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ronalawn82(z9FL)October 20, 2012

I received this in an email and would like to share the good feeling, pride, ecstasy that I felt.

Feel Good

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

That was very inspiring and fun! It's a computer-generated depiction of what happened on a previous mission to Mars, about seven months ago, and one of the machines is still working. Two were deployed but unfortunately one of them parked itself in the shade so that the solar panels didn't work. Still, the complexity of creating something like this is phenomenal, and I'm proud of the scientists who were able to make this a successful mission.

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Very good.
I recently watched "The Martian Chronicles" (Ray Bradbury) as a 3 part series on Netflix. Made in 1980, it had us humans running around on Mars without spacesuits or even masks, and even burning open fires. I wondered if our knowledge was so limited back then or this was just camp science fiction.

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