If Romney is selected will Tea Party take control

heri_clesOctober 9, 2012

Romney has no center of gravity and no clear set of values or principles that compel his candidacy.

He has a desire to be President which appears to be based on ego. Status and legacy are what drive his Pres. aspirations, not any true convictions.

That being said, would his selection simply mean that the Tea Party Congress will run our country with his rubber stamp?

Will he be forced to pick Right Wing nominees to the Supreme Court and will he rubber stamp each and every effort to deregulate Wall Street and every industry.

We may be on the precipice of a nightmare scenario where Obama haters make the difference. Instead of getting the latest edition of Romney, they will instead get a hollow suit "yes man" for the GOP/T Bagger Congress.

Be careful what you wish for.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

If he sticks to his past modus operandi I suspect he will follow those who have the most money, power and influence. If that happens to change from time to time we may see a confusing mishmash of decisions that will leave our heads spinning.

Since President Obama's ratings have picked up again we can only hope that we won't be a witness to this worst-case scenario.

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Even Grover Norquist said that he would be adequate as long as he had enough digits to hold a pen to sign legislation.

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Who the heck knows!

Given that he's completely changed his positions between 2 weeks ago and the debate, who knows what his position will be on day 1. Which could be completely different than his positions on day 2.

I guess it all depends who he needs to make happy that day to give him what he wants. My guess, it will be whatever the 1% wants. Since what they want will also largely benefit him, and he's all about himself, that's what I'd put money on if I were a betting person, which I'm not.

I am just hoping that we never find out the answer to this question. Although, it would be interesting to watch the right wing here on HT when Romney's policies hurt them in a big way (unless they are part of that 1%). However, unlike the current Republicans in office, I am not willing to hurt Americans to meet my agenda.

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As president he will have a fun time trying to bring peace to states that are trying to wipe away their State Supreme Courts & install tea/republipuppets!

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PA has gone the Teaparty route, and it has been an unmitigated disaster. Corbett and his teabaggers did everything to ensure a Romney victory, I guess so Corbett could aspire to higher heights. He's a loser as all the teabaggers who got in office. Notice the vaginal ultrasounds aren't in the news anymore. It's hush hush till after the election because "just close you eyes" Corbett got too much flack and nationwide attention.

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Is this conversation for real?


Sorry, it was just so pointless, I shouldn't have
responded.....the devil made me do it.

Sorry again.

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A Romney win will usher in the old repub "mandate" excuse and give the TP another shot at screwing with the debt ceiling. Get ready for more of the GOPs personal regulations and less wall street regulations.

Sometimes it seems like we went from a Reagan administration straight to Obama. A 20 year amnesia gap. If ya don't like history just erase it and in the process don't learn from it.

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Personally, I think he's just the most mold-able lump of clay that already thinks the way the Republicans and industry leaders want... so in their eyes, he's perfect for the job. And if he seems wishy-washy later on, it won't seem that far off his normally shown personality.

But we're forgetting that a President has very limited power.

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A Courtesy flush when you drop in CW please!

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Question for CW that has nothing to do with anything.

Is there something wrong with the wrap-around feature on your computer? Some uncontrollable itch to hit the enter key after a few words?

your stuff is
like trying to read
poetry some
kind of crazy unmetered pattern. Full line
paragraphs separated
for reading convenience were
invented for a

Carry on. :-)

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david52 Zone 6

Oooooh. Is that like one of those haikuz or something?

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Yes! Like haiku. Very pleasing to the eye. Nice touch! Sort of like accessorizing...

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Let's see, If Obama is selected, will the New Black Panthers or his former pastor, or (shudder) Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid take control? Just as rational and as offensive.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

sleepless, I see nothing rational in YOUR comparison. However, since the Tea Party has in large part taken over the Republican Party and since Mr. Romney is a Republican, I think THAT comparison is extremely rational, and frankly don't understand why it would be offensive. Romney's talking points in the beginning were all about Tea Party beliefs. We can't control the fact that at the debate those talking points took a miraculous turn and morphed into something altogether different.

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I'm trying to figure out how the supernatural ("miraculous") and the "rational" work together to make Ingrid's post coherent, but never mind.

