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labrea_gwOctober 17, 2012

Many people have to work 2 & 3 jobs just to stay above water Abercrombie & Fitch doesn't have to pitch in to help out. Nor do they have to engage in this practice!

Thousands of Abercrombie & Fitch workers are petitioning against the company's "unfair" scheduling practices.

According to a petition:

"Bintou Kamara, a cashier at Abercrombie & FitchâÂÂs flagship New York City store, is urging the company to stop âÂÂon-callâ shift scheduling, a practice that mandates an employee be available to work despite often not being asked to work for the shift. Kamara says this makes it difficult for workers like her to make ends meet.

âÂÂWe arenâÂÂt getting enough hours,â said Kamara, who started the petition on âÂÂAbercrombie gives us more call-in shifts than regular hours. We have to be available for on-call shifts, get ready for work, and then call in with no guarantee that weâÂÂll even work. These on-call shifts make it difficult for us to have another job, go to school, or to arrange for child care.âÂÂ'

Kamara has gathered 2,000 signatures in less than a week. They're also planning a protest at the company's flagship store in New York City.

This isn't the first time that Abercrombie employees have publicly campaigned against the retailer. Abercrombie has been accused of putting too much emphasis on appearance and discriminating against people who aren't physically attractive.

Wanna job every now & at our beck & call.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fair Play

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Dovetails with the discussion of working until 8.

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The abject greed of these corporations, their general lack of ethics, and lacking empathy for their own employees couldn't be made any clearer. New lows are reached daily by various 'employers'.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

And they might lock the employees in too, as had been done in the past...

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of course, a union would be frowned upon? (dont want any of those socialist ideas)

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To match part-time and temp labor to hourly, daily, weekly, seasonal or unexpected demand, more and more part time laborers receive a substantial amount, or the majority of their hours via unscheduled on-call hours.

That said, at most businesses it's not "mandatory" for on-call workers to be available to work unscheduled hours, but if they're called and don't respond, or turn down hours several times, they won't be called, or scheduled anymore.

Generally speaking, the types of businesses that have large numbers of unskilled/low skilled on-call workers have far more part-time workers than they need, so they have very large pools of on-call workers to contact when they have high demand, or high numbers of no-shows.

Many of the unskilled/low skilled part-time, temp and on-call workers are teens, 20-somethings, college students and others living at home with only one job, no children etc, so it's easier for them to respond to unscheduled hours.

Many workers with younger kids also live at home, so parents, relatives or siblings can babysit while they work on-call hours.

Much daycare work is on-call as well, as some daycare providers and babysitters have had to adapt to the growing on-call nature of much work.

Much of our local part-time, temp and on-call workforce doesn't have personal transportation and/or young children, so you may have to call literally a dozen workers to fill a single on-call opening.

New hire washout and turnover is very high in many of these occupations as well.

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We aren't getting enough hours," said Kamara, who started the petition on "Abercrombie gives us more call-in shifts than regular hours.

We hear this all the time from many that work part-time jobs with flexible and on-call hours, but many of them aren't getting enough hours since they're turning down nights, second/third shifts, weekends, holidays and on-call shifts.

Due to availability issues, many of these workers won't be called or scheduled as often (maybe not at all), plus they won't be considered for promotions, full-time positions etc.

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Putting this forward as the old phone barn method of keeping people dependent on the job by shorting hours particularly with women with families. UTNE reader did a wonderful article on this years ago about keeping the labor supply hungry. Wish I could remember what year it was.
If there is a mentality that says if you want to work get a job (that mentality exists on this forum big time) This shows how the system works against working multiple jobs to make ends meet when a low wage is not a living wage.
There aren't many (how should I put it) matronly women working at Abercrombie! Their employees are expected to look & present a certain way still they do not provide the outfits for them!
Of course there is the HOOTERS argument that says you must look a certain way to work here.

The on call for little money is a poor model but again they are a private enterprise!

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We constantly hear stories of poor people working 2 or 3 jobs to survive, but rarely see it in reality due to scheduling conflicts, plus the time, hassles and expenses of transportation to/from work/daycare.

Many can't even afford to work a single part-time job as they don't have personal transportation, plus the cost of taxis would exceed wages.

Since many shifts are only 4 hours, the cost of gas ($4 plus locally), vehicle wear/tear, meals away from home, daycare etc would eat up most, or all of a worker's already low part time wages.

Workers with kids, especially single parents without family child care and transportation support often can't work many hours/shifts, or don't keep jobs due to scheduling conflicts and availability issues.

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