Ah! The uncertainty.

ronalawn82(z9FL)October 21, 2012

I tuned in late to the conversation between Ms. Maria Bartiromo and Christine Lagarde on the WSJ TV program but I gathered that a feeling of uncertainty is causing investors to 'sit on their $$$'. At least until after the US election when the challenge of the "fiscal cliff" will be met and dealt with.

If that is the 'uncertainty' that has been bandied around, then all this chatter about over-regulation and the Obama's and Wall Street's reciprocal antagonism are sheer smoke-screen...

To mask the Republicans' blockade of legislation?

This blockade appears to be premised on the dictum "Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term." (Senator Mitch McConnell).

The dictum was buttressed by the Pledge to Mr. Grover Norquist/Americans For Tax Reform not to raise taxes.

Therefore, a large and vociferous section of the Legislative Branch has to accept a huge chunk of responsibility for the uncertainty.

A good example that evil can triumph when good men do nothing.

IMHO unpatriotic and evil are synonyms.

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if investors have been sitting on their $$$, then who owns all the stocks and bonds that were outstanding in early 2008 and that which has been issued since? The only equity/debt that has "gone away" is that which has been retired through the normal/planned course of business.

Your basic premise is faulty IMO.

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I think for all intents and purposes, "investing" is done a little differently these days. It doesn't much resemble "investing" as it once was. There's little investment in sweat equity, and certainly not in a nation where labor demands fair compensation to keep up with actual cost of living.

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"IMHO unpatriotic and evil are synonyms. "

This is one of the strangest comments I have read in a good while.

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