ultrasonic or monte carlo tomatoes anybody tried either of these

marcantonioDecember 19, 2012

i was given seed for stokes ultrasonic tomato, never tried them before ,also there is a european hybrid i've been wanting to try from franchi seed called monte carlo. anyone tried either of these tomatoes. i can only find commercial descriptions of both.

thank you

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

i can only find commercial descriptions of both.

Sorry no one has replied to your post. I have no experience with either because, as you have discovered, they are both commercial grower varieties grown for shipping/market. That alone is enough to make most home gardeners shy away from them. Why grow what you can buy in the store? is the philosophy.

If you do try them be sure to report back on the results.


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yeah its true ultrasonic is a commercial variety,i don't know about monte carlo because its indeterminate and sold as a home garden variety by italian seed companies (franchi and bavichi) i've had pretty good luck with some commercial varieties , one hybrid called primetime from harris (no longer available ) two open pollinated commercial (or once commercial) are campbells 1327and basket vee from stokes, both pretty tasty and good producers. i've never tried the original marglobe but i hear its worth growing, have you grown it?

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