4000 strike Foxconn in China

labrea_gwOctober 5, 2012

4000 workers walked off the job making Iphones in their Zhengzhou plant in Henan Province.

"China Labor Watch is reporting that another Foxconn strike broke out on Friday at the Zhengzhou factory in China. The report says 3,000 to 4,000 Foxconn (2038) are complaining about Apple's (AAPL) demanding quality standards for the iPhone 5. China Labor Watch further reports that workers are under immense pressure to deliver iPhone 5â²s without receiving adequate training on how to improve yield rates."

A brawl broke out last week with 2000 workers in their Taiyuan plant in Shanxhi province it's been closed since. The Taiyuan plant employees 79,000 workers!

According to Labor Watch Foxconn was attempting to improve working conditions & salaries. Looks like in Taiyuan it was too little too late.

Here is a link that might be useful: Workers PARADISE

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from the link" A brawl between production line workers and quality control inspectors also resulted in the latter getting beaten up. " !!!

Dare I say it....maybe they need a union? This is pretty unusual and maybe it is the begining of Chinese workers standing up for themselves

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I think it's a beginning! Folks know when they are being shafted, used

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david52 Zone 6

Just the thought of them hurling hundreds of $500 iPhones at their quality control inspectors ......

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Yeah well, someone noted we only seem to talk about US politics on here. I've also noticed that when posters post about anything else there's often little traction & small interest beyond someone repeating whats been said & then adding a barrump pump rim shot!

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Maybe the Chinese government will be distracted by this and forget about all that money the United States owes them.

Transition pains.

China can't stop it.

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China owns 8% of US debt grow up! This is about corporations who will be finding another nest to fly to as Chinese workers are waking up! Or do I hope for too much?
Got to start watching out for number 1 & it ain't APPLE!

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It's long overdue. The Chinese people are tired of the rest of the world using them as a slave labor force. Like every other work force, they want their just due. They want better pay, better working conditions, better safety, and all the things hard working labor deserves. Who can blame them?

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What I want to know, Joe, is where on earth a slave labor force can be found these days? It's getting harder and harder for CEO's to locate a good source of slave labor that won't ask for anything more than a bottom line basic wage. Where can a manufacturer go to find such a source? Darn those human rights activists, anyway... it's all their fault... I say sarcastically.

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Even low wage workers have priced themselves out of the market so to speak.

Credit Suisse is out with a massive report on the growth of industrial automation. Yesterday we highlighted their favorite seven stocks in the sector

The most interesting part of the report points out that China appears to be nearing an inflection point that we've already seen in Japan and Korea called the 'Lewis Turning Point'.

Those countries once relied on cheap rural labor to fuel their economies, then reached a point where it dried up, and began to automate.

China's manual labor force is rapidly declining as the population ages and more people go to school. That trend, and government programs, are pushing up wages. In order to remain competitive, the country is going to have to invest an incredible amount in modernizing its industries.

The size of China, and the fact that it is only now beginning to ramp up its transformation means that there is enormous room for growth.

The great infrastructure boom in China might be slowing, but the automation boom is just starting.

China's supply of cheap manual labor will continue to plummet

There has been massive wage inflation, even through the global recession and Chinese slowdown

Here is a link that might be useful: China Is Replacing Its Workers With Robots

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david52 Zone 6

Speaking of China and manufacturing, I read an interesting article about the enormous glut of solar panels they have, with a production capacity several times the demand -

A couple of thoughts on this - the article doesn't mention the horrendous pollution they have from all the coal fired power plants but does mention that the coal-powered electricity is cheaper than the solar. Sure it is, unless you count the costs of air pollution, at which point that calculation reverses.

Here is a link that might be useful: solar panels

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...unless you count the costs of air pollution, at which point that calculation reverses.

Privatize profits, socialize losses. As always, the public has to clean up after them.

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If it were only easy to clean up greenhouse gasses... unfortunately, the only way to slow down climate change is to stop the production and use of fossil fuels, and go with clean energy in the form of wind and solar.

That cost will soon reverse, David... there is a finite tipping point, and it's not that far down the road.

Labor forces have not asked for anything that's not perfectly acceptable, unless you consider earning a living wage unacceptable. Greed and moral bankruptcy have caused the problems... not the work forces of this world.

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Fears of a New Cultural Revolution in China are not unheard of. It's difficult to learn anything about the period on Chinese websites & it's glossed over in school. A newly awakened worker class is to be feared. Many of the workers have seen whatever small savings & investments hit by a lowdown in the Chinese economy.
It was reported that with a sluggish Chinese stock market that even the wealthy had lost 20 to 30% of their wealth in the last year.

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Ling Jihua, a close ally of President Hu Jintao, was demoted from the party's politburo general office. The South China Morning Post reported Ling's son died when his Ferrari crashed, raising questions about how a government official on less than $30,000 a year could possibly afford a luxury car worth $800,000.

The net worth of the 70 richest delegates in the National Peoples Comgress rose to $89.8bn in 2011. Compare that to the $7.5bn net worth of all 660 top officials in the US government, including President Barack Obama.

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david52 Zone 6

Re pollution in China - it's a major piece of the puzzle, along with the corruption, a restless workforce, massive balloon about to burst from construction boom when all those bank loans turn out to be worthless.

But I think the Beijing Olympics may have been the turning point - because all of a sudden, the entire country was able to see clear skies and not have to walk around with a mask. I read elsewhere tidbits about how they are now getting a bit more accurate in the pollution reports on the news, and people are certainly aware of it.

And this is a country where they shoot people who intentionally mess up baby food.

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It's always interesting to me how few people want to talk about climate change, which is a very real threat to our not too distant future, and how equal pay and human rights spark so little interest, as well. I knew this thread would be headed to the bottom of the page... I guess it IS way more fun to bash me regarding my very open and modern child rearing methods, though, than it is to seriously discuss more imminent world problems. The funny thing is... my kids are grown and gone, living very nice lives of their own... but climate change looms before us, as does our slowly crumbling world economy...

Go figure.

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