Not another one - "the rape thing"....

momj47(7A)October 31, 2012

doesn't excuse abortions.

Asked at a campaign fundraiser whether he supports abortion rights in some situations, Koster replied that he only supports abortion in cases where a woman's life is in danger.

"Incest is so rare, I mean, it's so rare," he said. "But the rape thing-- you know, I know a woman who was raped and kept the child, gave it up for adoption, and she doesn't regret it."

He added, "On the rape thing, it's like, how does putting more violence onto a woman's body and taking the life of an innocent child that's a consequence of this crime -- how does that make it better? You know what I mean?"

What rock do these men crawl out from? How awful for the women in their families. Do the wives dutifully appear, with that forced smile when their husband apologizes?

Here is a link that might be useful: John Koster

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I liked the response of His Democratic opponent, Suzan DelBene:

"Dismissing it as a 'thing' is an awfully casual way for him to talk about it, and I think it highlights how little he understands the ramifications and the seriousness of the issue. So that's very problematic. And the way he approaches the issue and the policy conclusions he comes to, it just highlights the serious problem we have when politicians are trying to dictate women's health care decisions."

And I might point out (as did President Obama) that those politicians intruding in on women's health care decisions are mostly male--and a heck of a lot of them are very ignorant!


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"Life of an innocent child" - his opinion/belief. My opinion/belief is that a zygot is not a child. If that was the case, I had a sausage and chickens for breakfast.

No one should dictate to me, through laws or other ways, what I have to believe or how I should conduct myself in accordance with their beliefs.

This moron is running in Washington state in western Washington. Bothell might be in the district he hopes to win. I hope he loses big time.

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What about his "incest is so rare" comment?


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Yup, I'm in that district & I did not vote for him. This was just one issue that I did not agree with him on. His views are much too conservative for comfort.

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The man is a nitwit. Even worse are the poor idiots who will vote for him. They probably all drive, too, so be extra careful in that district---

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The most recent polling in Indiana shows Donnelly leading Murdock by 7 points.


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

They just keep crawling out from under the rocks. Makes one wonder what it really is with these GOP politicians.
How do they get this way?

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What is happening to our country? These stupid whack jobs had not better be elected or we women will wake up, not in the 1950's, but the 1920'S

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Republican mainstream.

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Incest is so rare? And this guy knows this... how, exactly? Did he manage to, or bother to, get any statistical numbers on that before allowing his lips to part?

As for the woman he knows who was raped, he states so cavalierly, which is it? Did she keep it, or give it up? And how does he know what sort of trauma a woman goes through, or whether she'd consider an abortion following rape more trauma or a huge relief?

Why is it always Republican MEN who think they know more about our bodies than we do, or think they have our psyches all figured out? News flash! They don't!

The more these idiots speak, the more they reveal the level of ignorance out there in Republicanland. It's greater than I ever imagined... the ignorance, that is.

Another one who should superglue his lips and crawl back under that rock...

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Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say it.

I get conservative values, I really do. I understand why people are Republicans and how they feel that their personal values fall more into line with that political ideology. I get that there are people out there who just truly dislike Obama, for whatever reason. And I realize that election campaigns deal with several policies, not just women's health, pro-choice/pro-life, etc.

But the mindset of this guy (and the others like him who have also been discussed here) is DANGEROUS. Stop thinking of yourself for one second. Stop it with the "neener neener, our guy is going to beat your guy" attitude! Think of the damage that this mindset would cause for your daughters, and grand-daughters, and great grand-daughters. Incest is rare? Dismissing rape as merely an inconvenient "thing"? Are you kidding me? Stop being selfish and give those who come after you a voice!

Just for once I want to hear one of the forums die-hard conservatives say "This guy is dead wrong, and he wouldn't get my vote, despite the fact that he is Republican".

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Really. Let's get real about the subject. Instead of listening to the anti-crowd throw our their "what if" scenarios and "gotcha politics", as mentioned in the attached piece, we should hold them responsible in stating what they WILL do for women, childbirth, and for the children born of these pregnancies!

Abortion is a product of poverty and maternal distress, according to statistics around the globe. If you read the piece, you see why abortion waxes and wanes within various societies, various nations.

"If you're serious about reducing abortion, the most important issue is not which abortions to ban. The most important issue is how will you support women to have the babies they want."

Here is a link that might be useful: Let's get real about abortions

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