Westboro Funeral Mele

labrea_gwOctober 15, 2012

"So at the funeral today for Fallen Soldier Sgt. Johnson a Westboro member decided it would be smart to stomp on the American flag. A Soldier did not take kindly to that and broke through the line, hitting one of the protesters that was disgracing Old Glory. As he was being arrested, two other Soldiers rescued the flag. The first video was filmed bu a friend of mine, the person you see jumping around with the flag is also a buddy. The second video was made by another person there to protect the funeral it is a little clearer. The person you see jumping around right before the Soldier runs in and clocks the member is a friend of mine. The Soldier was not charged and later released."

âÂÂJohnson was a former state prison guard and a military police officer and had worked in bomb training at Fort Bragg. Her family said in a statement they want to remember Johnson âÂÂas a mission focused professional who gave her life serving her country and performing a job that she loved and excelled at.â She âÂÂwas a reserved and private person who had a close group of friendsâ and four dogs. She is survived by her wife, Tracy Dice.âÂÂ

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I know, let's deport all Westboro people who feel like the flag is to be stomped upon. If they hate it that much, they're free to go now!

That said, I know it's their right to express their views how they wish. And the soldiers died protecting that right. Might doesn't make right, but I sure as heck don't blame that soldier!!!!!!!

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I would not have charged the soldier who punched the Westboro Church idiot, either... regardless of the law. There's only so much people can be expected to take, and Westboro goes above and beyond in the hate and fear department. They have earned the loathing. They are scum, in my opinion.

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Free speech protects hate speech & their god commands this civil disobedience, according to them & their understanding of it's infernal orders. It's a short stretch to the more polite but similar principle contained in The Manhattan Declaration.
Most get upset at the hoopla & the symbols surrounding these events & ignore whats at the heart of these scenes!
In this even the crew is no different than Bryan Fischer's recent declarations. Fischer has been embraced by Huckabee Bachmann, Gingrich Perry and a slew of mainstream (so called good folk).

Here is a link that might be useful: Fischer

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Scum is too good a word for those people. There are no words that adequately descibe what they do.

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The Good folk (not Westboro) their brothers & sisters are drumming up support to remove an anti bias protection law in Omaha. Churches are exempt from the law (naturally). No one has filed any suit under the regulation but since it guarantees protection against accommodation & employment discrimination it's against GAAAAWd!

"I think from time to time the people of God are called to resist their government at key crossroads, and I'm convinced that we stand at one of those crossroads right now in our city," the Rev. Mark Ashton, lead pastor of Christ Community Church, said in a sermon last Sunday.

"Every signature makes a difference in the future of our city," he said later. "I'd encourage every registered voter who lives within the City of Omaha and follows Jesus to sign your name."

Some of the most hateful creatures ins this Country at it again!
Just stomping on the bill of rights another way!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stomping on it anotherway

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

You learn something new every day. Until is saw Mr. Fischer's declaration, I had no idea we had to choose between fuzzy slippers and homosexuality. Or, even worse in my case, pancakes and homosexuality. I'm deeply upset and hope someone can say this isn't true!

I loved the response to Mr. Fischer's statement by a viewer:

"My guess is he slept with a guy, and the guy never called him back". I suppose that might explain why Mr. Fischer is so up in arms about this topic. Rejection is a terrible thing.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I'm sorry, I watched the Fischer thing first and have just now seen the funeral melee. I'm so angry that these "people", these monsters, are allowed anywhere within a mile of a funeral. The utter cruelty of being exposed to this at what has to be one of the very worst days in the family's life is beyond belief. I applaud those soldiers who rescued the flag; it's not just because the flag is a symbol but it was their way of honoring one of their fallen own, and not allowing this to take place at her funeral.

These people should be categorized as a hate group and not accorded the right of free speech when it inflicts such suffering on others. It's just completely wrong in my mind.

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Well they are within their rights & I would prefer these (what was the "WORDS" expression "whitened sepulchers" actually expresses the rot that they call faith publicly. They are little different than Bryan Fischer & his (haven't used it in awhile) ILK!

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

That said, I know it's their right to express their views how they wish.

And it's our right to express our dissatisfaction with said views.

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david52 Zone 6

'American Values' of free speech.

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Westboro his hardly any different than a lot of these jump for jesus or allah crews!
They scream for liberty but demand the law support their repressive nonsense!

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Don't get me wrong Bill, I'm disappointed we can't do more. I'm beyond dissatisfied.

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Sure be a shame if something were to happen to these heartless things out on a lonely stretch of road heading back to their bottomless pit of hatred, I mean, church.

Did I hear they get lots and lots of flat tires? Wonder how many spares they travel with.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Actually, it isn't the particular belief that is the problem. It is the leader and his ability and need to control others combined with the need of the group and individuals in the group to follow. It is a gestalt of psychosis that can choose just about any idea that can be turned into a common belief system, no matter how irrational. It is the basis of the phenomenon of the True Believer.

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I actually watched a documentary on these creeps a few nights ago. I did feel some pity for their young children...they didnt even know what the signs meant , that they were holding up. They have very little chance of becoming reasonable himan beings

To my thinking the church memebers should be charged with child abuse.

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I'm with Rob. Let's deport them, to Afghanistan, preferably. There they can team up with the local Religionist branch. See how long they last.

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The really sad thing is... this is not what true religion is about. This is nothing more than hate and fear disguised as religion. Those who truly believe and practice know evil when they hear and see it.

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Sleepless is correct the leaders got ages have cooped simple beliefs and mad them tools of politics.

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Today the FRC claims that a decline in churches is because they have become undisciplined.
The FRC is about half a step to the left of Westboro.

"As more churches move away from biblical authority, their attendance suffers. Just ask the Episcopal Church, whose pews are virtually empty after the decision to endorse homosexuality. It's time to push back on the spin that's feeding our weak brethren who say that compromising truth in pursuit of love is the way to reach the lost. Intuitively, people want to anchor their lives to something meaningful--something that demands the sacrifice and discipline of "taking up your cross." When a denomination abandons the truth and waters everything down to love, it reduces the church to another hour of Dr. Phil--which is something Americans can get without ever leaving home."
Gotta love the FRC if it rains it's the gays if it doesn't rain it's the gays. I thinl one of our forum members regard them as a Christian Organization. They have a very selective focus!

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Jesus was inclusive and spoke about love and peace and humility, and all that 'watered down crap'... was he wrong?

See, this is why I can't buy into any of it. Would a god create a segment of human culture that he wanted other humans to exclude, torture, and murder? I don't think so.

No, churches are emptying because more people are seeing the light, and seeing that the organizations calling themselves spiritual and the keepers of souls are inherently evil.

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