I don't agree, however, that "the Tea Party has in large part taken over the Republican Party". Rather, the Tea Party has enhanced the Republican party with a very helpful breath of fresh air.

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"Just as rational and as offensive"
Now I don't remeber any Democrats s[peaking at Black Panther Rallies (what a ridiculous racist statement)
The VARIOUS TEA PARTY CORPORATIONS have been courted by multiple Republican Candidates. Candidates have run a s tea party choice candidates proudly so where do you come off with this nasty crap. Miss civility?
SARAH PALIN spoke at the National Tea Party Convention. They are power brokers & have been regarded as such by the Republican Party for a few yeasr now. A RACIST BLACK ORGANIZATION listed by the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER as a NATIONALIST EXTREMIST group. JUST STOP ALREADY & SHAME ON YOU!

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I'm not concerned about the tea party.
Valerie Jarrett has been more of a worry that has been
kept fairly quiet

Google Valerie Jarrett's role in the WH and her influence
in all decision making if you want to know who really runs this country.

The Other Power in the West Wing :
The New York Times

A Chicagoan who helped Mr. Obama navigate his rise through that city�s aggressive politics, Ms. Jarrett came to Washington with no national experience. But her unmatched access to the Obamas has made her a driving force in some of the most significant domestic policy decisions of the president�s first term, her persuasive power only amplified by Mr. Obama�s insular management style.

From the first, her official job has been somewhat vague. But nearly four years on, with Mr. Obama poised to accept his party�s renomination this week, her standing is clear, to her many admirers and detractors alike. "She is the single most influential person in the Obama White House," said one former senior White House official, who like many would speak candidly only on condition of anonymity.

"She�s there to try to promote what she understands to be what the president wants," the former aide said. "Ultimately the president makes his own decisions. The question that is hard to get inside of, the black box, is whether she is really influencing him or merely executing decisions he�s made. That�s like asking, �Is the light on in the refrigerator when the door is closed?� "

Yet if that answer remains elusive, interviews with more than two dozen former and current administration officials offer a portrait of a woman wielding a many-faceted portfolio of power.

Partly it is her ubiquity, the guiding hand in everything from who sits on the Supreme Court to who sits next to whom at state dinners, the White House staff memos peppered with "VJ thinks" or "VJ says." When the billionaire investor Warren E. Buffett showed up for a private lunch with the president last July, the table was set for three.

and attached to the trappings of power in a way some in the White House consider unseemly for a member of the staff.

A case in point is her full-time Secret Service detail.
The White House refuses to disclose the number of agents or their cost, citing security concerns. But the appearance so worried some aides that two were dispatched to urge her to give the detail up.

She listened politely, one said, but the agents stayed.

Mr. Obama’s first two chiefs of staff, Rahm Emanuel and Mr. Daley, clashed with Ms. Jarrett over strategic direction and over who had greater authority to interpret and carry out the president’s wishes, several officials said.

“He’s got a real mess in the West Wing,” said one close presidential adviser. “Valerie is effectively the chief of staff, and he knows, but he doesn’t know. She’s almost like Nancy Reagan was with President Reagan, but more powerful.”

“For him, I think it was more important that she be there than that she have any specific job or set of issues,” said Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s second chief of staff and a longtime friend of Ms. Jarrett.

Parsing the psychology of the president’s bond with Ms. Jarrett has become something of a West Wing pastime: is she some sort of mother or sister figure to an only child whose own parents variously abandoned him?

Close friends say that in Ms. Jarrett, the introverted president simply found someone who understands what makes him tick better than most.

And the plot thickens.
There is just no end to the disfunction.

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Re Valerie Jarrett - Sounds something like Karl Rove. But, I'll bet you didn't get upset that Rove was doing the same thing with Bush.

Hypocricy - is thy name Republican?

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Bush is not in the WH.

Obama and Jarrett are now the ones with their heads

Their mistakes can't be blamed on Bush & Rove.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

The only negative comments I've found about Valerie Jarrett are in right-wing publications. It's not clear to me what sinister role you feel she plays in the government. She seems to be an extremely well-educated and intelligent woman who has impressive credentials which date back to well before she was appointed to a national post. What do you feel is the problem?

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