"I'm Absolutely Not a Feminist"

dockside_gwOctober 19, 2012

This is what Katherin Fenton, the 24-year-old woman who asked the candidates about what they would do to ensure equal pay for women told Salon magazine. She also said she was concerned about women's productivity rights but hadn't decided who to vote for, even though she said Obama would probably be better for women's rights.

And, almost immediately, the right-wing blogosphere started looking up her twitter and Facebook messages, accused her of being pro-Obama and a plant because she asked such an outrageous question.

Maybe this invasion of her privacy, done by conservatives to denigrate her for having concerns about women's pay, might influence her decision of who really is concerned about women. And, I hope someone informs her of what being a feminist is. She wants equal pay, support for reproductive rights and, of course, is going to vote. Who does she think worked for and are still working to keep these rights for her and all women? Feminists.

I really think people, Fenton included, who are still undecided shouldn't vote. They are obviously low-information voters and not paying attention to what has been going on the past year.

Here is a link that might be useful: She obviously has no idea what a feminist is

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I have a theory that the "undecideds" are not as undecided as one might expect. I think that they desperately crave attention and this is one sure way to get it.

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Thats what gets me - when they interview some self-identified "undecided", its either that its clear as a bell who they're going to vote for to anybody listening to them, - "Well, Obama has had 4 years to improve the economy and he hasn't done anything and Romney really knows how to create jobs, but I'm still undecided......"

or they're like "Huh? Is there an election this year?!?!? Who's running?

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What do you call a woman who enjoys her rights and choices, enjoys being treated as an equal and paid as an equal, but also enjoys being treated as a woman... as in having my husband hold doors for me, help me with heavier tasks, give me small tokens of appreciation, such as flowers or candy occasionally? Though I've never considered myself a full bore feminist, I've never considered myself "the weaker sex", either.

So, I guess, judging by what I'm reading, I am a feminist. That's ok with me. It's not a dirty word, or a bad thing to be. I'm a feminist. And I'm fully aware of which candidate stands on the side of equality where women and other minorities are concerned, and has my best interests in mind.

I can understand the interviewing reporter at Salon, when they say, "Talking to Fenton today was an exercise in the frustrations and incoherences of such voters." It's rather odd to have anyone still undecided at this late juncture in the campaign, and rather frustrating that some people are still ignorant of where the candidates stand on policy, especially since this is all the "news" talks about these days! As an adult, staying away from everything and anything campaign related would be kind of hard.

One would hope that after Ms. Fenton's brush with the conservative mindset, she would more clearly see who it is that has her best interests as a woman at heart.

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(no connection to Ms.Fenton)

And here I always thought I was just a person who felt I deserved to be treated the same as the male person. I'm not a big fan of labels as they usually come with a negative connotation. And I'm way past 24.

I suspect that Ms. Fenton is fairly new to paying attention to politics and probably is still undecided. Paying attention to politics is a minefield and as she is young she is, like all people in their 20's (or sometimes older) they are still working out in their own minds where they fall on certain issues - energy, economy, healthcare, - and how those issues affect them not only now, but also in the future. I see nothing wrong with picking out one issue and voting by that issue and by the next election those young people will have become more familiar with more issues and will have matured their own thoughts on the issues and will then become a more well-rounded voter. But, you have to start somewhere in the voting process.

How many of us know all the issues in any election. I know I don't but I still vote - sometimes for the party and sometimes for the person and sometimes over a specific issue.

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"Who does she think worked for and are still working to keep these rights for her and all women? Feminists. "

How sweet. The F-word, no; wants all it stands for and fought for, yes. When these rights are taken away from her, how fast you wanna bet she'll shout foul? And who will she be standing with? Feminists. Ah, youth.

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The word Feminist has been demonized by conservatives over the years-that I am sure is why she has her doubts about it. It means that you are a Lesbian(bad thing) who hates men and doesnt want to have children or a family and feel you ought to have all sorts of advantages over those hated men because you are superior and all sorts of other claptrap. Some Feminists actually feel this way I suppose, but to try to reclaim the label as a positive-I believe men and women should be equal- is a hard one any more and since men can't get pregnant with all the issues there, equality in all things is impossible until medical science catches up.

Opening doors-I once had a boy friend who INSISTED I sit in the car till he came around to open my door. I was to stand in front of the restaurant until he opened the door-in other words he was using a courtesy as a control and it is that aspect of having doors opened for you that is the issue not the courtesy aspect. As a ball busting feminist I objected to being forced into dependency because he could be very unpleasant if I opened the door myself, so if I wanted a pleasant evening I had better behave.

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I heard someone on the radio comment that if all those "undecided" voters at the last debate were waterboarded, they would reveal their choice for president in short order! I agree--- it's unthinkable that anyone politically engaged enough to ask a question in a televised town hall forum would not know enough about the candidates already to have a choice.

Show me someone who is undecided at this point and I will show you a person who either does not care about the outcome, is lying, or is an idiot. The first is morally acceptable, but an irresponsible citizen. The second is morally unacceptable but civically responsible. The third should not be allowed to vote.

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So many people out of work and yet so many are trying to influence the undecided with outright lies and silly distractions.

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