We have seen a lot worse!

tobr24u(z6 RI)October 30, 2012

Now officially dubbed Superstorm Sandy caused some flooding and power outages but never lived up to its billing for many here. How about you?

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Glad you weathered it alright Richard. Could have been worse indeed.

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glad to see you Richard. Dunno that too Many New Yorkers would agree with you.

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I doubt that those whose homes are now burning in NY and those homes/businesses in So. Jersey and other places that are flooded probably wouldn't agree that it could have been worse.

Having been through weather related home flooding - I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

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terrene(5b MA)

Wasn't the flooding in Rhode Island during those back to back rainstorms in March 2010 worse than Sandy? We had record flooding in my neighborhood, since much of it is flood plain for a local river (although I live on higher ground).

It got pretty windy here in eastern Mass., I lost power for about 12 hours which is the longest since I've lived here the past 10 years. Not too bad though.

Soon as power came on this morning, had to check the storm updates. The flooding looks pretty bad along the coast of NJ, NY, and CT.

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I don't think Sandy is finished with you yet.

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Yep, longest power outage for us since hurricane Gloria.

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

I know New York, New Jersey, and Ct. got walloped. We didn't even lose power last night.

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Like a big nothing for me personally. Other than a big howling of wind, and the fear that a nearby tree MIGHT come down on my little house, I had no problems whatsoever here in Connecticut.

I got about 1.5, maybe 2 inches, of rain. Again, no big deal. I just walked the very long dirt road up to the paved road, hoping I wouldn't be having to do some chainsawing to get out to civilization and picked up a few little twiggy branches. Nothing, basically.

The storm came in below New York City and then headed out to the west and basically circled around my part of the world.

It's looking like the storm coming in BELOW NYC, combined with the high tide occurring at about the same time last night around 9 or 10PM meant the Connecticut shore and NYC took a pretty heavy beating. The storm coming in BELOW NYC meant that the storm surge was big in NYC because of the counterclockwise rotation of the winds. Piles up the water in front of it.

Life IS good. I expect I'll be able to dance tonight.

For Bill, especially, who posted the "shark in the flood water photo", last night. I had my doubts at the time. The water in the photo looked calm. It had to be daylight, etc.
Who knows, but just like Epi's photos...I saw a a story last night.

"Not surprisingly, there was a fair share of jokes and parodies. One site hawked blue rubber stiletto heels with flippers in front.

And as photos were shared by the thousands, several fakes made the rounds. One showed the Statue of Liberty with a menacing spiral cloud looming in the distance. Another had a shark swimming in floodwaters."

Surfing around (Hay

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The link below is snopes for Sandy photos, or something like that.

The one of the soldiers, standing in a storm, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that was passed around (a lot) on Facebook yesterday was taken in September.


Here is a link that might be useful: Real or fake Sandy pics?

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Obama seems to have survived. Maybe got a little wet.



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Light for you but awful for others:

New York City MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota released a statement Tuesday declaring Hurricane Sandy the most "devastating" disaster in the subway's 108-year history. The hurricane has flooded seven subway tunnels under the East River and affected "every borough and county of the region," according to the statement.

Dreadful for a city that depends on the subway.

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Rain, rain, rain, and it's still raining here in north central Maryland, and COLD. My driveway is covered in branches from my apparently dead tree. Now I'll have to get the rest of the tree taken down. The wind was howling yesterday, watching the trees was very scary. It was almost better after dark, when we couldn't see the trees anymore.

BUT WE STILL HAVE POWER!!! It kept going out yesterday afternoon and night, but, ultimately, it stayed on, so I didn't have to spend the night pumping out the sump cistern, which fills mostly from the rising water table, so the pump will continue to pump.

We do hear generators, so some in the neighborhood did lose power. Though the day is young yet.

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The damage from Sandy was minimal locally.

Last night while on a service call a customer said she'd never seen winds like this. I told her she should have seen the Labor Day Derecho of 1998 as we had sustained straight-line winds of 100 Plus MPH "With No Warning".

The greatest damage we've had to our properties and customer's properties was from localized tornadoes, localized flooding in The Mohawk River Valley, localized ice/snow damage, 1995/1998 Derechos and widespread flooding damage from Irene.

Irene by far did the most damage widespread damage locally. Homes were literally floating down the Mohawk River and getting crushed like bugs as they went under the bridges and through the locks.

We still haven't repaired much of the damage from Irene.

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Maddielee's link shows the shark photo and declares that it is "unverified". I have a slow dial up and I want to go out and do some work, so I can't really follow up on it.

Go to Maddielee's link. It looks like someone who claims to have taken the photo has been outed as a hoaxster in a similar photo.

Maddielee's link also shows some rather remarkable REAL photos that are worth checking out if you have a fast download.

It's been a good 24 hours for me to watch the unfolding of a disaster and the twittering and the fakes and all that. Very educational night.

Off with my chainsaw in hand.


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david52 Zone 6

Goldman Sachs barricaded with coin bags. (instead of sand bags) ((nyuk nyuk))

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Glad to hear from you all, who weathered the Frankenstorm. Here in SC, the cold front has reached us with strong winds and temps way below normal for October. Has anyone heard when Wall St. will re-open? Just curious.

