Sequestration and FEMA

yborgalOctober 31, 2012

Obama may say Sequestration will not take place, but it's been signed, sealed and delivered.

Those cuts will impact FEMA and disaster relief.

This is Romney's fault? Seems to me Obama signed the paperwork.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuts

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Mona you may want to do some research on Sequestration, how it came about and how it will be implemented.

Sequestration was part of the Budget Act passed in 2011. That act was agreed to by all parties and signed into law. It called for equal spending cuts to defense and domestic spending with some protections to SS and Medicare should the super committee not be able to reach a deal on a deficit reduction plan. As we know they failed.

The act calls for EQUAL spending cuts to ALL programs . The legislators cannot pick and choose or alter the amounts of the cuts. The cuts will be between roughly 8% and 10%......across the board no exceptions.

Of course it's more complicated than I describe but that's the gist of it.......want to blame somebody blame Congress...the purse is their job!

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Chase, let me compliment you on the way you respond...with reason and logic. Thank you.

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Mona, maybe now, since Chase was so nice, you will try your best to understand what sequestration means since you initiated the post. Did you miss the gist of her post? You do not even understand what sequestration is.


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chase, you are much more knowledgeable about the way our government operates than I would guess 50% of my fellow countrymen and women are. Reminds me of one of those idiotic right-wing emails I got that said Obama was going to tax us 1% on all monetary transactions if he is re-elected. One crazy congressman - a Democrat - has introduced a bill for this to replace our current crazy taxation system. This congressman has introduced it several years in a row and it gets sent to committee to die. But the people that send these emails obviously don't realize it is the House that controls the purse. Or, if they do know, they know that there are a lot of dummies out there who will believe such a thing and send the email to more people who might believe it and vote for Romney.

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