do so it's quite well known.

And now there's even a heart version of it that has appeared.

Again, the foliage is not right at all for OM and in that last picture the stem doesn't look right either.

Did you ever get fruits from anything you planted to confirm that you did have OM? I mean did you ever see what came of the buds of those you left on the plant?

OM is RL,not PL, which is what you show, at least to me it looks PL.

Carolyn, who you'll see from the link below was the first to list it in the SSE Yearbooks and loves the variety as many do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange Minsk

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ameera(z11 Dubai)

Oh no!!! I totally was obsessed with wanting to try OM tomatoes last season so I completely thought that was what I was growing this season.

I actually travelled to the US for a couple of months starting at the end of September so I had the housemaids plant the seeds for me. I thought it was an OM seed packet I gave them.

I looked at my old thread asking about the OM flowering early and the leaves are completely different.


I just went through all of my tomato seeds and one that is missing is Brandywine Sudduth so it could possibly be that variety. But I am not sure so I guess this will be a surprise tomato plant for me!

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ameera(z11 Dubai)

carolyn137 he he he in fact you are the one that gave me advice in that previous thread :D

I am sad it's not OM now... but I guess I had a good reason for giving the house maids a different variety seed packet... I just don't remember why LOL

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