flexible hours??

agnespuffinOctober 17, 2012

Now, wasn't that just wonderful???

Romney thinks that making a woman's working schedule flexible so she can get home in time to see to the children and cook supper. Great!!

And does he also think that men should be able to have flexible hours so that they can also help see to the children and fix meals?

What's sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander.

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Romney cannot and does not understand that the American family has changed greatly, and that it's not always comprised of one man and one woman, a passel of kids, with wifey working and also slaving away to keep her house and family in order.

The American family of today comes in all shapes and sizes and situations, and rarely resembles the Cleaver family of yesteryear. Romney's view of the American family appears stuck in the quagmire of religious notions and a disconnection from anything mainstream, average, or not of his class.

Women are not the only ones raising children, cleaning homes, and cooking meals. That stereotype died a long time ago.

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Yeah, I believe that Reps want to give women flexible hours. NOT

Unless, they mean being on-call, when and IF the boss needs you. I know some companies are doing that. It's big at the hospitals. Nurses don't know if they're coming or going, juggling their family life and trying to make ends meet. Oh, and it's held against you, if you can't come in-no raises.

I want to bring your memories back to the Dubya Bush era when the Reps voted in some wonderful(sarcasm*) labor laws for the 1%.
The employer was allowed (many took advantage of this)to reclassify your job. He'd give you a fancy title, NOW classified as a SALARY JOB. This meant that many hourly jobs became a salary. The problem with this was that the employer would always get more hours out of the employee for the same wage. Many are working for a lot less, because they are putting in 50-55 hours and getting paid for 40.

Two things came out of this BUSH labor law:
1)employees are working longer hours for less money.
-but to keep you happy, the boss gave you a fancy title. Ahhh, but now you were getting closer to the top-you were a titled employee, on salary. Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing offer.
2)employers BENEFITTED big time. Less employees were needed. They could streamline the help, and aqueeze more out of some title happy people being on a salary.

Yup, trust the Republicans to make your life easier, and pay you better.

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Flexible hours are necessary for both male and female workers as many workers can't, or wont work full time, early hours, overtime, on-call hours, weekends, second shift, third shift, holidays, on-the-road, out-of-town, out-of-state etc.

That said, there are many millions of single parents out there (over 80 percent of single custodial parents are female) that need/want flexible scheduling.

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another thread? Three threads on the same topic. And the coffee delivery guy tried to stick up for Romney when I said he insulted woman around the US. We sure are up in arms for something that was so "meaningless". Yes. very telling that we have three threads dedicated to this comment.

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