Another myth busted....HPV vaccine and promiscuity

momj47(7A)October 15, 2012

First study of its kind to compare records of vaccinated and unvaccinated girls finds no link to change in sexual behaviour...

Shots that protect against cervical cancer do not make girls promiscuous, according to the first study to compare medical records for vaccinated and unvaccinated girls...

Here is a link that might be useful: HPV vaccine not linked to sexual promiscuity in girls, study finds

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

My first reaction was "Who in their right mind would even think of linking the one with the other?" Apparently, some "concerned" parents would. I'd be much more concerned about the possibility of my child contracting cervical cancer. On the other hand, sex with multiple partners has been linked to cervical cancer, and if I had a daughter that fact would certainly be something I'd want to include in conversations about sex.

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That's my first reaction, too, Ingrid, but you know how it is. This isn't the first time we've discussed these kinds of poorly made connections that don't really exist... the taboos being all too real, as sad as it is.

This is yet another reason to push for in depth, comprehensive, early education in schools and access to protection, in the form of condoms as well as vaccines.

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On the other hand, sex with multiple partners has been linked to cervical cancer

Probably because it increases the risk of contracting HPV!

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How anyone can think that an 11 year old girl who has received this vaccination will then think, oh, goodie, I can go have lots of sex now, is beyond me!

If they get their kids a tetanus shot, do they think their kids are now thinking, oh, good, I can go step on a rusty nail.

I mean, really, the level of stupidity is just astounding.

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I can remember when this subject would have brought about a 150 thread response based on values and promiscuity and personal responsibility and the granting permission to have sex etc. when it was really all about cancer prevention.

Bigger fish to fry I guess - but I took note of that news report too, Mom and thanks for taking the trouble to mention it.

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I would concur with Mylab. It's a shame these threads drop off the first page without much in the way of discussion. One can only deduce that everyone is in agreement, then... it IS a reach of great stupidity to link a vaccine with promiscuity.

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