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david52_gwOctober 15, 2012

At the link is an article in the current Stanford University Alumni magazine discussing some of the issues surrounding the wide-spread offering of university-level courses via the internet. They offered a course with computer engineering that quickly had 100,000 students around the world.

As college costs continue to skyrocket, its pretty clear that internet courses are going to play an increasing role.

This article talks about some of the considerations - eg will course offerings from the big schools like Stanford and the MIT/Harvard consortium of online courses adversely affect smaller schools?

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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There has been a rash of tv ads catering to online college courses and smaller vocational schools lately. One of the things I notice often is the disclaimer that the credits earned are not transferable, and in some cases, the schools are not accredited. Buyer beware.

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The online colleges cluttering up TV advertising give me pause. Now with some years under my belt, I look at some of those ads and think how lucky I was to get my degree the old fashioned way - 4 years in an accredited college.

Check out the costs for these write-ups.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is nutz!

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Not only online college course offerings. Charter schools are opting this way too.

I'm really skeptical about some of this. I just don't have a strong, substantive argument against it.


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Circus Peanut

I'm a language teacher and I have some very strong quantitative arguments against it, but suffice it to say that for some fields, the difference between using blogs/skype/wikis/courseware vs. having a live person speaking interactively in real-time can be HUGE.

As always, there as many modes of learning as there are students, and some can thrive on long-distance scholarship where many won't. Unfortunately, it appears that the paradigm of cheaper tuition and reduced course offerings via distance learning is targeted at precisely those student populations who might best benefit from in-person class experience.

Jury's still out. But any learning is preferable to none, if none is the other option.

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One of the things fueling this growth of online heavily promoted TV ad education is ex military with their tuition money burning a hole...these are typically people with no knowledge of University systems and they are perfect marks.

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It is the wave of the future even as NYU tries to bully the city into a massive building expansion that they have no means of paying for other than massive tuition increases

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circuspeanut - our school district has a chance of getting a brand new high school, half paid for with lottery funds and state land income. One of the major selling points is that we'll get fiberoptic internet access, and the potential there for language is huge - given that our district now only offers two years in Spanish and French, most private colleges require 4 years of school.

With that high-speed internet option, our kids can take courses in active participation language classrooms - which is certainly better than the nothing we have now.

A few weeks ago, there was a scathing report out about K-12 online private, for profit charter schools. I've long been suspicious its a scam, and yup, it often is. And no argument that a lot of the for-profit, online 'advanced education' offerings are pretty much useless as well.

But that doesn't mean that there is a huge potential here for good.

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