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Waiting for New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania to come on.

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Believe it or not, we are experiencing high winds and possible rainstorms from the wide spin out of Hurricane Sandy. With one front colliding with another, the winds are cold.

I just hope everyone on the east coast fared well enough.

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In my town in central NJ, we were without power from 6:30pm last night until about 10:30am this morning.

We once had a longer power outage (2.5 days).

We had much less rain than I expected. Winds were scary. Trees down all around me, but nothing on my property. Very lucky.

There was a 32.5 foot wave in New York harbor! That's a big wave.

Jersey shore and especially barrier islands were hit very hard. According to Gov. Christie's news conference this morning, there were houses on Route 35 at the shore! They cannot land his helicopter on the barrier islands. Will only be able to look at damage from the air.

NYC subways are going to be out for at least a few more days. Lots of salt water poured into subway tunnels. The salt water will destroy the equipment.

It could have been worse, but it was very bad.

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Glad to see you post, Jill.

I keep memorizing a list of names...

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OK here in central Va, less rain (3") and less wind (40mph gusts) than were predicted but we are on the soft side of Sandy. Northern Va got it far worse. Less than 1,000 power outages at the peak around the Richmond area, got lucky this time.

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NYC is a mess as I posted on another thread. But considering it could have been worse. We have no power since 8:30 last night and not sure when it will return. The good news is that areas do still have power so we can get supplies if needed. they had to evacuate some of the hospitals mid storm. Amazing and kudos to all that helped each other and of course our emergency services.

Glad you are ok Jill. I hope Maggie, Kwoods, Labrea,and my other neighbors are also doing well

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The person I am worried about is Maggie. She was not in a good location.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I'm also worried about labrea and lily. I think with the massive power outages it may be some time before we hear from them. I hope they and all the others who can't contact us are safe.

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Yes, Maggie! Didn't sound good at all!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

>There was a 32.5 foot wave in New York harbor!According to the radio last night the previous record was 6'+.

Nah, there's nothing wrong with the climate. Man-caused global warming is a hoax.

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According to the radio last night the previous record was 6'+

The previous record of 26 feet was set during Hurricane Irene in August 2011.

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lily posted under "stay safe east coasters" and she and her koi are, so far, ok.

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Waiting for Maggie and Joe...

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I forgot to post here. I hope Maggie and Joe are safe. I seriously cannot believe we survived without losing power. We had half a foot of rain and it's still coming down but no winds anymore. We had gusts to 70mph and I was waiting for my house to be obliterated when one of the 100 year old trees crushed my 175 year old house. ..Only a few branches are down and the koi survived because the power never went out. Unbelievable luck because the eye passed directly over us. The winds were really bad after midnight again.

I am devastated by the NJ and New York destruction. As someone who loves NJ beaches, they're all going thru a nightmare. Also NYC.

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After the Labor Day Derecho of 1998, I cut all the tall trees capable of hitting my structures, neighbor's structures vehicles, boats, docks, equipment and power lines

On one property alone I had to cut over 150 trees, many of them illegally due to ridiculous regulations.

I was lucky as many of the massive trees that came down in the storm were near misses. One missed my neighbor's RV where his 4 kids and 3 guests were staying by a few inches.

Before that incident, my neighbors at the time refused to cut down their massive trees due to their natural beauty, but the harsh reality of mother nature hit them in the face like a sledge hammer after the near miss.

We're smart enough not to buy, build, live or stay in the foothills, valleys and other areas where flooding is an issue.

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marquest(z5 PA)

We still have not heard from Joe. I hope things are fine and it is a power issue.

I have had worst Spring storms so I was not touched by the storms. Just steady rain showers and very little wind.

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Seeing all the "fake" stories and how they get going and circulated is quite interesting in itself.

On the Sandy thread I had posted this comment at the height of the storm when I was watching some tweeter feeds.

"I'm just posting what some unknown twitter person has posted. I was about to post some twitter messages about the New York Stock Exchange floor which is just a few blocks away from Ground Zero, (and just a few blocks away from Zucotti Park which is higher by a few feet) being under three feet of water, but then I saw someone post that the weather channel had said it wasn't the case...."

Other than a bit of a sick mind, I can't imagine what would motivate someone to do this:

Rumors Cost Campaign Manager Job

"The congressional campaign manager who confessed to spreading falsehoods on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy has resigned from Christopher Wright's New York City congressional campaign.

Shashank Tripathi, under the guise of his Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug, sent out several pieces of misinformation during the worst of the storm Monday.

He is being blamed for spreading the now-widely debunked rumor that the New York Stock Exchange trading floor had been flooded with 3 feet of standing water. The rumor was eventually picked up by CNN and New York Magazine until NYSE officials shot it down."

Figuring this all out is credited to this Bussfeed article

Consider this post as a little Halloween treat for my "progressive" friends on this Forum.

Double Treat.

The hoaxster WAS the campaign manager for a REPUBLICAN and works as an analyst for a HEDGEFUND.

