Can the tomato blossoms make it?

EcopalDecember 15, 2011

Hey Everybody

Well it looks like my tomato blossoms are finally starting to become actual tomatoes. I do not know if it is the drop in temperature here in south Florida or if it is the tomato set spray I used. Unfortunately today a big avocado fell fight on top of my Brandywines and snapped one of the branches. I cut it off and put it in some soil. But the blossoms are still on it and they are almost done pollinating. If I leave the blossoms on the cutting will it become a tomato even though its only a foot tall? I know it takes longer for the plant to establish itself but I would hate to remove blossoms after I have tried so hard to keep them from falling off.

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Yes, they can survive and produce.

This happened to me as well last summer. Freak wind storm came out of nowhere and ripped a couple limbs off my blue tomato plant that had blossoms and even some small tomatoes on it. My first time growing a blue, and I really wanted to keep as many as I could get, so I potted the torn limbs up and hoped for the best.

Those limbs not only survived, but the fruit that was on them survived, and they continued to produce for the rest of the season.

Wasn't covered in as big of fruits as the ones on the main plant, but they were producing. Didn't even use any kind of rooting hormone, just stuck the torn end in some potting soil and crossed my fingers.

It'll look like they're wilting and dying for a while, but just keep watering them normally and they'll bounce back.

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