Don't say I never gave you anything.


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I'm amazed how many people fall for all the fake pics. Our 13 year old daughter knew they were a hoax, yet countless college educated adults helped these pics to propagate.

Just goes to show that you can be well educated, yet lack common sense, good instincts and research/fact checking skills.

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I really hate to say it, but I think we should get used to harsher, stronger weather... Bboy jokes, but humankind has caused this damage. There's no doubt about it, now.

I'm hoping our members that haven't checked in yet are faring well... or as well as can be expected, given the current situations in various areas.

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"I really hate to say it, but I think we should get used to harsher, stronger weather... Bboy jokes, but humankind has caused this damage. There's no doubt about it, now."

I don't know, things have been worse. A lot worse. Long before man could be the cause.

Long Island, and New York City? Great Lakes?

They may not even have existed before about 15,000 years ago!!

"New York City marks the southernmost boundary of an ice sheet that mantled much of North America. The Laurentide ice sheet advanced and retreated over a period of 60,000 years. The last advance reached maximum 22,000 years ago, extending from southeastern Alberta across what are now the Great Lakes to the east coast. Two lobes surged down the Connecticut and Hudson river valleys, sculpting the land and depositing the moraines and outwash that would become Long Island. Sea water was locked up in ice, lowering the sea level by 350 feet compared to today; from Cape Cod southward, the coastal plain jutted out 50 to 100 miles further than the present-day shoreline, almost to the edge of the continental shelf. The Hudson River sluiced through a deep gorge that cut through the plain and emptied into the Atlantic.

Glaciers literally created Long Island, and carved out the landscape we know today as the New York City region. Moraines, lakes and ponds, kettle holes, peat bogs, meltwater streams and valleys - all are relics of glacial topography. Between the receding ice front and terminal moraines, glacial meltwater formed huge lakes. By 12,000 years ago, the rising sea breached the morainal dams at several points, including the Verrazano Narrows. Hudson Lake released its waters to flow into the present-day channel of the Hudson River - a channel that had been established 120 million years earlier, when the continents split apart and the Palisades were exposed. The channel carved by the glacial Hudson River was drowned and is now an underwater canyon known to fisherman for its rich abundance of deep-water fish like tuna. As the sea continued to encroach, reaching its present level by a mere 6,000 years ago, the archipelago of New York City emerged.

The end of the last ice age was a time of extreme and rapid climatic change. Global warming accelerated 10,000 years ago, triggering rapid changes in plant and animal life"

A mile of ice on top of my head? I can handle. Just be thankful we don't have woolly mammoths to deal with.


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I posted this and then I go look at the news...

It's from Forbes, so you know it's true.

Leave It To The Global Warming Alarmists To "Make Fake Lemonade" Out Of Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy prepared to strike the Northeast, climate scientists from alarmist and skeptical camps alike reported the storm had little if anything to do with global warming. Martin Hoerling, who chairs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) climate variability research program, and who oversees NOAA's Climate Scene Investigators, observed, "neither the frequency of tropical or extratropical cyclones over the North Atlantic are projected to appreciably change due to climate change, nor have there been indications of a change in their statistical behavior over this region in recent decades."


Scientists, moreover, report a striking decline in hurricane activity during recent years. National Hurricane Center data show a dramatic decline in major hurricanes striking the United States during the past half century.....


Sure, there will still be hurricanes and strong storms as the planet warms. But when the frequency of hurricanes and strong storms declines in a warming world, it defies common sense to claim that global warming is causing the increasingly rare hurricanes and strong storms that do still occur.

Far too many prominent global warming alarmists are ignoring these facts in their rush to exploit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It goes without saying that Al Gore claimed global warming caused Hurricane Sandy. Other Al Gore wannabes are piling on."

Me? I'm going dancing while the sun still shines. Bye.


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Looking at the bright side...they say that in the aftermath of this storm, there will be a boon in the construction industry for this part of the country.


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david52 Zone 6

And the '500 year' floods coming every few years, the 2002 and 2012 'exceptional' droughts, damage from Irene, incredible flooding in Pakistan, incredible flooding in Australia, heat waves that kill 10,000 people in Europe and drought/collapsed wheat crops in Russia, the mega-drought in the Sahel, etc etc etc all happening in the past 10 years are just ignored, because we all know that Al Gore has a big house.

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the mega-drought in the Sahel

Is that anywhere near Benghazi?


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I'm still intrigued with fake photos and fake stories.

Bill's shark photo has now been shown to be a fake.



And Another story on the twittering fakes

The twittering story points out, just as I had observed with the "NYSE in 3 feet of water" story, the twittering is a source of fakes, but, just as quickly, the tweets start in to show that they're fakes.

I remember seeing a story about bad guys posing in Con Ed uniforms and knocking on people's doors to do bad things. Looks like this was a "test" of twittering fakes.....

This is really nothing new. In the 1960's I remember seeing stories on the news where it was clear that some applause was overlaid on some of the footage, for instance. We just get better at it. But, at the same time, maybe better at exposing it.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

This is the one I remember most but there have been worse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Donna

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